Season 1 Episode 1

Sanctuary for All (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Sanctuary for All (1)

    Sanctuary for All (1) was a perfect pilot and first episode of Sanctuary. This episode dazzled with it's captivating cinematography and special effects. This series starts off with a bang and sets the tone of the series. This is a very original and intriguing show filled with great actors, awesome writing, and an over all quality missing from tv today. I enjoyed watching this episode as we are introduced to the main characters, Will, and Dr. Helen Magnus along with her crew who run the Sanctuary. I thought the story had an excellent pace and was just the right amount of horror and scifi. I look forward to watching the next episode and the series!!!!!!!
  • I haven't seen the webisodes so I saw this pilot with no expectations what so ever and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. During this pilot episode the main characters are introduced and the "world" in which the series is situated is explained.

    I haven't seen the webisodes so I saw this pilot with no expectations what so ever and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. During this pilot episode the main characters are introduced and the "world" in which the series is situated is explained. We meet the main characters Will (Robin Dunn), Helen (Amanda Tapping), Ashley (Emilie Ullerup) and John (Christopher Heyerdahl) and the Sanctuary itself is introduced. I guess I could call it an Supernatural, Hellboy, freak-of-the-week kind of series but it's to early to tell. I love Amanda Tapping on SG1 and SGA. Her fulfilling to main character role and being one of the executive producers(!!) of the show gets my hart pumping (you go, girl!). Not only Amanda, but also Christopher Heyerdahl has a SG1/SGA history (and of course stunt coordinator Dan Shea, who I love). All of them impressed me. I thought I wouldn't be able to get "Sam Carter" (Amanda's role on SG1) out of my head but "Sam" became "Helen" quit quickly (perhaps it's the hair). Robin Dunn wouldn't have been my preferred actor for the role of Will but he might surprise me to. His character Will however can evolve in all kinds of directions. Emilie seems to play her part well, although her character is a bit to "Buffy"-like for me. The story gives us loads of possibilities for future episodes and that's a very good thing! It means the show could go on for a long time before encountering the boundaries of the concept. And because it's a greenscreen-show the costs might be controllable as well. It will all depend on the writers. They must find a balance between the freak-of-the-week, and the long-term storylines. If they get it right we will be acing for more each week. I hope they do. Looking at the current writers I have all the faith in the world (don't disappoint me)!

    The show is in good hands with the director Martin Wood (another SG1/SGA component). I hope this will be one of those shows I will be able to follow for years to come. Keep up the good work!
  • Dr. Zimmerman who is a Forensic Psychiatrist is recruited by Dr. Helen Magnus the leader of a place that is a Sanctuary for Abnormals. Things that we might say go bump in the night. He's recruited for his capability to see past the mundane in the world.

    I saw this in its original airing a year ago and just re-watched it for the first time on DVD. This is a wonderful show using ground breaking technology. The green screen effects are quite good. My only complaint from a technological basis is the low light photography. It almost seems at times they are filming with as little light as possible to avoid the viewer seeing things they want to hide. At least that is the impression. If not for that fact I would probably give this a full point higher rating.

    The characters in this show are very compelling right from the start. Helen is a enigma at best and I was fascinated by her and what she was from the standpoint of a doctor. Will seems to be a brave and vulnerable guy all at the same time. We don't really get to meet Angela that much but it is obvious she is a wise cracking take no prisoners kind of gal. Put this together with the wonders of the Sanctuary and you have very appealing chemistry.

    I was drawn in by this two part episode and still watch the show today. That should say enough. The CGI and green screen effects do get better through the many episodes up to this year. Enjoy! Thanks for reading...
  • Pleasantly surprised.

    As someone who had watched (and reviewed) the original webisodes,I was very apprehensive about how the new tv version of Sanctuary would turn out...would they keep things as they were or change them?
    I was pleasantly surprised.
    Yes they had changed some of my fave scenes (no David Hewlett or Will fainting in the shower),but it was a great start to it's tv life.
    The story was basically the same just filmed in a different way,with some of the parts from the webisodes added in.
    We got to meet everyone that is important: Helen,Will,Ashley,John and Bigfoot.
    I have noticed with Ashley that they seem to have toned her down.She is not so much of a bratty,obnoxious girl anymore..which can only be a good thing.
    The CGI was much better,and brighter too.I could see everything very clearly.
    Overall a very good first half of the pilot,I enjoyed it very much.
    There were a few times I would say out loud "It didn't used to be like that!",but after a while I relaxed and enjoyed it for the 'new' show that it is.
  • First episode introduces us to the concept of the show and the characters. The show is shot mostly in CGI which doesn't get in the way of watching the characters. Well worth watching, and hopefully the series will be successful.

    I hadn't heard much about this series, before the news that ITV4 was picking it up and it starred Amanda Tapping (Stargate franchise). Looking for more information about I discovered it was a web series and has been turned to a full series. As the episodes seem to have all disappeared from the website, i waited for the series to start. I was not disappointed at all. The first episode introduced us to the main characters and what the Sanctuary is about. It was good to see a different type of show where the abnormal are not just destroyed but looked after or studied. A note of interest was it just me or did Dr. Zimmerman remind you of a Daniel Jackson and how he was recruited into the Stargate program. The character also a hint of Gill Grissom as he able to notice things other people normally don't. The episode was well shot using CGI to do all the locations which is unusual for a TV series. Can't wait to watch the second part of the episode next week.
  • Good start...

    I wasn't to sure what to think about this show. I was a little bit mad that Amanda Tapping left Stargate Atlantis for this but I realized that she has played that character for 11 years and she needs something fresh. I never saw the webisodes but I really enjoyed this pilot. It is pretty weird to hear Amanda Tapping speaking with an accent. I also like the way her character approached Dr. Zimmerman because it reminded me of when Catherine Langford approached Daniel Jackson in the Stargate movie. Dr. Zimmerman also reminds me of Daniel Jackson in both personality and looks.
  • Better than I expected, but that's not saying much...

    After watching the Webisodes, I wasn't sure exactly how the actual aired episodes would go. Would the aired episodes just pick up where the Webisodes left off? Would the aired episodes just be the Webisodes??

    The Webisodes were campy and catered to the nerd/geek crowd. No surprise there..

    So, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the aired episodes. I was pleasantly surprised. The best thing about the aired episodes was they got read of all that awful CGI.. Don't get me wrong, I love CGI.. It's great in places where you simply cannot have decent locations or realistic effects. Space stations, space fighters, starships, etc etc..

    But CGI loses a lot of it's luster when it's A> used to reflect real world locations and B> is excessively to the point of exclusively used.. That is what I saw in the Webisodes. Don't get me wrong.. I see the logic of CGI in Webisodes.. But I don't think it would have gone over well to the wider audience of the aired episodes.

    I am glad to see that the producers of Sanctuary apparently felt the same way... Overall, I give the Pilot of Sanctuary about a 7.5 out of 10. It was pretty fun mindless entertainment. Nothing wrong with mindless entertainment. Except if it's mindless and NOT entertaining. (IE "Monster Ark"...)

    Anyways, I'll be a faithful watcher of Sanctuary, if only to maintain some "contact" with Amanda Tapping and a whole host of Stargate regulars.. :D It was very kewl to see so many familiar faces...

    Syler(Dan Shea), Ladon Radim(Ryan Robbins), Todd/Halling(Christopher Heyendahl), Dr Novak(Ellie Harvie), Major Loren(Kavan Smith), Control Room Tech Chuck(Chuck Campbell), Webisode Larry Tolson(David Hewlett) and there was also Kandyse McClure who plays Dee in Battlestar Galactica... Did I leave anyone out??? :D

    St Augustine, FL
  • Has potential.

    Despite the fact that this new show was airing on UK just a few days after the US premiere it wasn't advertised much (or at all that I saw)
    I decided to watch it because I'd heard the webisodes were very popular and I've always been very interested in cryptozoology which is what this show deals with.
    The overall look of the show is very dark and most of the exterior scenes in the interior of The Sanctuary were CGI. I really like the character of Dr Magnus and she was always very calm and not at all jaded by what she had to deal with however I wasn't entirely convinced by her headhunting of Will Zimmerman, sure she had been watching him for a while but Zimmerman didn't seem all that special to me. And I really didn't like all effects that accompanied his noticing various clues it was a bit cheesy.
    I LOVE anything to do with monsters and creatures but I didn't think the design of the inhabitants of The Sanctuary was all that naturalistic, although I don't think it was meant to be.
    The monstrous tendril like growth on the boy was extremely disturbing and I want to see where the story goes. I hope there is a lot of mythology to this show and it not about just fighting monsters but since the creatures in The Sanctuary are dealt with sensitively I don't think it will be like that.
    I'm going to continue to watch this show and give it a chance because it is very intriguing although I have given it a medium because this episode didn't grab me.
  • For heavens sake where did the quirk, charm, and charisma go?!?!?

    An extremely disappointing sanitizing of the webisode version of the show.

    Granted, I appreciated giving Will some balls, and the improvement of some of the effects, however over all, I was shocked by how much they absolutely destroyed that made the webisodes work.

    This version is WAY too long. It just drags and plods along with superfluous dialog and pointless exposition. There was far too much telling instead of showing – and I am usually the one who says just the opposite.

    The changes in the pacing only put a spotlight on the banal dialog they introduced. So many of the quirky lines, especially those that defined both Helen and Will were stripped away and replaced with sad cliches. In fact the aforementioned change in the Will character is the only one that worked for me. Changing his therapy and monster issues was a mistake. That and the interactions with the man-servant were a neat source of humour against the bleak back drop of the world of Sanctuary and sorely missed. They diluted the Helen character to something hardly recognizable compared to the one in the webisodes. A monster hunting survivor of over a century and a half reduced to a weepy mess when her daughter was threatened? I cringed at that bit.

    But the worst has to be the re-write of the Ashley character. It is just awful. I fully loved the reckless, bad a__, part hunter part slayer girl. Now she is – what – going soft on the Will character in the first episode? Can't fight or shoot worth a damn? (Another cringe worthy bit, the scene with John Druitt – by way of contrast, the introduction of the two characters in the webisode rocked – although some of the Ashley dialog was pathetic.)

    And they completely wasted the John Duitt character (and the actor who plays/played(?) him. I can not believe how much this sucked; how much it lost in translation from webisode to episode. The way the characters and the Sanctuary itself were introduced was trite – an insult, really. It is truly pitiable when something with so much promise is reduced to a patronizing piece of drivel like this was.
  • All that made the webisodes so great has been surgically removed and replaced by some cleaned up, nice and cozy, family drama. I have never been so disappointed by a TV show before. The only good thing was getting rid of the man-servants ridiculous suit.

    I really loved the webisodes. The darkness and the seriousness, the whole feel of the show, the atmosphere, the way John Druitt came through as a really evil dude... It was really good. I was thinking; Wow.. give this show a season or two to mature, and it will knock the socks of anything out there... no wait, scrap that, It's so good and well done that will only need a few episodes to establish itself as the new winner!!.
    Man, was I disappointed by the TV premiere or what?
    Nothing is left of the dark and brooding atmosphere, they removed most of the 19th century furniture and interior look from the mansion, Druitt isn't even a bit scary anymore, Ashley lost all her cool kick-ass'ness and got her personality replaced by some Sesame Street reject, Will is just... boring, and the Doctor seems to be applying for a job on ER or The Bold and the Beautiful... or something..
    I am really amazed by how it is possible to first make a really good "pilot" like the wbisodes, just to totally ruin it, like this. Did they change the entire production staff? Did some Sci-Fi executive demand it was made more suitable for his mother? I don't know. I guess I'll watch a couple of episodes to see if they recuperate, but if this premiere is anything to judge by I'm off watching some paint dry.
  • A nice beginning for a new series.

    What can I say. It was good and I liked it. I know others who saw the web episodes won't be that surprised about the story but for us who knew very little about the show it was good. I liked the concept of a where a "monster hunter" is running an asylum for creatures, as if the monsters are the victims. I do have a problem with the Ashley character. It pains me to watch a 105 pound little blonde girl kicking a 225 pound guys ass. It just doesn't look right and it has no basis in reality. But for now I'll ignore it as long as the show stays away from "cartoon combat" like Buffy or Angel.
  • Same as the webepisodes but more added.

    This new episode had the monsters, the better explanations but the kid with the added mutated appendage was that scary as he was in the webepisodes which more ultra freakier and more dark...or maybe because the internet made it so too...(must think about that).

    The show had the monsters, but they switched the guy with the guns and they were able to capture the Druid. Something the webepisode didn't have.

    Okay, is you all seen the webepisodes don't except much anything that was new. You get to see the old stuff mixed with the new stuff. Don't be surprised and the change is well noticed.

    Other than that, that was an awesome and good episode.