Season 1 Episode 1

Sanctuary for All (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Sanctuary, which began as a series of webisodes, often attempts to connect with its young, "connected" viewers both via the internet and thru internet references - perhaps never more so than in this episode. When Magnus seems to know too much about him, we have Will asking "What did you do, Google me?" - referring to the upstart search engine which outslugged Microsoft. Later, when Helen insists Ashley remain at home, she replies "Okay, Facebook it is" - referring to the popular "friends" website recently featured in the hit movie, The Social Network (2010). Interestingly, in "real life", the most up-to-date and reliable information about the start of Sanctuary's delayed Season 3 opening was released on its Facebook page.
      Certainly, the most heady reference here, however, is when Will turns down Magnus's proposal, suggesting "Thanks, but … if you're lookin' for resumes, why don't you try … I already have a job." Yes, the online employment site is one of the 20 most visited websites on the planet - out of over 100 million worldwide - but Will doesn't get the joke just yet. Magnus does, however, and she smiles knowingly, aware that Will is about to enter her computer-generated, "green-screened" world of abnormals - and that his new job will have him up to his neck in what he fears the most:
      Will: My head's kinda doing the backstroke. Are you offering me a job here?
      Helen: I'm offering you a chance to explore a world that you've been trying to understand on your own … with very little success. (Will chuckles) You find my offer amusing?
      Will: No, it-it's not that. It's just …
      Helen: You're afraid.
      Will: You work with monsters!

    • The "fresh meat" scene at the morgue featuring Magnus, Eleanor and the Med Tech was not reshot, it was taken directly from Webisode 1.

    • Discontinuity : Strictly speaking, the eyewitness identification in the police station did not follow proper U.S. lineup procedure. The Russian woman was only shown a single man and asked whether he was the killer. In the U.S., the police must present multiple individuals from which the potential witness identifies a suspect. To limit a lineup to just one person (suspect) would be considered a violation of the individual's constitutional right to due process.

  • Quotes

    • Kavanagh: Guy's a forensic shrink, thinks he's Sherlock Holmes.
      Fetz: I heard the Agency gave him the boot.
      Kavanagh: Yeah, now he's all ours … better go keep an eye on him.
      (Will continues to search the room)
      Will: Night sweats … a lotta fear in the air. Borscht, too, but … mainly fear.
      Kavanagh: Gee, maybe … it has something to do with the triple homicide.
      Will: No, I-I-I mean before that.

    • (Will enters limping and banged up)
      Kavanagh: What the hell happened to you?
      Will: Car versus idiot. I was the, uh …
      Kavanagh: Right, yeah. Well, bad night all around, I guess, huh?

    • (at the city morgue)
      Med Tech: Fresh meat, comin' through!
      Eleanor: Subtle.
      Med Tech: Russo, Albert and Birch, Lawrence. Two cops bit it tonight uptown.
      Eleanor: Yeah, we've been expecting them. Put 'em in holding.
      Med Tech: Got four more comin' later. EMS says it was a real butcher shop.
      Eleanor: Aren't they all these days?
      (Magnus enters, putting on rubber medical gloves)
      Eleanor: Helen?
      Helen: Eleanor.
      Eleanor: They're in the cold room.
      Helen: Thank you.
      Eleanor: Lunch next week?
      Helen: Love to.
      Eleanor: I'll call.

    • Will: The woman is lying. I'm sure of it.
      Kavanagh: I don't know why we bother interviewing eyewitnesses. I mean, you could just come in … and … you could work that voodoo crap you've been working for the last six months. It'd be great, right?
      Will: That's what you think of behavioral science?

    • Kavanagh: So … we have eyewitnesses, a suspect with priors, but you, you like a 10-7ear-old kid as the shooter? Is that right?
      Will: No. I'm just saying, if you find the kid, then you'll know how those three men died tonight.
      Kavanagh: Go - home.
      Will: Why don't you want to hear this?
      Kavanagh: BECAUSE THIS IS … Because this is exactly the same kind of B.S. that got you bounced from the Agency. Now, if I were you, I would just back - the - hell - off.

    • Helen: The detective is right, by the way.
      Will: Excuse me?
      Helen: He can't use anything you gave him.
      Will: Do I know you?
      Helen: How's your head?
      Will: Wait … You ran me over.
      Helen: You got in the way.

    • Will: Who are you?
      Helen: Let's just say I'm someone who's chosen to embrace the full spectrum of our reality. There are things in this city - in this world - that no one wants to admit are real.

    • Will: Lady, I'm gettin soaked here, what do you want?
      Helen: You … Dr. Zimmerman. As I see it, you have two choices. You can go back to a life where you're unheard and unappreciated, or … you can squarely face the truth you've been seeking since you were a child. We both know you caught a glimpse of that truth tonight. Don't turn away.
      Will: Who are you?
      (Magnus hands him a card with "Sanctuary For All" printed on it)
      Helen: I have a proposal. All I ask is for a little of your time.
      Will: Thanks, but … if you're lookin' for resumes, why don't you try … I already have a job.

    • Will: Is that everything?
      Meg: If you find my hair straightener, you can bring it by the ICU.
      Will (laughs quietly): Hair straightener, got it. It's kinda like … returning a high school ring or something.
      Meg: And the last two years of our lives come down to a punch line.
      Will: That wasn't, uh … Look, let's not do this, okay? I can't go 10 rounds tonight. I just don't have it in me.

    • (Will's first visit to the Sanctuary)
      Helen: You no doubt have questions about this place.
      Will: Just one : how come there's no organ music?
      Helen: I'm glad to see you maintain a healthy sense of humor.
      Will: Yeah, well, it's invaluable in police work. Nothing brightens up a murder scene like the right zinger.

    • Will: You call this place a Sanctuary - for whom?
      Helen: Or "what".
      Will (chuckles ruefully): Ah, you know what? This was a really bad idea. I'm very sorry to have wasted your time, and I'm even sorrier that you wasted mine. (turns and starts to leave)
      Helen: Your instincts told you that the boy was anything but normal - otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Inside these walls are beings that make his qualities pale by comparison. "Sanctuary for All" is not an empty motto.

    • Will: So you're a doctor of … what, exactly.
      Helen: The specific discipline depends entirely on the patient.
      Will: Do you have anything for chronic insomnia?
      Helen: Fair warning, Dr. Zimmerman, you're about to leave the world you know behind.
      Will: I'll take that as a "no".

    • (Will begins meeting the denizens of the Sanctuary)
      Will: A mermaid? You've gotta be kidding me.
      Helen: Teratology - from the Greek "teratos", meaning "deformity, hideous creature". … "unknown being".
      Will: How is this even possible?
      (Will is startled when he sees the Lizard Person)
      Helen: He's a little frightened of strangers.
      Will: He's frightened!? What the hell is that?

    • Helen: The purpose of the Sanctuary is to find and help the unfortunate creatures of this world. Some need saving, others can't be allowed to roam free.

    • Helen: The patients on this level are kept in cells mainly for their own well-being. For others, it's a refuge of last resort.
      Will: What, you-you mean s-some come here, what, voluntarily? Does that mean that others are …?
      Helen: … running free? Absolutely. This isn't a zoo and it's certainly not a prison.
      Will: Yeah, but some of these things, they look dangerous as hell.
      Helen: We have a dual obligation - to study the miraculous … and to protect against the perilous.
      Will: Yeah, but … you know, the dangerous ones, what's the point of even keeping them?
      Helen: Every creature expands our knowledge. We learn from the deadly as well as the benign.

    • (the Big Guy brings tea, frightening Will, and then leaves)
      Will: That … thing is your patient?
      Helen: Former patient, actually. After I removed more than a few bullets from him, he refused to leave - so I gave him a position on my staff. I'm not sure he'd appreciate you calling him a … "thing".
      Will (sighs): Why me?
      Helen: Because, Dr. Zimmerman, I believe there's a vital role for you to play here.
      Will: By helping you … capture monsters?
      Helen: We prefer to call them "abnormals".

    • Will: My head's kinda doing the backstroke. Are you offering me a job here?
      Helen: I'm offering you a chance to explore a world that you've been trying to understand on your own … with very little success. (Will chuckles) You find my offer amusing?
      Will: No, it-it's not that. It's just …
      Helen: You're afraid.
      Will: You work with monsters!
      Helen: I work with sentient beings - each worthy of the same respect that humans, even animals, receive automatically. These creatures are the key to the evolution of our race, past and future. And yet, we revile them, destroy them - and worst of all, pretend they don't even exist. But they are out there, Dr. Zimmerman - lost, like the child you saw tonight. Misunderstood, hunted - and they need our help, your help.

    • Will: I-I profile criminals, not monsters.
      Helen (laughs and smiles): You can't see the irony in that statement?
      Will: You know what I mean.
      Helen: You're a student of the human animal. You-you see things, you read things in behavior, that-that I believe cut across the variations of outward form. Where others see stubbornness and failure, I see great potential. Good doctors come and go. But the great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones … dare to believe - in the unbelievable.

    • Helen: This chaos was completely avoidable.
      Ashley (sighs): These tunnels reek and I need a bath - I don't need a lecture.
      Will: Seriously, who are you?
      Helen: Dr. Zimmerman, this is Ashley - my daughter.

    • Ashley (being stitched up): Oh! I get it, alright? Ow! Mom, take it easy.
      Helen: All I'm saying is that we could've better coordinated our efforts.
      Ashley: Again, we got the ghoul, okay? Take a pill.
      Helen: I apologize for Ashley's unruly behavior, Dr. Zimmerman. What she lacks in refinement, I assure you, she makes up for in her field skills.
      Will: Really?
      Ashley: Somebody saved your life tonight. O-oh, wait! Oh, that was me.

    • Will: So I take it you guys, uh, do this … a lot?
      Ashley: Oh, this is nothing. Hey, Mom, do you remember the summer I turned 18? We do an entire den of werewolves. (Will looks unconvinced)You know, as in bag-and-capture? Sedate and catalogue? It wasn't just me, Mom was there, too, and a few nervous locals - one who seriously looked like Adrien Brody.
      Helen: Ashley …
      Ashley: Mom, you thought he was hot, too.
      Will: Dr. Zimmerman is our guest. Please bear that in mind as you blather away.
      Ashley: Anyway, we were low on silver tips, full moon's on the rise …
      Will: You're making this up.
      Ashley: You-you got the tour, right?

    • Ashley: Hate to bleed and run, but I gotta be on the eastside in twenty.
      Helen: For what reason?
      Ashley: Sylvio has some fabulous new product for me - top of the line Kevlar, prototype hollow-points, digital fuses …
      Helen: Actually, I'd prefer it if you stayed in this evening.
      Ashley: What do you mean? Why?
      Helen: There's been some fluctuations in the EM shield. I'm sure it's nothing, but just to be on the safe side …
      Ashley: But this won't take an hour - and, I promise, I'll grind him down on the price. We buy in bulk, we save a ton.
      Helen: We're Sylvio's best customers, his amazing deals aren't going anywhere, believe me. It's been a long night, Ashley, please.
      Ashley: Mom, c'mon, I'm just … (Helen looks adamant) Okay, Facebook it is.

    • Will: So, she's your daughter? What, did you have her when you were like twelve?
      Helen: Ha, very flattering.
      Will: Adopted?
      Helen: The details are unimportant. Ashley is my flesh and blood, and she plays a vital role in my work.
      Will: She bags them, you tag 'em.

    • Helen (gazing down at the boy): I'll determine his physiological treatment - but we have no hope of truly helping him until we gain his trust.
      Will: Wait … Is this why …? (scoffs) No. There's nothing in my training that even begins to apply to a patient like this.
      Helen: Your training can't help you here as much as your intuition can.
      Will (laughs nervously): This is insane. Uh-h, I can't do this.
      Helen: What's more terrifying to you, Dr. Zimmerman - that frightened, confused boy down there, or the possibility that you lack the courage to help him?

  • Notes

    • Awards:
      As a web series, Sanctuary won many different awards, including:
      - Highest Budget for a Direct-to-Web Broadcast (Guinness World Record)
      - Best Digital Visual Effects (2007 Vancouver International Digital Festival Award)
      - Best Web Production ( Award)
      - Best Original Web Drama Series (2007 TV Guide Online Awards)

    • There were 3.7 million views/downloads of Sanctuary when it debuted on the web as webisodes. Around 80 crew members work on Sanctuary. It takes almost 4 months for a Sanctuary episode to be finished, from shooting to post-production (although several are worked on at once). It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours for an actor in the prosthetics make-up chair to emerge as one of the creatures of Sanctuary - and it then takes 2 more to take the make-up/prosthetics off.

    • Although ostensibly "filmed" in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sanctuary is shot almost exclusively using the "green screen" technique - meaning that, unlike most television shows, elaborate sets are unnecessary. Instead, the backdrops for scenes are created using CGI technology. It is also the first North American television series to use the RED camera exclusively - a digital technology capable of capturing images with four times the resolution of a High Definition camera. Because of this new way shooting, the Sanctuary production team executed over 480 visual effects shots - compared to only 12 for an average Stargate SG-1 episode. The opening shot alone took three months for Lee Wilson's special effects team to complete.

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : October 3, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : October 6, 2008 on ITV4
      Czech Republic: August 3, 2009 on AXN
      Hungary : January 4, 2009 on AXN Sci-Fi
      Australia : May 28, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia

    • This opening episode is chock full of Stargate alum. Amanda Tapping, Ellie Harvie, Kavan Smith and Christopher Heyerdahl all worked on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Director Martin Wood directed over 40 episodes of Stargate SG-1, as well as several others on Stargate Atlantis. Sanctuary's creator, Damian Kindler, was a writer on Stargate SG-1, writing over 20 episodes for the series. Finally, although David Hewlett was unable to reprise his role from the webisodes, Dan Shea (SG1's Sgt. Siler) has a non-speaking role as one of the police officers.

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