Sanctuary - Season 2

Syfy (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Kali (2)
    Episode 13
    Will begins to experience strange visions that are connected to the Cult of Kali. Magnus has difficulty with finding the solution to their problems.
  • Kali (1)
    Episode 12
    Magnus, Will and Kate travel to Mumbai, India, on their mission to investigation the link to a murder. To make matters worse Will becomes ill before he mysteriously disappears.
  • Kali, Parts 1 and 2
    Episode 12

    Kali, Parts 1 and 2 follows the story of a moment in which Abnormals around the world begin behaving erratically. They discover that the source is an electromagnetic pulse emanating outwards from Mumbai. Kate and Will fly to India to investigate and discover that there is an Abnormal with diabolical schemes behind the event.

  • Haunted
    Episode 11
    Magnus and her team rescue the passengers of a sinking ship off the coast of South Africa. Back at the Sanctuary, one of the passengers is found murdered and Druitt becomes the prime suspect.
  • Sleepers
    Episode 10
    Magnus and Will investigate the disappearances of teenagers with links to them spending time at a rehab clinic in Mexico. Magnus and Will are shocked to see Nikola Tesla as the program director. Tesla reveals the treatment he has been using on the teens for their addictions. Tesla eventually shows his true motive of turning his patients into Vampires.moreless
  • Penance
    Episode 9
    Helen reunites with Jimmy who transports an elemental Abnormal to the Sanctuary. However they are tracked down by the underground Mobsters. Kate proves her loyalty and bonds with Jimmy over a common history they share.
  • Next Tuesday
    Episode 8
    While carrying an abnormal, Will and Magnus' helicopter crashes on a decommissioned oil rig.
  • Veritas
    Episode 7
    Will tries to defend Magnus from the heads of the Sanctuary Network when they accuse her of committing a shocking murder.
  • Fragments
    Episode 6
    Henry tries to determine why a seemingly docile domesticated abnormal suddenly turned violent after it attacks a research scientist.
  • Pavor Nocturnus
    Episode 5
    A confused Dr. Magnus finds the Sanctuary and surrounding city has been destroyed, but she has no idea how it happened. While searching the remains she is pounced on by a vicious creature, leading to two armed men rescuing her and taking her to a nearby abandoned building. After being hosed down and dumped in a room on her own Magnus becomes fearful when an aggressive man, with a familiar face, enters.moreless
  • Hero
    Episode 4
    When a man arrives in the city dressed as a superhero and intent on fighting crime, his unusual strength and ability to fly grab the attention of Dr. Magnus. With the help of Will, Helen captures the man and runs tests on his DNA. The results, however, prove that he is not an abnormal, leaving the team confused as to where he got his powers from. Kate, meanwhile, tries to help her brother after he falls foul of a local crime boss.moreless
  • Eulogy
    Episode 3
    Magnus and Druitt take very different routes as they try and come to terms with what happened to their daughter. Helen is convinced Ashley is still alive and sets out to find her, while John is thinking of nothing more than revenge against the Cabal. Meanwhile, Will and Henry have a tough task on their hands when the abnormals from the destroyed Sanctuaries seek refuge at theirs.moreless
  • End of Nights (2)
    Episode 2
    Tesla and Henry attempt to create a weapon to help stop the attacks by the Cabal on the many Sanctuaries around the world.
  • End of Nights (1)
    Episode 1
    While desperately searching for Ashley, who has been captured by the Cabal, the Sanctuary team encounters a young con artist named Kate Freelander. When Kate's relationship with the Cabal collapses, she gives Magnus the location of a secret Cabal facility which may lead her to Ashley.