Season 1 Episode 1

Sanctuary for All (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy

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  • First episode introduces us to the concept of the show and the characters. The show is shot mostly in CGI which doesn't get in the way of watching the characters. Well worth watching, and hopefully the series will be successful.

    I hadn't heard much about this series, before the news that ITV4 was picking it up and it starred Amanda Tapping (Stargate franchise). Looking for more information about I discovered it was a web series and has been turned to a full series. As the episodes seem to have all disappeared from the website, i waited for the series to start. I was not disappointed at all. The first episode introduced us to the main characters and what the Sanctuary is about. It was good to see a different type of show where the abnormal are not just destroyed but looked after or studied. A note of interest was it just me or did Dr. Zimmerman remind you of a Daniel Jackson and how he was recruited into the Stargate program. The character also a hint of Gill Grissom as he able to notice things other people normally don't. The episode was well shot using CGI to do all the locations which is unusual for a TV series. Can't wait to watch the second part of the episode next week.