Season 1 Episode 2

Sanctuary for All (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy

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  • What feels like a Web Drama, Kinda looks like a web drama and was developed from a Web Drama - Sanctuary of course

    Watching these episodes again slightly modified from their original webisode format is interesting because you can clearly see its roots. I may have only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes on the Web but the pacing then isn't much improved in this TV adaptation going from a fast scene to over-long slow talky scenes and when they mix it like with the hide and seek scene it can feel too drawn out. However I'm almost sure that this will improve given time considering that from last episode to this there is some improvement.

    Amanda Tapping's accent still sticks out like a sore thumb though (although its reasonably convincing given the setting it can sometimes feel out of place) and the mockney prostitute in Victorian London is laughable. John Druitt however is heavily pronounced and a great baddy that has a history. Whats great about this episode is that it starts to highlight the relationship between Magnus and Druitt which will hopefully continue.

    Will Zimmerman is easily the most forgettable character with a very videogame type sense of perception. This if used incorrectly and too often will become tedious although as the scientist of the group he still has a lot to learn, and would fit nicely as Magnus's apprentice. Also another with a past that could be played on. Ashley is, well, for now the kick arse daughter. Her main character intrigue comes from being little miss frozen Embryo and the supposed daughter of Druitt and Magnus, and I hope to see this developed also. The other guy I can't even remember who he was but seems to be security. If I remember correctly some scenes have been altered or shifted around in the story from the original webisodes in particular the absence of a scene where Druitt and the boy meet in the subway (I think that was in there) and I'm sure the Victorian scenes including some sort of sword fight have been removed or shifted to later on.

    Altogether a good attempt which will hopefully grow to be better in time.