Season 3 Episode 4

Trail of Blood

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2010 on Syfy
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Nikola Tesla resurfaces, sending Helen an SOS from deep within the Colombian Highlands. However, Will doesn't believe he can be trusted - and he may be right.

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  • Trail of Blood

    Trail of Blood was a really great episode of Sanctuary. I enjoyed watching this episode because the story was interesting, the characters were good, and the scenery was awesome as usual. We saw some familiar faces from the past as well as new faces we will see again soon. There was a new enemy as Magnus and team were trapped in an old lab from the cabbal's glory days. There was a good mixture of diverse story lines. There was a lot of action, drama, mystery, adventure, and humor. After the shocking ending, I definitely can't wait to see what happens next!!!!moreless
  • Great episode!

    This was a great episode. It was high paced and interesting and kept my attention throughout the entire episode. I was so glad to have an episode with Nicola Tesla. I love his character. He is so cool. Even though he is kind of a conceded jerk, there is something very endearing about him at the same time. Maybe it is because he is so sarcastic. I also think that the guy who plays him is very cute. The storyline with Big Guy and Kate was very interesting. I knew that the priest guy at the end was bad. There was just something strange about him when he was talking to Big Guy. Very clever set up for maybe the season's bad guymoreless
Martin Christopher

Martin Christopher

False Priest

Guest Star

Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas

Denny Stefano

Guest Star

Fabrice Grover

Fabrice Grover

Father Jensen

Guest Star

Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

Nikola Tesla

Recurring Role

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    • Will: I'm saying there is a time and a place for that type of experimentation, but - maybe - breakfast isn't the time for salted cod.
      Big Guy: You need to expand your horizons.
      Will (laughing): No, no, no. You need to stop making fish for breakfast. Humans live here, too, you know

    • (observing Tesla's "Autotype" in action)
      Helen: There's not another man alive who could build one of these. Uh, no offense, Henry.
      Henry: None taken, that is a masterpiece.
      Will: You know, it would be nice if he gave us a little more info. Like, where he is, his situation, what his danger level is …?
      Big Guy: Picked up a phone!?

    • Will: You know he's playing with us, right? He's probably laughing his ass off in some café in Pa-ree, about sending us on a wild goose chase to rural Columbia.
      Helen: Why would he do that?
      Will (incredulous): Why? You never know why with this guy, but he's always up to something.
      Helen: You're not wrong about that, but - aren't you at least curious as to what it is this time?
      Will: It's a setup, Magnus, a trap. That's what he does, how he rolls, his "modus operandi".
      Helen (humoring Will): Yes … What if he's posing as the king of a lost mountain tribe and he wants me for his Queen …? Or, what if he actually needs our help?
      Will: Fine. I'll get my stuff together. The man comes with a hidden agenda, every time. (the elevator door closes) Every time!
      Helen (to herself): That's what makes him so interesting.

    • (the Big Guy quickly turns off "Operation Paranormal" when Kat enters)
      Kate: Uh-h, what a clusterhump that was. First of all, the flight out of Skagway didn't have a proper freight hold. The crew, it was planning on loading the crate and the creature separately, and I'm like, "Whoa, people, it's a sub-arctic Crocatta, not a Gorgi. Keep it away from other frequent flyers!"

    • Kate: Oh … What'cha workin' on?
      Big Guy: Oh, I was cataloging the Library.
      Kate: Oh, please, don't play a player. I saw you hit the panic button. What's the guilty pleasure. (the Big Guy reluctantly hands over a stack of DVD's) Oh-ho, nice! Hey, what do you say you ditch the cleaning gear and we'll fire it up in the media room instead?
      Big Guy: Hmm-m … I got too much work to do.
      Kate: Aw, come on, the cat's away! Live a little.
      Big Guy: Suppose I could finish this tomorrow.
      Kate: That's the spirit! Okay, start without me. I am gonna take the longest hot shower in Sanctuary history.

    • Helen: How close are we?
      Henry: Uh, about another 50 meters … straight down.
      Will: Of course it is. (Magnus stares at him and he raises his hands in mock surrender) This is me staying positive.
      Henry: These mountains are Swiss-cheesed with caverns. Accordin' to the topo maps there's an opening not far from here. Hope you brought your headlamps, which I know you did, because I packed them for you.
      Will: Every time. (Magnus sighs and moves on)

    • (roping deep into the caverns)
      Henry: Maybe he's buildin' the mother of all wine cellars.

    • Henry: Oh … what is that?
      Will: Some kind of vine?
      Helen: It's not vegetal. It appears fragile, but it's tougher than it looks.
      Henry: We're not gonna run into a giant spider, are we? "Cause I'm really done with those.
      Helen: Highly doubtful. This material doesn't have the alternating crystalline structure of spider silk. It's more like a protein column surrounding a hollow core.
      Henry: What, like hair?
      Helen: Or veins.
      Will: That actually sounds worse. So it's not made by anybody we know?
      Helen: Nothing comes to mind, I'm afraid.
      Will: That's comforting.
      Henry: Yeah, but not really.

    • (the Big Guy recalls being found wounded at the bottom of a flight of stairs)
      Father Jensen: Oh, my God … what are you? (he sees that the Big Guy is bleeding) What have they done to you? My name is Father Jensen. You're with me now. They won't hurt you anymore, I promise you. I've heard of a place where all God's creatures are offered safety - a sanctuary.

    • (the team finds Tesla trapped in a "cocoon" of "veins")
      Will: How long you been down here?
      Tesla: Well, let's see now - nine days, seven hours … You know, I wish I'd stopped counting, but … it's just not in my nature.

    • Helen: These creatures resemble subterranean centipedes, but with significant differences.
      Will: Allow me. They're huge.
      Helen: And their behavior - they attacked in coordinated waves, but chilopodes don't normally operate on hive mentality.
      Will: And you just happened to get trapped by them? God, that's so weird.
      Tesla: Yeah, down, junior, I didn't know they were here until they tried to make me part of the architecture.
      Helen: And yet, they wanted to keep you alive, but they tried to kill us. Why?
      Tesla: Well, I don't know. Maybe I taste good with a decent béchamel sauce. I forgot to ask, I'm sorry.

    • Tesla: Oh, come on. I'm just looking for a way back on top. I mean, being a living magnet, it's not exactly on par with being heir to the greatest race in all of history. It even has a few drawbacks - like, if you're not careful, your razor gets stuck to your face. So … what? I'm just looking for a way to turn this pointless ability into something extraordinary.
      Henry: So you went after the most powerful natural magnetic substance in the world?
      Tesla: You're damn right I did.
      Henry: It makes sense, in an evil way.
      Tesla: Oh, please. Can we stop with the value judgments!? Hey, man, live and let live, I say. Huh?
      Will: You know what I say? I say you got yourself into a little bit of trouble and you dragged us into the mess, too.
      Tesla: So stop whining about it. I thought helping people was part of your job description?
      Will: Yeah, people. You, Professor Hidden Agenda, not so much

    • (Henry is geeked trying to grok how Tesla sent out an SOS without a transmitter)
      Henry: Yeah, I get how you could generate a signal by … clenching your kegals or whatever, but how did you get the range?
      Tesla: Oh, you obviously didn't do any aerial mapping on your way in. Had you, you might have noticed the amplification properties of the local terrain.
      Henry: A parabolic focus point. Okay, then, well, how-w-w … wouldn't there be secondary signals …
      Tesla: Hey, shh! shh, shh … Stop. You'll hurt yourself, and I'm feeling far too tired to feign concern. (walks away)
      Henry: You're welcome … jackass.

    • Helen: An unmarked bunker under the Andes.
      Tesla: Fancy that, huh?
      Helen: Nikola …
      Tesla: Now, well … don't use that tone of voice with me. Hey, hey, need I remind you - I'm the victim here, okay?
      Helen: You knew about this place all along. In fact, I'll wager it's the real reason you were down here.
      Henry: What about the lodestone deposits?
      Tesla: Mmm …
      Henry: Aw, damnit, that sounded so cool.
      Will: Not the kinda guy that says "I told you so …"

    • Will: Whatever happened here, it was a while ago. This damage is old, maybe a year - which means maybe it was Druitt.
      Tesla: No, Johnny and I did do some serious damage to the Cabal after … (Magnus pauses at the near mention of Ashley) after events, but … we never found this place.
      Henry: Someone else attacked them then?
      Will: Well, see, the way the door is blown out and the carbon scoring on the walls and these key systems damaged, seems kinda precise to me - maybe a self-destruct.
      Helen: Makes sense. Once their operations started falling, they were covering their own tracks, scorched the earth behind them.
      Will: Glad we made them this nervous.
      Henry: That's how you got your distress signal to us. You knew this old communications array would be somewhere above you. This … There was no parabolic focus point.
      Tesla: Yeah, yeah, but admit it, you liked the other version better.
      Helen: Henry, try to get us some power and salvage any security systems that you can. We're still vulnerable to these creatures here.
      Henry (in Tesla's face): You are a cold man.

    • Will: A little subterranean monster-making. Right up their alley.
      Helen: These people were carrying out nothing but the most egregious, unethical research on abnormals. What could you possibly want down here? (Tesla waves his hand dismissively) ANSWER ME!
      Tesla: I want my life back! Look at me, Helen. I'm reduced to-to parlor tricks and Morse code. I can't even get out of a cobweb without help from these chumps. Uh, wha-what am I now? Human with … with benefits? It's pathetic!

    • (the Cabal hard drives have been wiped clean)
      Tesla: Mr. Foss, just let your imagination conceive for a moment of a tool that can read magnetic fields as a blind man can read Braille. Now, what would you do with a tool like that in a situation like this?
      Henry: Well, I suppose a negative impression would be on the degausser from the deleted info, but it'd be so faint you'd practically need a Hadron collider just to access it.
      Tesla: Or …? (Tesla waves his hand)
      Henry (amazed): No way. You can work at that level?
      Tesla (scoffs): Care to assist?
      Henry (geeked): Hell, yeah! I-I mean, you know, whatever.

    • (referring to the lead homicide detective)
      Kate: He could pull all the strings to set him up if he wanted to. The only problem … is … that the profile doesn't fit.
      Big Guy: I saw him at the church. Something wasn't right - body language, voice tone, all wrong.
      Kate: You think maybe he's lost it?
      Big Guy: Or he's an abnormal. Father J would … might've been trying to help him.
      Kate: And got killed for his troubles. We need to bring this guy in - whatever he is.
      Big Guy: Shouldn't be a problem.

    • (most of the drive is now accessible)
      Will: Nice work, Henry.
      Tesla: "Nice work, Henry"?
      Will (sighing): You're both brilliant.

    • Helen: The source blood? That's what you came here to find!?
      Will: It was never recovered when we took down the Cabal. They shipped it here to conduct research.
      Tesla: I was desperate, and I thought enough time had passed …
      Helen: They used it on my daughter!
      Tesla: The source blood has value to us all, Helen.
      Helen: Selfish bastard!

    • (they've discovered a huge nest of the creatures right above them)
      Henry: We're under the kid's bunk beds. No wonder the grown-ups wanna eat us.
      Tesla: We open that door, we get an angry PTA meeting swarming in here.
      Helen: I need options for taking out that nest.
      Henry: There's still some fuel in the tanks underneath us. They didn't use it all in the self destruct. I could rig a secondary detonation.
      Will: Assuming we could get past the killer bugs right outside the door.

    • Helen: Nikola … these creatures are not naturally evolved! They're abominations caused by the Cabal's recklessness.
      Will: Hold on a second, since when are you the defender of the Abnormal community, anyway?
      Tesla: I'm a scientist …
      Helen: Stop insulting us! We know exactly why you want them alive.
      Tesla: If I could just extract a small amount of plasma from just one of the pupae, I can create a serum that would replicate the effects of the original source blood.
      Will sarcastically: Hey, you could become a vampire again.
      Henry: Dude, did you not see The Fly? You could become half-vampire, half-centipede. That is a really bad idea.
      Tesla: I CAN FIGURE IT OUT!
      Helen: Which is exactly why we are going to destroy every trace of these creatures. I will not see another Cabal, another Lazarus virus, another Ashley created in pursuit of source blood. We blow the nest - and if you interfere, you with it.

    • (the creatures leave the nest, following the team)
      Henry: Why are they coming after us?
      Helen: They don't want us! They want me!

    • (the team assumes Tesla died in the explosion)
      Henry: You have to admit, that's a hell of an exit.
      Helen: Indeed.

    • (they find Tesla toasted but alive under a pile of metal "shielding")
      Henry: Rockin' the magna-power!
      Tesla: Fortunately, I can't hear what any of you are saying. It's very nice.
      Helen: Quite the parlor trick.
      Will: Guess this magnetic power has potential after all.
      Tesla: Yeah, well, you know what they say, right? It's not what you have, it's how you use it.

    • Tesla: This calls for a toast. I can't believe you set off on a rescue mission, didn't bring any decent libations with you.
      Will (scoffs): What are we, St. Bernard's?
      Tesla: To our lost brothers in blood! May we never see their like again. Slimy perversions of science be damned.

    • (on a rooftop, the Big Guy mourns the loss of Father Jensen)
      Big Guy: Where I come from, one who saves a life becomes a brother.
      False Priest: And when your … kind … loses a brother?
      Big Guy (turns away): Part of us dies with him.

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