Season 4 Episode 12

Sanctuary For None (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 23, 2011 on Syfy



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    • Addison: (to Will) Now, look, I know you've had a great time playing with vampires and sasquatches, but now it's time to wake up and get your head in the game. Your first assignment is to arrest and detain Helen Magnus.

    • Will: (cocks gun) Get out of the car!
      Helen: You really don't want to do this, Will.
      Will: You left me no choice - Helen Magnus, you're under arrest.

    • Will: You're just gonna wall people in there? When word gets out ...
      Addison: Our media cover story about the toxic spill is already in play. If we say the sky is pink, the sky is pink.
      Will: Since when ... when did this become a police state?
      Addison: It's always been a police state, Will, you just never noticed. The point is, we are now in control of the situation again - and Helen Magnus is finally out of moves.

    • TV News Reporter: ... and are just a smokescreen for something far more insidious. Doctor, care to elaborate?
      Addison: What the hell is that crazy broad doin' now?
      Helen: I realize that what I'm about to say may sound strange, or even frightening, but I assure you, every word is true.
      Will: Oh, Magnus ...
      Helen: It's time the world knew the truth. This district is full of strange beings who have lived among us for hundreds of years. I call them Abnormals. You know them as monsters - and they very much exist.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada : December 30, 2011 on Space
      Australia : January 20, 2011 on SciFi Australia
      United Kingdom : June 22, 2012 on Watch

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