Season 1 Episode 7

The Five

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The way Druitt tries to kill Tesla in the catacombs (by teleporting behind him and putting his fist through Tesla's stomach) appears to be a favored tactic as it's the same way Druitt tried to kill the Big Guy in Webisode 4.

    • Discontinuity: When Druitt materializes in the catacombs, he drives his left hand through Tesla's body, covering it in blood. However, after he teleports Ashley and Helen away and rematerializes, it's his right hand that's bloodied, not his left.

  • Quotes

    • Tesla: Helen Magnus. Kiss me and I'll save your life.
      Helen: And if I don't?
      Tesla: Aw-w-w … It's been over sixty years, just plant one on me already.
      (Tesla indicates his cheek but turns as Helen leans in, kissing her on the lips)
      Helen: Nikola Tesla. You always did know how to get attention.
      Tesla (takes her arm and begins walking): And you're still boring as ever when it comes to giving a lecture. But to business : Cabal agents are all over the building. If we don't leave now, things are going to get … rather bullet-ridden.
      Helen: And why should I believe you? (Tesla turns her attention to the armed Cabal agents entering the lecture hall and she resumes walking) I assume you have a plan other than kissing me?
      Tesla: Genius, remember?
      Helen: Ah.

    • (pursued by the Cabal, the pair are attempting to escape through the catacombs)
      Helen: I'm assuming there are other exits further on?
      Tesla: Should be. My contact said there would be.
      Helen: Contact?
      Tesla: Mm-hmm. Concierge at my hotel. Don't you love Rome?

    • (Will is unhappy the meeting he called was cancelled, the Big Guy is dusting)
      Will: I mean, she put me in charge and, you know, I wanna take that very seriously. So, we've got patients to discuss, possible cases that need investigating, and, you know, other stuff that needs attention.
      Big Guy: Meetings are boring.
      Will (laughs): Yeah. Yeah, they really are, aren't they? (the Big Guy chuckles and returns to dusting, whistling) Okay, I'm cool with that. No meeting. So, uh, what do you guys do when you got the place to yourself? You know, poker night, maybe a little blackjack, you blast some tunes in the main library or something?
      Big Guy: Henry's in the lab, Squid requested a meeting with Ashley - and I'm making things look nice … Perhaps you have some work that needs attending to?

    • Tesla (about the Cabal): Well, they're really pissed at you. What did you do?
      Helen: I stole three witches from a crypt in Scotland.
      Tesla: Stealing? You? I'm appalled.
      Helen: Oh, shut up and help me.
      Tesla: My god, you look sexy with a gun.

    • (Helen, worried about Tesla's vampire side which surfaced during the skirmish, points her gun at his chest)
      Tesla (chuckling): Well, that was exciting, huh?
      Helen: A little too much so. You haven't stopped taking your medication, have you?
      Tesla: No, no, no. I just … I just got a little excited. Come on, Helen, I don't feed on humans. I made that vow long ago and I intend to keep it.

    • Tesla (grinning after another skirmish): This is fun, isn't it? Just like old times, back in London? When was that - '42, '43?
      Helen: I prefer not to think about it.
      Tesla: Come on, Helen. Every major spy agency in the world was looking for me. I needed your help. And besides, what's a faked death among friends?
      Helen: Whose harebrained notion was it to supply every Allied government with plans of your death-ray weapon?
      Tesla: Well, I thought they'd all share it, that peace would break out. I did. I had my Nobel speech all memorized.

    • (Ashley awakens handcuffed to a chair)
      Ashley: OK, you can come out and gloat now, if you want. I'm awake.
      Druitt: They'll be no gloating. I find that … extremely ill-mannered.
      Ashley: Well, what's your next move then? You gonna teleport me to the top of the Eiffel Tower and leave me hanging by my underpants? (Druitt chuckles) Or are you going to make it fast?

    • Ashley: You have a kind of violent way of asking for help, FYI.
      Druitt: I wish you no harm. It was urgent that we speak.
      Ashley: And I'm listening. Let the insanity fly.
      Druitt: Of course, that's what you'd think of me. That I'm unstable, deranged.
      Ashley: That's pretty much what I call everybody who feeds me to lizard creatures. But I can be a bit harsh sometimes.
      Druitt: Ashley, what happened before was … deeply regrettable. I apologize for my actions without reservation. I can only ask for your forgiveness. There are things you need to know … about your mother. She's in grave danger.
      Ashley: Dude, she's my mom. She's always in grave danger.

    • Ashley: Me, handcuffed to a chair - you, babbling about time and danger … No. I don't see why I should help you.
      Druitt: I would like nothing more than to free you … but you would undoubtedly try to kill me.
      Ashley (playfully innocent): Me?
      Druitt (frustrated): Did your mother not give you some sort of explanation as to who I was?
      Ashley: She told me you were someone from her days back in London before she set up shop here. Oh! Oh, and that she was pretty sure you'd never return because … she'd killed you. Trust me, I'll be speaking to her about that - talk about a blown call.

    • Helen: Nikola, you dropped out of sight before the end of World War II, never to be seen or heard from again.
      Tesla: Well, I did die a lonely, impoverished, pitiful old man. Thanks for the funeral, by the way. I heard it was quite nice.
      Helen: I faked your death to save your life, so that your work could continue. I think I'm owed an explanation as to your whereabouts since then.
      Tesla: Hey, perfecting the use of electricity and radio waves? Hard acts to follow, okay? But I have kept busy. At Oxford, all those years ago, what we did was more than just pushing boundaries. For me, it was personal.
      Helen: As it was for all of us …
      Tesla: You all changed, whereas I found out who I really am. And the more I embrace that, the more I realize just how little I've accomplished.
      Helen: Your gifts to the world will live on long after you die … whenever you actually die.
      Tesla: You think you can call this existence "living"? The Cabal hunt me at every turn.
      Helen: But why? You've been underground for decades. We both know the Cabal only go after what they perceive to be of value.
      Tesla: Or a threat.

    • Tesla: The ancient ones …They were intelligent, gifted, powerful … until a bunch of church-folk decided that our race was impure … evil. And not only did they hunt them down, kill them off, but they turned our species into a cultural joke.
      Helen: Ancient vampires were the Caesars, the Pharaohs of civilization. Humans were enslaved, they rose up with good reason. If the world knew the truth …
      Tesla: Humans were conquered because we were smarter and stronger. And when vampires ruled the world, it was a golden age. Science, art, architecture all advanced. And after they killed them off, what happened?
      Helen: The Dark Ages.
      Tesla: And now people think that we're allergic to garlic and that we can turn into bats at will. It's beyond insulting.

    • (the ELRAD's shock wave impales Tesla on the back wall, a stake thru his heart)
      Helen (concerned): Nikola?
      Tesla ("awakens" impersonating Dracula): I vant to suck your blood.
      Helen (sighs): Get down from there.
      (Tesla grunts as he pulls himself off the stake and jumps down)
      Tesla: Irony is … I once owned the patent to that weapon. I never shoulda sold it to Edison, cheapskate that he was.

    • Druitt: We knew each other in London, your mother and I … when we were young. In fact, we were rather close.
      Ashley: See, now I know you're full of crap.
      Druitt: Because she's a hundred and fifty-eight years old?
      Ashley: First off, she's a hundred and fifty-seven … And I get that she's special, it's … some sort of accident of her genetic makeup. But the chances of two people having the same defect …
      Druitt: … are much higher if it's no accident.

    • Will: It knew how to disable the motion detectors … made us blind on purpose. It's that intelligent?
      Big Guy: The most dangerous things are.

    • Will (to the Big Guy): What kind of abnormal has the ferocity and power of a wild animal, combined with the cunning and intellect of a human …? Other than, you know, you.

    • Tesla: Back at Oxford, the others used the Source for power and for greed, but you … you altered yourself out of a pure desire for knowledge … You're the only scientist, perhaps the only person, I've ever really admired.

    • Ashley (skeptically): You were college buddies with my mom?
      Druitt: Yes, at first. Things became more serious between us later.
      Ashley: Okay, dude, you have to stop referring to my mom as your "ex" or, seriously, I will kill you.
      (Druitt chuckles softly and reaches out to take back the locket)
      Druitt: We were a part of something, something we called "The Five" - a small group dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the physical world by the most … unconventional means.
      Ashley: How can you be old like her?
      Druitt: Well, unlike what you've been told, your mother was not born with a genetic abnormality. No, she chose to become something different. We all did. We were so curious to know what humans could become … evolve into … given the chance.

    • Ashley: Wait a minute. She's part vampire?
      Druitt: No. She's human - and so much more. After each of us was injected, we received unique … gifts as a result.
      Ashley: Yeah, seen yours in action, thanks.
      Druitt: Griffin's molecules became photosensitive, Watson's mind grew to new heights, and Tesla's reaction was the most dramatic. His genetic disposition brought forth vampiric traits which had lain dormant in his genes. But your mother …? Well, her gift was the most simple … and elegant.

    • Tesla: I-I feel so safe when I'm with you.
      Helen: Quiet! We're gonna have to fight our way out of here. No killing
      Tesla: Said the woman with the gun to the vampire.
      Helen: Just follow my lead.
      Tesla: It won't be necessary.
      Helen: I, for one, don't intend to get captured or killed.
      Tesla: You won't.
      Helen: What do you mean?
      (gunfire and screaming erupt in the distance)
      Tesla: The playing field just got leveled.

    • (Druitt releases Ashley)
      Ashley: I like your story. It's a nice story.
      Druitt: Tesla's intent on making contact with your mother … imminently. Now whatever you may think of me, of The Five, he's easily the most dangerous.
      Ashley: Good twist. Not enough.
      Druitt: Ashley … I am not your enemy, not anymore.
      Ashley: Baldy, you invaded our house. Ya fed me to a giant iguana. If that's not enough to make you my enemy, then what the hell is?

    • Druitt: You just shoot, maim and capture whatever Mummy tells you - without a single regard for the consequences of your actions.
      Ashley: That is not true.
      Druitt: Oh, you're a killer, all right. You live for the thrill of the hunt, the exquisite rush of that moment of violence. You find it utterly intoxicating. I know the feeling very well myself.
      (Ashley lunges at Druitt and grabs him by the throat)
      Ashley: I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU!
      Druitt: Oh, you'd like nothing more than to kill me, resurrect your wounded pride, get some blood on your hands. The only reason you haven't really tried is because you aren't sure if you can pull it off.

    • Druitt: My last encounter with your mother did, indeed, leave me close to death. But Tesla found me, revived me. And when I refused him … well … (Druitt opens his shirt to reveal a series of severe electrical burns) Nothing quite like electroshock therapy to clear the mind.
      Ashley: My God.
      Druitt: And the rage that once fueled me is gone. (clears throat) I'm whole once again … Together, we can save her - but I need to know where she is. I am your only hope. Please … I need to make things right. For you … for her.

    • Tesla: See, the coolest thing about me using my own DNA to reanimate the dead is… (laughs) they do whatever I say.
      Helen: They're practically mindless.
      Tesla: I know! They're fast, vicious, strong - but they're as dumb as tree stumps, which defeats the whole purpose of the project.
      Helen: You want me to help you make them intelligent.
      Tesla: This is the culmination of everything we stood for as The Five -pushing boundaries, exploring realms of science that other people were afraid to. Just imagine … Sanguine Vampiris (the vampires hiss and snarl) … reborn.
      Helen: They would only enslave us again.
      Tesla: Oh, I don't think human beings are doing such a good job of it right now, do you? Hmm? You and I could usher in a new golden age - of thought and culture and peace …
      Helen: You're mad, Nikola.
      Tesla: NO! The Philadelphia Experiment was mad. But this … is progress.

    • Tesla: We all know … the abnormals are on the rise. And now, we just need somebody to lead them.
      Helen: You?
      Tesla: Us. You saw how my Mini-Me's handled those trackers earlier tonight. Now just imagine, an army of them, huh? But massively intelligent! You and I could give the Cabal … (Helen shoots Tesla three times and runs, he staggers, rises, and calmly looks down at his wounds) Ouch.

    • (Druitt and Ashley rush through the catacombs)
      Druitt: Can we be certain they came down here?
      (Ashley stops and studies a shell casing)
      Ashley: Definitely one of mom's.
      Druitt: She always carries a gun?
      (shots ring out in the distance)
      Ashley: With good reason.

    • Helen: I thought you loved me?
      Tesla: Did I? Huh … I don't think it's gonna work out.
      Helen: Well, then … Guess I can tell you that, at Oxford … no one liked you.
      Tesla: Oh … Was it because I was a genius?
      Helen: No, because you were an obnoxious ass.
      Tesla (chuckles): Well … guess who's still standing?
      (Druitt's fist suddenly rips through Tesla's stomach and he collapses)

    • (Druitt teleports Helen and Ashley to safety and Helen immediately pulls away)
      Helen: John! What the hell are you doing?
      Druitt: Saving your life.
      Helen: Why?
      Druitt: You've had a long night, Helen. I'm simply glad to see you safe and sound.
      Helen: The blood I gave you … It should have crippled you, or worse.
      Druitt: It did.
      Helen: Then how …?
      (Druitt pauses and glances at Ashley, who nods)
      Druitt (bows slightly before teleporting out): Ashley can explain.

    • Will: Listen, I was a jerk. I just didn't think … what it must be like to carry this around with you. I'm sorry. (Will sighs and gets up to leave) And, hey, uh … Thanks for savin' my ass.
      Henry (flatly as Will leaves): You're welcome.

    • Ashley: He's my father, isn't he?
      Helen (softly): Yes … he is … (Ashley nods and stares out over the city) Never shown you Rome, have I?
      Ashley: There was never time.
      Helen: I have a lot to make up for … Shall we?
      Ashley(takes her mother's outstretched hand): Yeah.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : November 14, 2008 on Space
      U.K. : November 24, 2008 on ITV4
      Australia : July 2, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia
      Czech Republic: September 7, 2009 on AXN

    • Although we need to remember that this is a work of fiction, the use of Nikola Tesla as one of the Five is perhaps the biggest stretch of all. But … it is by no means implausible. In 1886, the year the Five injected themselves with the vampire blood, the "real" Tesla had broken off with Edison, lost control of his own company (Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing) and was supposedly working in New York as a laborer in order to raise funds for his next project. Given laborers wages then, and now, is it really practical that Tesla could raise sufficient funds working as a day laborer? Perhaps a trip to London to raise venture capital is not so farfetched? In any case, the "real" Tesla resurfaced in 1888 - demonstrating his brushless AC induction motor to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, after which he began his work with George Westinghouse.

      Besides working on an ion-propelled "flying saucer" - and a host of other futuristic technologies - Tesla, who had demonstrated wireless energy transmission almost fifty years earlier, did indeed work on what he described as a "superweapon that would put an end to all war" (1937) - what today we would call a "directed-energy" or "particle beam" weapon (which the press of the time labeled as a "peace ray" or "death beam"). Apparently, before Einstein alerted FDR to the incredibly destructive scientific power being unleashed by the Nazi's (1940), neither the U.S. nor the European powers he offered his technology to were interested enough to fund the manufacture of his device.

      Supposedly, the "real" Nikola Tesla died poor and alone, of heart failure, on January 7, 1943. Only after his death did the United States Supreme Court uphold his patent on the technology that formed the basis for radio communications in the United States. At the time of his death, Tesla was still working on the "Teleforce" weapon, or "death ray", that he couldn't get the U.S. War Department interested in. However, shortly after he died, Tesla's papers, prototypes, project notes and lab properties were impounded by the United States' Alien Property Custodian office - despite the fact that he was a legally naturalized U.S. citizen. After being contacted by the War Department, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI seized - and, along with other federal officials, microfilmed - his papers and personal effects, before declaring them potentially dangerous and "Top Secret".

  • Allusions

    • Tesla: You saw how my Mini-Me's handled those trackers earlier tonight.

      Tesla is alluding to Mini-Me, Dr. Evil's one-eighth size clone - the character played by Verne Troyer in the second and third "Austin Powers" movies: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). Mini-Me himself was a parody of Nick-Nack, Scaramanga's dwarf henchman in the James Bond film, The Man With The Golden Gun (1974).

    • Druitt: Griffin's molecules became photosensitive …

      "Griffin" is the name of the title character in H.G. Wells' famous science fiction novella, The Invisible Man (1897). In Sanctuary's mythology, it is implied that Nigel Griffin of The Five and Wells' Griffin (a brilliant but deranged young research scientist) are one and the same person. Although Griffin's first name was never given in the original story, in the well-known1933 Claude Rains film, scriptwriter R.C. Sheriff named the character "Jack Griffin". However, in the countless films, comics and TV shows which have followed, The Invisible Man has had many other names.