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  • y pulled the plug

    Wtf pls bring I back I just finished watching but no session 5 be fuse puld the dam plug that's y I don't watch TV; only anime bring back sanctuary
  • Firefly > Sanctuary > Moonlight

    Truth be told, Firefly was a hell of a lot better than Sanctuary ever was, and will ever be. I'd rather see a continueation of the series from Serenity. :[
  • Like and share to petition to bring it back on air please!

    Like and share to petition to bring it back on air please!

    Sanctuary was one of the best SCIFI shows on the air and despite its popularity they canned it.

  • A clever title goes here!

    i luv this show please bring it back
  • top 10

    :(( top6 of my list where House M.D. was first , Smallville second, Buffy the Vampire Slayer third, The O.C. forth, chuck fifth

    il give 9 for inspiration ad 10 for characters and 10 for Amanda Tapping play
  • Amazing!

    Sanctuary was easily one of my favourite T.V shows. i was devistated when they anounced on my birthday it was cancelled! the actors are all great, i loved them all and the way they used history in their plot. i would do anything to see the seasons start again. i cant beleive they left it like that!!!
  • dont lose time

    Dont lose your time by watching this show,

    One of the worst show i ve ever seen..
  • SEASON 5

    Please please bring back the Season 5 of Sanctuary.As this is not fair, To finish the program in middle.
  • Sanctuary: Season 3- Came for the "monsters" stayed for the bad plots and ideas

    I've come to unwillingly like Sanctuary. Terrible CGI. Music track sounds like its being piped through a tunnel. Acting has doubtful conviction. Stories are not multi-layered even when they try to run two stories. Plots are very thin and sometimes cheeky lines get thrown in the midst of world destruction. So, spotty writers. Sets are hardly changed even though the stories vary in time or place. But, I've loved, or grown to love Sanctuary because sometimes viewing bad on so many levels brings out the little kid in me who used to watch Lost in Space. I think poor quality is inherently charming.

    Worst of all and really my favorite ABNORMAL who attempted to take over the world, was the gigantic spider that caused tidal waves. I adored how the show held on to this protagonist "other" for three shows! And, there is even vampire blood that was given to 5 scientists which conferred special powers. Gotta love it!

    The best full time actor is the tech guy who is adorable and says stuff that confuses me when he's solving tech issues (really a "hotty") and he happens to turn into some deviant of a werewolf. The lead Amanda Tapping is easily in her 40's. Love that! She has been alive (and will continue due to immortality given to her by smidgen of vampire blood) 159 years. She looks great for an old bird! And, with flashbacks in the season arch I can see her varied hair colors and styles. She is a know-it-all and bossy, but I find her lame despite multiple flashbacks to flesh her story out and to make her more endearing. You do know if she is about to die. She won't. I keep thinking they are trying to kill her off, but it is interesting that a vampire would care to save odd creatures who mostly try to destroy the world.

    Yes, the craft of this show is---barely visible, but I love how the absolutely best (sometimes present actor) , a vampire with magnetic super powers who is a scientific genius is lecher and drools for Helen Magnus (every scene that they work together) and droll and full of self-love, but he still helps Sanctuary rescue the world each episode despite being self-centered. He actually is given the very best lines and I'm such a fan of him I don't mind his teeth that look - unlike any actor I've ever seen. Sometimes I think he may actually be a vampire because the digression from vamp teeth to his own seems very marginal.

    Finally, Chubaka has a relative. This massive man covered in fur with a monkey and "other worldly" face. He's the ballast in the whole show. He's brilliant, too and very good with Fine French food. I'm not enamored with the "hot male" or "hot ex-thieve" girl. Writers have been trying to pad their back-stories and give them fast and loose lines, but they do have heart and they try so hard to be that they annoy me less and less.

  • season 5

    it is a great tv show and i just wish that they were going to make a 5th season
  • Lamentvel

    realmente lamentvel que tal srie tenha tido um fim! Tenho acompanhado Amanda Tapping desde SG1. Sei dos talentos da mesma! Porm, no geral realmente assim, grandes ideias nunca vo muito longe, s ver o que ocorreu com "V", "The Event", "Stargate Universe"... Lamentvel!
  • A Thought-Provoking Saga

    Sanctuary may well be a harbinger of the future of "television"; a concept which itself is more or less outdated as I write this. This show exploits fully the themes that are most relevant to the science fiction genre; the meaning of humanity, the limits of technology, the nature of the cosmos... Its unexplored seasons will be missed.
  • Gonna miss it...

    One of the greatest shows I've ever watched. It's a shame that they have cancelled after season 4. Definitely think that they should go back to webisodes seeing as money was the major issue.
  • Now that the show has ended

    Sanctuary was a wonderful success story making it's leap from online to cable tv. Using some of sci-fi's most well know tv stars the ensemble cast was a joy to watch. The concept was certainly original enough and for most of the shows life. They avoided the monster of the week chase and had compelling story arcs to carry us though each season. A few mistakes in casting at the end such as killing off beloved characters and a constant shifting of the shows time slot. Ultimately did the show in but for the most part we were given the ideal that the Sanctuary will continue just fine without us at the end of the last season. The best seasons are 1-3 and I encourage anyone to give the show a try. I enjoyed every moment of the program good times and bad and wish we had more to look forward to.
  • Amazing!

    Sanctuary is a really good show one of my favorites i hope it gets a 5 season :)
  • Every Episode is a new adventure

    Hate to sound like a bad reference to Quantum Leap.

    But seriously its a good show.

    Someone had mentioned V.

    The V they are probably taking about is the 2009 version. They should probably try watching the 1984 version before they make up their mind about how good or bad it is.

    I personally look at is as a visual interpretation of myth and legend set in modern times.

    Sounds like Secret World....

    Anyways Its worth the watch.

    Helen the New Sanctuary , we only saw the entrance , please whats in there, howz , howz, please I need this! give us S5 please, and Dude you are ok, One more thing Helen , can I have kate , just kate pleeeeeeeeeeeeese...I can make chai too....

  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • amazing

    brilliant season some unexpected things but that's the great part i cannot wait till season 5 i could watch these all day amanda tapping great actor
  • Sanctuary is just getting started.

    What an episode, can't wait for Ep-14 to start in May, and looking forward to every other season to follow, only thing I have started to notice is more use of Green screen, but hey it is Sci-Fi fantasy, still one of my Fav's and continuely look forward to watching more. Keep up the great work, that Tapping is one hot mama,lol...
  • Brilliant Epesode

    One of the best ever, I don't think anyone could have known what was going to happen in the final minute of this episode? so what now? are we going to get a 5th season? so we can be told all about what we saw in the final seconds? I cannot wait to find out if we will get season 5? I think all us fans of Sanctuary hope so.
  • Used to be ok

    First season was great but now... 95% is shot in a small studio or done by average animation scenes, script is quite bad in many episodes. Characters Helen and Kate are pompous and annoying. Can't believe ScyFy dropped Stargate series for this
  • Sanctuary is possibly one of the best shows on TV at the moment ...

    Most possibly because of Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), but also the imaginative storylines and plots. I simply adore this series and wouldn't know what to do if it came to an early end. I think Amanda Tapping is fabulous, roll on season 4 in the UK! xoxo
  • I resent the remark made in reference to Martin Luther King!

    I think your writers should rethink the remark about Martin Luther King! Helen Magnus remarks, "Martin Luther King was a passivist. It takes much more courage to stand and fight!"

    Then a little later in the show proclaims that the "abnormals" she fights for should be able to "live" among the rest of the world. What do you think MLK was fighting for? The rights of the oppressed! He was a very courageous man!
  • kathi-"WE" are not all disappointed.Intolerance has to go.Watch Pat Robertson if you want dogma.It was a good script, and well acted.


    Enjoyed it. Very different in a good way.Amanda and the stunt women handled the action well. The stories have been much better this seasom. I'm not happy with the Sci Fy Channels direction: Wrestling,horror, cheap movies? It's supposed to be Science Fiction. There are so many excellent classics out there,as well as new work.It doesn't include supernatural and horror; those are other genres.How about some Assimov "Robot" stories? Mabe Sanctuary ahould jump to BBC.

  • Sanctuary, the fix without I cannot live! This show has blown me off my feet. The characters are amazing, entertaining and emotional beings who preform perfectly every week, I have never missed an episode, nor will I ever do so, GO FOR SEASON 5!


    I have laughed and cried with these characters, and that to me is how you make a good show. I feel for these people, and what happens to them matters to me. This testiments to the exellent creative minds behind the show, and I hope they are givin much more time to unfold their imagination onto the screen.

    Granted - some storylines are weaker than others, but in the general wonderfull picture, sanctuary is not the show that you wanna miss. Are you a sci fi fan, you should also be a sanctuary fan!

    Are in still doubting? DONT! Cheek it out, at worst case scenario you spent an hourbeing entertained :-)

  • I am a latecomer to this show - just discovered it on Netflix and iTunes and am now caught up on all episodes. I absolutely love this show!


    The character of Helen Magnus is one of the best female leads that I've seen in a long time. Her strength, determination, defiance, resilience and compassion all make her thrilling to watch. The rest of the characters are equally well-rounded. I love the dynamic between Helen and John - I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. At the same time, the witty flirtatious banter between Helen and Tesla is yummy! And the ending to Monsoon was absolutely hilarious - I think is was all the better because it was completely unexpected - well done!

    I look forward to many more seasons of Sanctuary! - (Fingers crossed!!!)

  • Sci-fi awesomeness at its best

    When this show first started I refused to watch it because it was rather different from "normal" sci-fi. However on viewing the first episode I was hooked and it quickly became my favourite show. In a world where there are actual creatures that go bump in the night and the shadowy figures in the darkness aren't just tricks of the mind, it's up to the sanctaury crew to protect normals and abnormals a like. If you're a sci-fi fan you have to give this show a viewing! Funny, clever, mind blowing and everything needed to keep you on your seat.
  • One of the best shows on tv for sci-fi fans, it's brilliantly twisted, smart and a delight to watch. Amanda Tapping does it again with her ability to be fantastic and I love Druitt!!


    Although not better than the original web series for the first few eps it certainly made up for it in the first season with episodes such as the nubbins and Requim. The cast work well together, the chemistry between Druitt and Magnus is brilliant if not a little creepy for her to be in love with Jack the Ripper. As the seasons have progressed it has just go more exciting and intriguing. I don't mind missing Ashely as long as we get more disturbing eps the further along the seasons we go.

    I love this show and am an avid fan have been since it was released on the web. Amanda Tapping Rules!!!

  • Sanctuary is Tremendous!


    Amanda Tapping and thewritersand crew have found arecipefor a sci fi show that not only is amazing in it's content,writing, acting and special effects it has hit the world market and is better than some sci fi shows I have seen from other countries. It competes in my opinion with the late Gene Roddenberry's shows and spin offs of those shows.

    Congratulations to the whole team for bringing a Canadian show to the world!

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