Season 1 Episode 2

Sanctuary for All (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Druitt tricks Ashley into bringing him into the Sanctuary. When Henry goes to place him in the "shoe" he escapes and makes his plan known. He needs Helen's blood and he's willing to kill to get it. Will comes to terms with the Sanctuary.

    After an exciting opening first half the blood really hits the fan in the second part. We learn the truth about Helen played by Amanda Tapping, Druitt played by Christopher Heyerdahl, and Ashley played by Emilie Ullerup. We also meet Henry who's played by Ryan Robbins and get a better look at Bigfoot who is also played by Christopher Heyerdahl.

    In this second part of the pilot we get a feel for all of the main characters and how they will interact. There strengths and weaknesses as well as what their various jobs entail. Henry seems to be the electronics person. Vicki is weapons and procurement. Will will be observation and communication. Bigfoot seems to be Helen's body guard and the general keeper of the Sanctuary. Finally Helen runs it all and is 159 years old.

    Druitt instigates a meeting with Ashley to get "captured" so that he is brought into the Sanctuary. Obviously Helen has perfected some sort of Electro-Magnetic field that does not allow Druitt to penetrate. Once in Druitt causes all sorts of problems. Better lighting in this episode except in the scene where Ashley is in the creatures habitat. Again, they play with the light so we are not exactly sure what we see. I have a feeling that will happen often during this first season if I remember correctly.

    Enjoyable conclusion to the Pilot episode and certainly something that I would be pleased to recommend. A wonderful, imaginative show that I find very appealing. Thanks for reading...