Season 1 Episode 7

The Five

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy

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  • One of Helen's associates from "The Five" group comes back to look for her but does he want her help or wants to use for another purpose?

    "You're a killer you live for the thrill of the hunt"

    Overall good episode. Helen's associate from The Five group, Nikola, comes back to look for her. As they began to get reacquainted, they are attacked by Cabal agents. At first Helen thinks they are after but they are really after Nikolai. Nikola has a special power he is a vampire. But what does he need Helen for?

    Meanwhile John Druitt and Ashley are having a pleasant reunion. LOL. Druitt is trying to convince her that her mother is in great danger. However, she will need a long explanation before she even will consider what Druitt has to say. Meanwhile as well something is loose in the Sanctuary with Will "in charge" but what? It's a good episode, they explain more about where Helen came off including how some of her powers came to be especially her long life span from a special serum her group made. I think this is the first time they had a vampire in the show (I believe in the webisodes there's also a episode about a vampire of which Ashley has a fight with) I don't know if I want to give too much away here but I liked a couple of the scenes with zombies. I liked the scenes with Nikola and Helen. Helen is smart but she still is a very vulnerable woman. I also liked the scenes with Ashley and Druitt especially when he tries to psychoanalyze her. The episode went back to serious sci-fi unlike the last episode with Nubbins which had a lot of comedy. This one did have a few funny lines the "You look so sexy with a gun" comment by Nikola, the "I am not really in charge" line by Will to Bigfoot,the "I thought you said you loved me" line by Helen followed up by Nikola's "Did I?" reply, last but not least the "if you call my mother your ex again I will have to kill you" line by Ashley.

    My only small nitpick is that I expected "the thing" in the Sanctuary to be better. The guy playing Nikola was great playing the villain here whose only purpose was to use Helen for his own purposes while telling her what she wanted to hear "I love you", yada, yada, yada. I thought then this was a pretty good episode with all the characters here maybe more for Ashley because she began to get a bigger story about her mother.
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