Season 1 Episode 13

Revelations (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2009 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • In the final scene, Ashley teleports in to meet with Whitcomb and deliver the stolen vial of source blood to her. The rendezvous takes place on Easter Island (identified by the famous Moai Statues resting on the hills).

  • Quotes

    • Watson: I don't know, but I've convinced at one thing- if we choose wrongly and you teleport behind the wrong door I'm sure you will find solid rock.
      Druitt: Well then, best choose carefully... old friend.

    • Will: This place goes on forever.
      Helen: It's a labyrinth. It's designed to keep valuable secrets from those who would steal them.
      Tesla: Was that aimed at me?
      Helen: Yes.

    • Whitcomb: Is that what you think we are? Killers? Murderers?
      Ashley: That bio-weapon you set off? Not exactly charity work.
      Whitcomb: In fact, that's exactly what it is. A helping hand to the humans so that they can clearly see the threat to the very survival of our species.
      Ashley: You're starting a war.
      Whitcomb: We're controlling our destiny.
      Ashley: Most of the abnormals out there are peaceful. They aren't a threat.
      Whitcomb: Every abnormal we don't control is a threat, Ashley, despite your mother's propaganda. How many so-called peaceful abnormals have you destroyed? You know … I like your mother. There was a time I even admired her, but we are fighting for humanity's survival, and she's chosen the wrong side. Are you ready to choose yours?

    • Watson: Sorry, John, are you suggesting that we just give up?
      Druitt: Oh, don't bait me. I'm not in the mood.
      Watson: Perhaps if we were looking for some nubile lady of the night for you to slaughter, then you'd suddenly perk up and become incredibly helpful.

    • Doctor: You are a class nine hyper-accelerated protean life form. Fairly rare, as is the control you seem to possess over mutative stress triggers.
      Henry: No, please. You do not want to make that happen.
      Doctor: (chuckles) On the contrary, we very much do, although I can understand why you would resist.
      Henry: (groans) I'm not ashamed of who I am.
      Doctor: I certainly hope not, because we intend to bring out your alter ego permanently. The knowledge we gain from you will be invaluable. Your kind have been hiding in the shadows for far too long, Mr. Foss. We're going to … bring you out into the light.

    • Will: Time. You factored in time. The shifting architectural patterns as the city grew.
      Watson: Time is a constant, Will. No, all visual clues have to be measured against multiple parameters, time often being the most telling.
      Will: Like another dimension.
      Watson: Yeah, it's just one of many, and once you understand the way they interact, you'll find that very few mysteries will confound you.
      Will: Man, that is killer stuff.
      Watson: Yes, I've always thought so.

    • Will: (entering the vampire's labyrinth) I'm seriously geekin' out right now.
      Watson: As am I.

    • Helen: Well, even though they were the conquerors, the rulers, the overlords, they advanced civilization by centuries. Their knowledge, their technology, was far more advanced than anyone could have imagined back then.
      Druitt: So they kept their secrets well hidden.
      Watson: Well, they knew the world had turned against them, John.(coughs and struggles for breath) They would have calculated for the possibility that Bhalasaam might one day be found and pillaged.
      Tesla: Lest their wealth of knowledge fall into the wrong hands … Miss me?

    • Tesla: The Cabal want to turn the world into a war zone. Only the ancient blood can stop it. Yes, I do keep abreast of current events, thank you.

    • Druitt: Tell me, Nicola, if we do succeed, will you actually allow us take it away? We all know you have such wonderful designs for it, an army of newborn vampires being just the start.
      Tesla: I may want to see my ancestors reborn but, that can't happen if the abnormals become a global threat to humans. None of us could withstand the chaos that that would bring. Okay? But tell me, John, are the rest of us to trust you once all is said and done? You who once put your own daughter in harm's way for just a drop of Helen's blood? Oh, yes. Having that vial all to yourself would certainly solve your health problems for a long time … wouldn't it?

    • (still trapped above the electrified floor, Ashley accepts a drink)
      Whitcomb: Thank you. I'd like to keep you alert and cooperative.
      Ashley: Well, one out of two ain't bad. If you put a truth serum in this, trust me, I will do a tap routine on this floor rather than tell you anything.

    • Henry: No, if I change, you'll kill me.
      The Doctor: True, but we'll have learned so much in the process. Henry … this will be a noble end for you. Think of it as an organ donation after your death. What we learn from your alter ego may eventually save lives.

    • Druitt: (referring to Helen) If any harm comes to her, accidental or otherwise …
      Tesla: I have no reason to do her any harm, but you … I'm finding more reasons by the minute.
      Helen: Honestly … I am surrounded by adolescents.

    • (Clara wants Will to strip so she can relax and become invisible)
      Clara: Well, if I have to do it, so should you.
      Will: What? Well, people can see me. You can see me, that's not fair. I mean, that … I shouldn't have to … (Clara stares at Will and begins undressing) Okay, fine. This is ridiculous. (Will strips to his shorts and sighs) Satisfied? Clara?
      Clara: (invisible, she tosses her clothes to Will) Don't drop my clothes.
      Will: (Will drops her bra) Sorry.

    • Helen: You're afraid.
      Tesla: Your father managed to rig this tunnel here with a massive geomagnetic current. Voltage derived directly from the Earth. Do you have any idea how much electricity that is?
      Helen: He knew you were hard to kill.

    • Tesla: Your father really didn't like me, did he?
      Helen: You're an acquired taste.

    • Watson: Release the first key, the second is freed as well.
      Druitt: Elementary, my dear Watson.
      Watson: Oh, shut up.

    • Tesla: You felt … genuine concern for me. Admit it.
      Helen: Nonsense.
      Tesla: Oh … you still like me, it's so obvious.
      Helen: You tried to kill me.
      Tesla: Yeah. But, you know, we all hurt the ones we love.

    • Watson: (referring to his suit) It's been failing for some time. It hasn't … really worked since we left the Sanctuary. I knew … that this was a mission I would not return from, it's worth one last challenge, Helen. (he groans, looks at each of his old friends and then points at Helen) You I shall miss.

    • Clara: See, you're supposed to say, "Hey, Clara, you did great. Way to conquer your fears."
      Will: I'm sorry, I'm just … thinkin' about stuff. You did do great.
      Clara: Thanks for taking off your pants.
      Will: (laughs) You never have to thank me for that.

    • Whitcomb: Thank you, Ashley. You've been everything we could have hoped for. Welcome to your rebirth.

    • Clara: What the hell was all that about?
      Will: Well, the guy who invented radio just dissed Jack the Ripper.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : January 9, 2009 on Space
      U.K. : January 5, 2009 on ITV4
      Australia : August 13, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia
      Czech Republic: September 28, 2009 on AXN

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