Season 1 Episode 7

The Five

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Dark Secrets And Old Friends Come Calling

    Wow, this show just keeps getting better and better (which is the mark of a great show). Both John Druitt and The Cabal return to action. The nice touch of bringing in an actual historical figure (Nikola Tesla) as an old friend of Helen Magnus works well - making him a vampire is inspired. This brings the whole alternate/secret history gambit into play. Jonathon Young excels as Tesla, nicely mixing humor and terror, erudite polish and pure insanity. Even better is Christopher Heyerdahl as John Druitt. This is his finest Sanctuary hour yet. The power of his presence alone is worth the price of admission, but it is his rich, sonorous voice which pulls you in even deeper. He conveys pain and anger in equal measures of eye contact and vocal tonality. He also says more with a pause than many actors do with a well-crafted punch line. Here's hoping that John Druitt (now that he's revealed as Ashley's father) is featured as a regular part of the Magnus family. There is so much in this episode that it can't all be covered here. The recap alone took over three pages. As mentioned, Ashley discovers that John Druitt is her father. She also learns that her mother is an abnormal by choice, not genetic heritage. What does this portend for her future? Another new storyline is opened when Henry the tech guy is revealed to be an abnormal. The Cabal is unlikely to be any happier with Dr. Magnus after their team is eradicated. And what of Tesla and his creatures - is he dead, can he even be killed?
    Finally, the vampire effects are great (check out Tesla pulling away when he is impaled on the wall), as are the flashbacks. Flashbacks often fail to look believable. Here all three principals look believably younger (especially Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus). The reptilian creature, on the other hand, clearly reveals the budgetary constraints of this series and is more interesting when left off camera - as it is until the end of the episode. I just hope Sanctuary draws enough viewers to survive. The Sci Fi Channel has had a quick trigger finger lately. Perhaps, in these tough economic times, the show's lower production costs will give Sanctuary time to catch on and grow its audience. Spread the word : science fiction is alive and well at the Sanctuary.
  • The Five

    The Five was a perfect episode of Sanctuary. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was very interesting to learn more about the past of Dr. Helen Magnus, as well as her old colleagues. Ashley had her own seperate adventure with one of the Five, and learned more about herself in that time. I thought the approach to vampirism in this series was cool and I hope to see more about it. Will learns more about Henry in this episosde as Henry's secret comes to light. I enjoyed the intertwining plot lines. The actors really play their parts perfectly! I really look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!
  • One of Helen's associates from "The Five" group comes back to look for her but does he want her help or wants to use for another purpose?

    "You're a killer you live for the thrill of the hunt"

    Overall good episode. Helen's associate from The Five group, Nikola, comes back to look for her. As they began to get reacquainted, they are attacked by Cabal agents. At first Helen thinks they are after but they are really after Nikolai. Nikola has a special power he is a vampire. But what does he need Helen for?

    Meanwhile John Druitt and Ashley are having a pleasant reunion. LOL. Druitt is trying to convince her that her mother is in great danger. However, she will need a long explanation before she even will consider what Druitt has to say. Meanwhile as well something is loose in the Sanctuary with Will "in charge" but what? It's a good episode, they explain more about where Helen came off including how some of her powers came to be especially her long life span from a special serum her group made. I think this is the first time they had a vampire in the show (I believe in the webisodes there's also a episode about a vampire of which Ashley has a fight with) I don't know if I want to give too much away here but I liked a couple of the scenes with zombies. I liked the scenes with Nikola and Helen. Helen is smart but she still is a very vulnerable woman. I also liked the scenes with Ashley and Druitt especially when he tries to psychoanalyze her. The episode went back to serious sci-fi unlike the last episode with Nubbins which had a lot of comedy. This one did have a few funny lines the "You look so sexy with a gun" comment by Nikola, the "I am not really in charge" line by Will to Bigfoot,the "I thought you said you loved me" line by Helen followed up by Nikola's "Did I?" reply, last but not least the "if you call my mother your ex again I will have to kill you" line by Ashley.

    My only small nitpick is that I expected "the thing" in the Sanctuary to be better. The guy playing Nikola was great playing the villain here whose only purpose was to use Helen for his own purposes while telling her what she wanted to hear "I love you", yada, yada, yada. I thought then this was a pretty good episode with all the characters here maybe more for Ashley because she began to get a bigger story about her mother.
  • The show is getting better and with its own mythology and character developing this episode is the beginning.

    When the show was originally broadcast I saw the first 3 episodes and found them quite mediocre. Having recently started watching the repeats I realise that the show once it got past that introductory period has become really good. Unlike the previous 2 episodes which were heavy on the movie references (the thing/gremlins etc.) this in fact develops an original idea. The fact that Helen was originally a part of a group of 5 (a few of which were famous) that experimented by injecting themselves with concentrated vampire blood is something I don't think I've seen before. I also like the fact that vampires were the creators of civilisation, but were wiped out by the Church literally demonising them. Only unpure vampires survived which led to the dark ages. This was one heck of a back-story.

    Tessler's (one of the 5) revelation that he wanted Helen to give his newly created braindead vampire minion's intelligence. The way he brought them back plays very nicely on the fact that vampires usually rise automatically. In this case Tessler had to jolt them back to life after feeding them his blood. Braindead they may have been but they defeated the Cabal soldiers with ease once they were let loose.

    Also in this episode was the badly thought out revelation that Henry was a man-wolf. As soon as you realise he's ill you jump to the conclusion straight away. This was badly handled therefore, not saved by the creature lurking the corridors not actually being him. Don't get me wrong, it's a good development for the character, just could have been handled better.

    Lastly, is John Druitt and his kidnap of Ashley, which contributed well to the backstory of the five, by revealing that the blood had given each a special ability (John's is his teleport). However the main conclusion was to reveal to Ashley that John was in fact her Father. This worked better than Henry's strand and was quite enjoyable.

    I'm curious about the five and the revelations revealed here and want to know what Dr James Watson's increased intelligence has brought him. He's not actually shown in profile but we do know he is one of the five. Hopefully he'll turn up soon as he is mentioned by Tessler a few times during his and Helen's conversations.
  • All those dark secrets crept into daylight

    Wow, I loved the way this episode started - so intense start with such a big surprises - to get a note that you will be dead in next three minutes and then walk away into catacombs of Rome with a vampire - intriguing. And if that was not enough, Ashley gets kidnapped again by John Druitt and there is something weird going on in Sanctuary where Zimmerman is left quite alone to deal with things.

    I most say - the whole dark secret thing and Druitt trying to make Ashley to make her own decision that help save Magnus and help him too.. The whole tension, she still not knowing who Druitt is and then finally, getting it.

    And the whole theme with vampires and what Nikola thought about all going on, the things we learned about his, Magnus' and Druitt's past.. the five.. how they got their powers. It was just so intriguer and I am sure they can continue that storyline.

    So, an amazing episode.
  • Not bad. Revelations abound.

    Dangit man! Just after I finally got over Dr. Zimmerman looking like Harry Potter, they just had to mess with Tesla... I've read everything about Tesla I could find, so I obviously think he was a cool dude. Oh well, it's hard to make a historical figure into a fictional character (remember Star Trek's Lincoln and Mark Twain?). Only other problem was the actor seemed a bit of a pansy to me - yes, even though he was supposed to be a badass vampire (I'm so over vampires). It was cool that they didn't completely kill off the Cabal leader guy who was on SG1, I couldn't find his name online, but he's a good actor.

    I knew from the pilot that Druitt was Ashley's dad, it was obvious. I haven't watched the webisodes, just the SciFi channel - what is Helen's magical power besides immortality? Didn't see it coming; Foss as an abnormal. Will is probably an abnormal too somehow... probably something to do with the heightened observations (does anyone else get reminded of Psych when they light up the stuff he sees?)

    Overall, this was a dang decent episode. If you haven't seen Sanctuary yet, give it a try. You have to try new things. If I didn't then I wouldn't know that Andromeda was pretty cool and Battlestar Galactica sucks - just my opinion.

    Forgive the parentheticals but definitely stay tuned for Sanctuary.