Season 1 Episode 2

Sanctuary for All (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Sanctuary for All (2)

    Sanctuary for All (2) was a perfect follow up to the series pilot and I really enjoyed watching this episode as viewers gained more perspective about all the characters. This episode really brought all the elements of this show together and the story was cool. It was neat to see the way they portray Will using his senses to see past the obvious. I like the feel and flow of the show so far. This episode gave us more insight into some of the characters who still have some mysteries to be revealed. I think the concept behind Dr. Magnus and her past was awesome and I look forward to learning more. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!
  • Druitt tricks Ashley into bringing him into the Sanctuary. When Henry goes to place him in the "shoe" he escapes and makes his plan known. He needs Helen's blood and he's willing to kill to get it. Will comes to terms with the Sanctuary.

    After an exciting opening first half the blood really hits the fan in the second part. We learn the truth about Helen played by Amanda Tapping, Druitt played by Christopher Heyerdahl, and Ashley played by Emilie Ullerup. We also meet Henry who's played by Ryan Robbins and get a better look at Bigfoot who is also played by Christopher Heyerdahl.

    In this second part of the pilot we get a feel for all of the main characters and how they will interact. There strengths and weaknesses as well as what their various jobs entail. Henry seems to be the electronics person. Vicki is weapons and procurement. Will will be observation and communication. Bigfoot seems to be Helen's body guard and the general keeper of the Sanctuary. Finally Helen runs it all and is 159 years old.

    Druitt instigates a meeting with Ashley to get "captured" so that he is brought into the Sanctuary. Obviously Helen has perfected some sort of Electro-Magnetic field that does not allow Druitt to penetrate. Once in Druitt causes all sorts of problems. Better lighting in this episode except in the scene where Ashley is in the creatures habitat. Again, they play with the light so we are not exactly sure what we see. I have a feeling that will happen often during this first season if I remember correctly.

    Enjoyable conclusion to the Pilot episode and certainly something that I would be pleased to recommend. A wonderful, imaginative show that I find very appealing. Thanks for reading...
  • Interesting beginning if somewhat uneven. But, still okay for a "pilot" episode.

    Interesting beginning if somewhat uneven. But, still okay for a "pilot" episode.

    The first two parts of this "new" series were aired on SciFi as a two hour episode. It's apparently meant to be taken as a brand new show and previous incarnations are to be ignored.

    I found it to be rather uneven although that's largely to be expected from any "pilot" film which is busily trying to set its own dimensions for genre, character, pacing, and texture. That's a lot to do in a couple of hours and often takes several episodes before all of those elements start to merge together. We get the basics here. This will be a "fantasy" series. "Sanctuary" is a place where "freaks and monsters" can be protected, studied, and have a place to call home. The term "freaks and monsters" should be taken literally and not just a perception of someone out of alignment with the mainstream. These are going to be some pretty bizarre "folks."

    Amanda Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus who runs the "Sanctuary." This is actually the best developed character in the series. And, Amanda Tapping does an exceptional job of shedding her blond hair from the various "Stargate" series to adopt a decidedly darker level of performance. The character is quite focused on her goals to run the "Sanctuary" as well as to who she'd like to help run it and how. We also given a pretty good "back story" on her character which helps shape decisions she's made later on. Not so with the character of Dr. Will Zimmerman, played by Robin Dunne. We get to "see" this doctor doing his job, whatever it is. Frankly, I don't see exactly what his job is supposed to be. He's a called a "profiler" of some kind and his skills are such that Magnus wants to him to join her Sanctuary group. But, I don't see his skills as being that good other than some other character telling us they were that good. Also, Robin Dunne looks way too young to be a "doctor" much less a great one. Get some character lines on that "baby face" of his. Finally, I accept the idea that a character should resist the "call to adventure" but Magnus continual attempts to recruit him become too repetitive and drawn out. Perhaps, it would have worked better if there was something current in his life/job that would have helped compel him to eventually agreeing to this "career change." I have a similar problem with Ashley Magnus, played by Emilie Ullerup. She's the young daughter of Helen Magnus. She's way to "Charlie's Angels." She's exceptionally beautiful but also exceptionally good with her martial arts, weapons, and rebellion. Yet, nothing really explained all of it other than possible "genetics." Clearly, there is ample room for expansion here.

    There were two "plots" running through the two-hour episode. First involved a young Russian immigrant (Alexi) who had a "Sanctuary"-qualifying-deformity. The plot ultimately resolved itself rather quickly without a great deal of effort or satisfaction. The second involved John Druitt, played by Christopher Heyerdahl, who had a history with Magnus and her daughter. This resolved itself in a rather complicated way which seemed to "pad" the episode. Nevertheless, the fight scene with Ashley was intense and interesting. I won't go beyond those comments as the series is too new to want to give everything away.

    Three characters then? I would hope they would introduce more characters and spend more time exploring character background rather to devolve into simply a "monster of the week" format. Time will tell.
  • What feels like a Web Drama, Kinda looks like a web drama and was developed from a Web Drama - Sanctuary of course

    Watching these episodes again slightly modified from their original webisode format is interesting because you can clearly see its roots. I may have only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes on the Web but the pacing then isn't much improved in this TV adaptation going from a fast scene to over-long slow talky scenes and when they mix it like with the hide and seek scene it can feel too drawn out. However I'm almost sure that this will improve given time considering that from last episode to this there is some improvement.

    Amanda Tapping's accent still sticks out like a sore thumb though (although its reasonably convincing given the setting it can sometimes feel out of place) and the mockney prostitute in Victorian London is laughable. John Druitt however is heavily pronounced and a great baddy that has a history. Whats great about this episode is that it starts to highlight the relationship between Magnus and Druitt which will hopefully continue.

    Will Zimmerman is easily the most forgettable character with a very videogame type sense of perception. This if used incorrectly and too often will become tedious although as the scientist of the group he still has a lot to learn, and would fit nicely as Magnus's apprentice. Also another with a past that could be played on. Ashley is, well, for now the kick arse daughter. Her main character intrigue comes from being little miss frozen Embryo and the supposed daughter of Druitt and Magnus, and I hope to see this developed also. The other guy I can't even remember who he was but seems to be security. If I remember correctly some scenes have been altered or shifted around in the story from the original webisodes in particular the absence of a scene where Druitt and the boy meet in the subway (I think that was in there) and I'm sure the Victorian scenes including some sort of sword fight have been removed or shifted to later on.

    Altogether a good attempt which will hopefully grow to be better in time.
  • Conclusion...

    I'll just cotinue from my review of part one. All the characters are very interesting and I'd hoped that the character of John Druitt would live so we would have a recurring villain on the show but this is science fiction and anything can happen. It goes to show that Will is very smart because he figured out Helen's secret all by his lonesome. Helen being 157 years old kind of shocked me a little but it is a very nice twist to add. I'm not to sure what to think of Ashley just yet, I will probably warm up to her soon enough. Hopefully they keep up the good work with this show because I want to see it last for a long time to come.
  • This review is for both hours of the show.

    I think this show has promise, heck my mom even watched it. We have three people, Dr. Helen Magnus, her daughter Ashley, and a man named Will Zimmerman (also a doctor) going out to protect creatures from being hunted down and their "reward" for protecting these creatures is the chance to study them. I was really impressed with these two hours of the show, I really didn't know what to expect to me from the previews it kind of looked like a grown-up version of Special Unit 2 crossed a little bit with the X-Files. But I was glad I was wrong. This episode was your basic introduce the characters, get to know their headquarters type deal and meet different types of creatures to suck you into their world. For me I believe they succeeded in this. I was really impressed with how all the "players" in the show acted and though I have read on the forums there are a little quips about the accents I enjoyed it.
  • Sanctuary for all

    So, I am one of those who watched the webisodes when they came and now when the show got to picked up for "real" tv, was eager to see it. And what I feel - I liked it. I already read quite many other people opinion who thought webisodes storyline were better, but.. they both had their own beauty.

    I have no idea how it would have been watching it without knowing those "wow" facts from webisodes - I think then it had worked as a whole much much better.

    What I liked: it had totally different kind of building than webisodes and story was told like in a different angle and for most part it worked well. I specially loved the conversation Zimmerman and Magnus had in the end - the emotions and the message of the sanctuary was fowarded much better. Also some effects were better even if I think those green screen scenes that were.. there could have been little more work on details as it was just so easy to separate - this scene is green screen.. this one is not.

    But for a serie start - I am totally happy and I was afraid that with all my hopes high, I will be disappointed but no.. vice versa.
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