Season 1 Episode 2

Sanctuary for All (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on Syfy



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    • Henry (seeing Will with Alexei): Kinda harsh for a job interview, don'cha think?
      Helen: Thank you for your opinion, Henry.
      Henry: I'm just sayin', it's a newbie all alone with the new arrival …
      Helen: Whom he helped capture.
      Henry: Yeah. Yeah, sure, he might pull it off. You know, even a blind squirrel can find a nut … Or is it monkeys and bananas? I can never remember.

    • (Henry has figured out where Alexei is from)
      Henry: Not many places you're gonna find radiation traces that pure, mostly former Soviet Republics. But, if you match up the mineral traces in the plutonium sample to known mining operations in each possible location …
      Helen: Chernobyl.
      Henry: Only city in the world with more personal Geiger counters than clocks.
      Helen: Many of the survivors of this disaster moved on and had children.
      Henry: Yeah, if you can call 'em that.
      Helen: Your sensitivity is breathtaking.
      Henry: The kid sucks brains! … Not that I'm being judgmental.

    • Helen: A working girl was found murdered behind a warehouse down near Circle Square about four hours ago.
      Henry: Murdered how?
      Helen: Just your typical old-school stabbing. No one saw anything, cops are clueless, as usual.
      Henry: Send me what you have.
      Helen: Really? We care about this? I mean, it's very sad, but, we're … so backed up …
      Henry: Send it to me.

    • Henry (to Helen concerning Will): By the way, if there's a "clean-up on aisle 2" … (whispers) I don't wanna know about it.

    • (Henry spots Ashley leaving)
      Henry: I thought your Mom grounded you?
      Ashley: She did. I'm just going out to get some, uh … feminine products.
      Henry: Yeah, feminine like a crate of Uzis?
      Ashley: Dude, you want me to get us some toys, or what?
      Henry: Hey, I never saw ya.
      Ashley: Atta boy!

    • (Will still hasn't connected with Alexei, and the Big Guy is agitated)
      Will: Whoa, whoa. Hey, whoa, whoa! Time out a second! Time out, time out. Everyone just calm down … You think that's supposed to scare me, huh? Well, let me tell ya something, you see this guy here? He scares me a hell of a lot more than you do. (glances back at the Big Guy) No offense.

    • Will: Okay, how come you're not tryin' to eat my brain anymore? … I think I'm gettin' the hang of things here. The less I'm scared of you, the less you wanna snack on my cerebellum?

    • Alexei: They were afraid. I tried to stop it, but only more fear comes.
      Will: So … the more fear, the more it comes out? (Alexei nods) And you can't control it … It's a defense mechanism - with a mind of its own.

    • Sylvio: A brain-sucking anaconda living in his intestinal tract. Ugh. Sorry I missed it.
      Ashley: Can we just get down to business?
      Sylvio: Come on, now, baby girl, we just talkin' shop.
      Ashley: Sylvio, please, right now you're givin' yourself an ice cream headache tryin' to figure out how much that kid is worth on the open market.
      Sylvio: Just my greedy, baseline personality.
      Ashley: Well, you wanna work with us, you play by our rules. You know that.
      Sylvio: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look … I'm down with the whole … protect and study thing, okay? Peace, love and incense.

    • (Sylvio has been struck in the chest by a spiked ball)
      Ashley: Sylvio, are you okay!?
      Sylvio: Been better … Gun!
      Ashley: Let's go. (drags Sylvio to cover)
      Sylvio: Oh! Stings like a son-of-a-bitch! Anyone we know?
      Ashley: Can't tell yet.
      Sylvio: I'll be fine. Go.
      Ashley: You sure?
      Sylvio: Ash, I gotta scream like a girl now. I don't need witnesses.

    • Will: How can you expect me to help these creatures, when one of them … one of them took everything from me?
      Helen: Only you can answer that.
      Will: You knew. You knew how this would affect me.
      Helen: It's your choice, Will. In the end, it's … a massive leap of faith.

    • (Ashley searches for Druitt)
      Ashley: Come out, you son-of-a-bitch!
      Druitt: You seem very angry.
      (Ashley fires and misses)
      Ashley (muttering): What the hell?
      Druitt: Is it because of your friend?
      Ashley: I don't like people getting spiked on my watch.

    • (Druitt surprises and overpowers Ashley, taking away her gun)
      Druitt: That's a … nasty toy for someone your age.
      Ashley: It's a present from my mom.
      Druitt: Then you'd better have it back.
      (Druitt gives back the gun, forcing Ashley to fire and miss five times)
      Druitt: You're thinking : "Who is he? What is he? How will I bring him down?"
      Ashley: Actually, just focused on your old man breath. That's some nasty bridgework, dude.
      Druitt: Ill manners do not become you, my dear.

    • Ashley: Okay. (painfully rising from the floor) I grudgingly admit you've got some game.
      Druitt: I've been following your exploits for quite some time. You're a very intrepid duo, you and your mother. (derisively) Protect the innocent, study the bizarre, the inexplicable …
      Ashley: Listen to rants from violent weirdoes.
      Druitt: Hazardous work, indeed
      Sylvio: Hey, buddy. (fires Taser darts into Druitt's back) Nobody spikes my van. (pulls trigger and electricity crackles)
      Druitt (reciting): Only the chosen left alive. Immortals all, the holy five.
      Sylvio: Shut up. (pulls trigger again, knocking out Druitt)
      Ashley: Thanks, buddy.
      Sylvio: Now, he's gotta be worth something.

    • Henry: Now, see, he looks harmless enough.
      Ashley: He took 10,000 volts plus a triple tranq.
      Henry: Uh, he is gonna have a serious migraine whenever he does wake up. So, what d'ya think his thing is?
      Ashley: Mm-m-m, I'll leave that to Mom. All I know is he was a serious handful. Ask Sylvio.
      Henry (scoffs): Sylvio's a baby. He whined all the way to Dr. Lim's. A few special herbs and spices, he'll be fine.
      Ashley: Whatever. Process the ghoul, let mom know. Me, I am hitting the showers.

    • (Druitt overpowers and commandeers Henry)
      Druitt: Now, what section are we in? It seems so … welcoming.
      Henry: It's … where we keep the bad things …
      Druitt: Hmm …
      Henry: … worst of the worst.
      (Druitt taps on the glass and something roars)
      Druitt: Mm, I like the sound of that.

    • Ashley: Sylvio and I ran into a … bit of trouble.
      Helen: Trouble?
      Ashley: Some superfast psychopathic dude. Nothing we couldn't handle.
      Helen: How fast?
      Ashley: Pretty hot moves for a tall guy. He had a great accent, too. Kinda like yours, only, uh … more evil.

    • Druitt: Wonderful to see you again.
      Ashley: You know this ghoul?
      Druitt: Oh … your mother and I go way back. Hmm?
      (Druitt teleports behind Ashley and grabs her)
      Helen: John, don't! This is about you and me, not her.
      Druitt: For the moment. You have no idea what it's been like … alone! Wandering this godforsaken world … wanting only peace … a fragment of what we had … what I lost.
      Helen: You have nothing to gain by harming her … or me.
      Ashley: Mom, shoot him!
      Druitt: Shall we drop the pretense? You know exactly why I've come and what I want. It's all within reach, everything I've ever wanted - and you're going to give it to me or she will die.

    • (Druitt teleports Ashley into one of the bad creatures dens)
      Ashley: Please don't do this.
      Druitt: I don't know much about your mother's pets, but … I would imagine … staying very still would be advisable.
      (Druitt kisses Ashley's head and teleports out, leaving her behind)

    • Helen: Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?
      Druitt: I'd tell you she was safe - but I'd be lying. No, your scruffy little helper mentioned something about where the worst of the worst are kept.
      Helen: You bastard.
      Druitt: Oh, no doubt she helped capture whatever is in there and they can reminisce.
      Helen: Threatening her …
      Druitt: Is my only option, Helen. (laughing) I can hardly threaten you. Using one of your … precious creatures as a blunt instrument - some of my best work, I think.

    • Druitt: She clearly doesn't know.
      Helen: How could I possibly tell her?
      Druitt: She must have asked … how she came by her killer instincts?
      Helen: She thinks her father's dead.
      Druitt (stunned): I wonder how she'd feel to learn the truth.
      Helen: Your mind is poisoned, John, through no fault of your own.
      Druitt (furious): Helen Magnus, friend to nature's abominations, and enemy of COMMON SENSE! YOUR BLOOD, HELEN!

    • (Helen gives him a vial of blood)
      Druitt: How can I be sure?
      Helen: It's mine … centrifuged, pure.
      (Druitt injects himself)
      Druitt: Thank you, Helen. You won't regret it.
      Helen: I'm sorry I can't say the same for you.
      (Druitt begins to flash in-and-out of phase) Forgive me, John.
      Druitt: The five … the others … will come. (disappears)

    • (after Will has helped save Ashley)
      Henry: Dude, are you nuts?
      Will: It's a distinct possibility.

    • (the Big Guy lies unconscious, resting from his injuries)
      Will: Two days ago, you were the stuff of nightmares … After my mom was killed, I, uh … I was terrified … of things that I didn't understand, things that I … couldn't understand … But now … now … maybe there is no such thing as a monster … (scoffs) Forget it … Just get better, alright?
      Big Guy: Will …
      Will: Did you just …?
      Big Guy: It … isn't … true.
      Will: What? What's not true?
      Big Guy: There is … such a thing … as monsters.

    • (an angry Will realizes Magnus was there when his mother was killed)
      Will: You couldn't have been more than, what, fourteen - fifteen at the time? Teenage monster hunter? I don't think so. And then there's your recent guest, Druitt. Turns out that a John Druitt was one of .. Scotland Yard's prime suspects in the Ripper case in the 1880's.
      Helen: Yes, he was my first patient.
      Will: Which means … either one or both of you can travel through time … either that or you're more than...
      Helen: I am 157 years old.
      (Will sighs and slips into stunned silence)
      Will: How … is any of this possible?
      Helen: When you work at the frontiers of science for as long as I have, the rewards - and curses - are … unexpected.

    • Helen: John, let me help you before you make things worse.
      Druitt: And how is that possible? I've already murdered, what … seven whores? How could one more make the slightest difference?
      Molly: Murdered?
      (Molly cries out as Druitt grabs her, putting a knife to her throat)
      Druitt: What more have I to lose?
      Helen: Your power is driving you mad, John. I can help
      Druitt: My power is all I have left.

    • Will: Okay … here's the deal. If we're gonna work together, the first rule, - the only rule - is that you're straight up with me.
      Helen: I've just trusted you with my deepest, darkest secret.
      Will: I know, it's just … I just know that I've spent a lifetime living a lie and … I can't do it anymore.
      Helen: I understand.
      Will: No, I'm serious. You open this place up to me - every … monster, every room, everything that crawls, flies, teleports … If I'm gonna be of any use to you I gotta … I gotta a lotta catching up to do.
      Helen: To say the least.
      Will: You know, I was hoping that at least you'd be normal.
      Helen: Sorry to disappoint. Is there anything else?
      Will: Is there a health plan?
      Helen: No. But I can promise you the adventure of many, many lifetimes … Shall we begin?

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : October 3, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : October 13, 2008 on ITV4
      Czech Republic: August 10, 2009 on AXN
      Hungary : January 11, 2009 on AXN Sci-Fi
      Australia : May 28, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia

  • Allusions

    • Druitt: Ah, I knew him well.

      Druitt is holding up a small skull in a position reminiscent of the famous gravediggers scene from William Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, Hamlet [Act V, scene I]. "Alas", cries Hamlet, "poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio - a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy:" The play, and the scene, are so revered in classical theater that, it is said, Sir Laurence Olivier bequeathed his own skull to the Royal National Theatre in London, England - specifically for use in Hamlet's gravediggers scene.