Season 1 Episode 7

The Five

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy

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  • All those dark secrets crept into daylight

    Wow, I loved the way this episode started - so intense start with such a big surprises - to get a note that you will be dead in next three minutes and then walk away into catacombs of Rome with a vampire - intriguing. And if that was not enough, Ashley gets kidnapped again by John Druitt and there is something weird going on in Sanctuary where Zimmerman is left quite alone to deal with things.

    I most say - the whole dark secret thing and Druitt trying to make Ashley to make her own decision that help save Magnus and help him too.. The whole tension, she still not knowing who Druitt is and then finally, getting it.

    And the whole theme with vampires and what Nikola thought about all going on, the things we learned about his, Magnus' and Druitt's past.. the five.. how they got their powers. It was just so intriguer and I am sure they can continue that storyline.

    So, an amazing episode.
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