Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2011 on Syfy
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Team Sanctuary comes under fire from a U.N. inspector who threatens to cut off their funding and shut them down - attempting to turn Will against Magnus in the process. Meanwhile, Erika visits Henry, warning him of a potentially dangerous new dilemma.

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  • Helen Magnus tells the New World Order to eff off!

    Helen Magnus tells a petty martinet representing the New World Order to eff off!

    It doesn't get any better than this!
  • Untouchable

    Untouchable was a perfect episode of Sanctuary because the story was so well written that it was a little unclear just who was truly untouchable. This was one of the best episodes of the entire series because it had a lot of suspense, drama, intrigue, as well as character and plot development. It was really interesting to learn of Henry's news, and also sad for what it could mean. Magnus was awesome in her return from 113 years away. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    • (Erika shows up unannounced)
      Henry: Uh ... did we have plans to get together?
      Erika: Well, I have some news that couldn't wait.
      Henry: Okay. Great.
      Erika: I wanted to tell you in person...
      Henry: Good. It's just that we have this U.N. inspection team due in an hour (Biggie begins shaking his head "No"!), and I'm installing this whole mirror array so that they can access our system without actually accessing ...
      Helen: Henry!
      Henry: (points to his mouth) Stopping? (Magnus nods "Yes" and Henry points to Erika) Listening!
      Erika: (exhales) You're going to be a father.

    • Erika: In the meantime, what can I do to help?
      Henry: Uh, shouldn't you be resting. You know, in your...
      Erika: Oh, If you say "delicate condition", I'll bite you. Task me. You know I have serious game coding.
      Henry: Which I call foreplay.
      Erika: Which got us into this mess in the first place.

    • Will: Did you come here to name-drop?
      Addison: With Helen Magnus? Come on, sport, I'd lose. No, I'm here to make the call on whether or not the Sanctuary continues to receive funding and support from the people who hired me. You know, the ones running the world.
      Helen: That's quite a team you've brought with you. Are they completely necessary?
      Addison: Well, if it helps, think of me as Elliot Ness. And these guys behind me? The Untouchables.
      Will: If-If it helps, Magnus knew the real Elliot Ness, and, just going out on a limb here, that's not you.
      Addison: Congratulations, sport, you win round one of "Who Knows Who".

    • Addison: Help her set up, will ya, sport? I'm gonna take the menagerie tour with Dr. Magnus.
      Helen: Will, could you please take Ms. Turner and her team to the research lab?
      Will: (pauses, staring at Addison, and smiles) If you call me "sport" once more, I'm gonna knock your teeth in. Welcome to the Sanctuary. Follow me, everyone.
      Helen: This is not a menagerie, Mr. Addison.
      Addison: What else do you call the place where they keep the monsters and the freaks?
      Helen: (chuckles indulgently) You're fooling no one with this tactic. Come in as obnoxious as possible, put us all on the defensive.
      Addison: Ah, you got me. You know what I love about really great tactics? They work even when the other guy sees 'em coming.

    • Addison: I think you've gotten very used to having carte blanche around the world because you've ... helped Interpol take down a three-headed madman or covered up the squidblood origins of some President's wife.
      Helen: Ah ... so this is about my ego?
      Addison: Doctor, we have hit-and-run attacks by rogue Abnormal groups on Lotus Defense training camps as well as civilian casualties that someone has to explain to the press.
      Helen: There's over a hundred years of history here, Mr. Addison.
      Addison: Any chance you'll call me Craig?
      Helen: None whatsoever. (the elevator stops at a lower residential level and Magnus gestures towards the door) Monsters?

    • Helen: I agreed to allow your investigators short-term access to our system using our facilities, not to set up an entirely foreign network. I won't have you compromise our security, even unintentionally.
      Addison: (to his head investigator) Make do with what they give you. Given the things they keep in the building, what choice do we have?
      Erika: What do you mean by that? "Things we keep in the building?"
      Henry: It's cool, Erika.
      Addison: Oh, you didn't get the tour? Place is crawling with monsters, freaks. You know, stuff that jumps out at you?
      Erika: (transforms into a werewolf and, snarling, drives Addison against the wall) WE'RE NOT MONSTERS!

    • Erica: (being checked in the medical iso lab) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make things harder for you.
      Henry: Ah, that's okay. It was pretty bad-ass. I wanted to rip his throat out myself.
      Helen: (receives a text) Duty calls. Henry, you stay here with Erika. She's the priority. I'll, uh, keep an eye on the geek squad. No offense.
      Big Guy: (meeting Magnus at the elevator) Addison asked for coffee.
      Helen: Ugh. Philistine. I trust you did your best to make him feel welcome?
      Big Guy: Yeah, I pretended I didn't know how to talk.
      Helen: (chuckles) Suppose he fell for it?
      Big Guy: Yeah, he started dissin' the Rays.
      Helen: Ooh, ouch!
      Big Guy: Yeah, we had words.

    • Helen: How are our guests settling in?
      Will: A little bit too comfortably for my liking.
      Helen: It was inevitable, Will. The more they see, the more convinced they'll be that the Sanctuary has nothing to hide.
      Will: Okay, I know that you're all Zen from your 113 years on the mountaintop. But me, I'm just a normal uptight guy.
      Big Guy: Yeah.
      Helen: Look, we could waste a lot of energy fighting this battle, but there's a long war ahead.
      Will: If you start calling me "young grasshopper", I'm quitting.

    • Addison: So your target, the Crixorum, used his mental powers and turned that place into a free-fire zone. Not something anyone could have predicted.
      Helen: (scoffs) There's a reason just the two of us went in there and we left the rest our team out of range - because we did have an idea what we were up against.
      Will: Whoever sent that other team in is the one who should be on trial.
      Helen: Will...
      Will: No, no, no. I'm tired of this game. Those were your men, weren't they, Addison?
      Helen: You sent those men to their deaths, not us.
      Addison: You're damn right, I did.

    • Addison: Hey, pal, I lost good men in there.
      Will: Anybody in that market coulda been killed in the crossfire. Not that you care about little details like ... collateral damage.
      Addison: You do realize the value of that creature? How powerful he could make whoever controls him? An Abnormal who can see far-off events and then relay commands instantly across any distance? No way I was leavin' that retrieval to your side.
      Helen: Our side? (scoffs) I see.
      Will: If you wanted safe extraction, you coulda come to us for a joint mission, but you didn't.
      Helen: Of course not. They wanted to collect the Crixorum for themselves - and control it.

    • Big Guy: (helping Henry search for Erika) She definitely came thru here.
      Henry: Huh? How do you... (Biggie is sniffing) No. Oh, no. No, no, no, you do not sniff another guy's girlfriend.
      Big Guy: Oh, I was just tryin' to help.
      Henry: Don't help, okay? I got this.
      Big Guy: Well, fine, I'll be in the lab!

    • Helen: Separate interviews? So now we're being treated as hostile witnesses?
      Addison: If you start telling me the truth then you won't need to worry about coordinating your story with the boy wonder, will ya?

    • Addison: You reported Big Bertha was dead to keep her from being hunted. I think you're doing the same thing now.
      Helen: Could you blame me if I was?
      Addison: Doctor ... Your high-level allies are not taking your calls. I've got people standing by waiting to cut off your funding, freeze your assets, empty your accounts ... if the case warrants it.
      Helen: In your judgment.
      Addison: That's right. I'm the man who can bankrupt your Sanctuary with a phone call ... Where's the real Crixorum?

    • Henry: Okay, you guys have all the reports on these, I kinda gotta get back downstairs.
      Turner: Last I recall, Dr. Magnus put you at my disposal. You might wanna look up what that means. So, these stunners have a sonic oscillator. Is that a wide or narrow beam?
      Henry: Adjustable.
      Turner: And what's the power supply on this one?
      Henry: You'll have to ask Nikola Tesla, he built it.
      Turner: Could you please take this seriously. (stares at Henry) Oh, you are serious.
      Henry: You people really don't get this place, do you? You're trying to do a red-tape audit on a place where the guy who invented alternating current blows in on his way thru town.
      Turner: Okay, well, we still need documentation. Could you get him to draw up some patent diagrams?
      Henry: Uh-huh. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

    • Addison: You know, I get why Helen Magnus wants to protect her ... monopoly on Abnormal science. I do. It's been a good living for her since Britannia ruled the waves. And most likely she'll still be doing it a hundred years from now. What does she care which governments rise and fall? But you ... shouldn't your loyalty be to your own kind?
      Will: And which kind is that?
      Addison: You were the perfect choice for her, you know? Father hardly around, never had much in common with his egghead son anyway...
      Will: Stop trying to profile me.
      Addison: And then his indictment - just as you were starting to fit in at the bureau. Boy, that must have been tough on ya, huh?
      Will: Really? You're really gonna go there?
      Addison: Nothin's off-limits here, sport. People that you're up against ... startin' to feel how powerful they are yet?
      Will: Okay, so you read my sealed file - and you know that I don't shut up, even when people want me to.
      Addison: Shame about your mother, losin' her when you were just a kid? But, then again, I guess you found the perfect substitute here, huh? (laughing) Tailor-made.

    • Addison: (follows Will into the elevator) Come on, don't take it so personal. I needed to get your measure. Magnus comes off like a super hero, but she's no girl scout. She's full of secrets, she'll lie to anybody without a hint of conscience.
      Will: For the right reasons, yes.
      Addison: Matter of opinion! But I'll tell you what's not up for debate - she is about to bring this place down. And what for? Ego? Control? Someone needs to check that.
      Will: She has principles. Google it.
      Addison: Zimmerman... You need to be practical. You can stand around, you can watch this ship go down with its captain or you can do what needs to be done.
      Will: Screw you.
      Addison: You did a good job here last month. You impressed some very important people. Agree to act as U.N. liaison for this place and I guarantee you I can get Sanctuary's mandate restored - under your management. But first, you gotta trust me. That means you stop lyin' to me about what happened in Jakarta.

    • Addison: You've sent the Hollow Earth Osama home to rearm and regroup?
      Helen: We sent him to safety. His abilities are far too broad-reaching to be safely exploited by anyone, including you.
      Addison: You realize that's a capital crime.
      Will: Whoa, wait a minute.
      Helen: Too late, Will. You gave him what he needed.
      Will: What do you mean, I told him the truth? Yes. Because if we don't start cooperating, they're gonna shut us down.
      Helen: And if you do what they say - they hand the reins to the Sanctuary to you.
      Will: Which I never, ever wanted - ever!
      Addison: Time to start being reasonable, Dr. Magnus. Your funding, your bank accounts, your access - I control it all. Now, you can close your doors tomorrow, or you can accept the fact that, as of now, the Sanctuary network is under total supervision of the U.N. Security Council. That's right, I'm your new boss.

    • Helen: Get out. Right now. Take your people with you, you have ten minutes.
      Addison: What the hell are you doing?
      Will: Magnus...
      Helen: You heard me - leave my property.
      Addison: You just signed the Sanctuary's death warrant. You sure that's the right move?
      Helen: This is what you wanted, isn't it? To force this outcome?
      Addison: I wanted us to work together.
      Helen: This entire investigation has been a charade to gain you access. You knew I would never hand over my records, my residents, my friends - to whatever Abnormal Guantanamo Bay you're planning. I'd sooner burn it to the ground. I have given five lifetimes to this work. I have seen everyone I love die for it. Do you really think you can begin to take that on?
      Addison: This is insane. (turns to Will laughing in disbelief) Would you please talk some sense into her? Your research has been bought and paid for over the years by the people I work for. You turn me away now, you're out in the cold for good.
      Helen: You come near us again ... and I'll arrange for you to be eaten.

    • Henry: So why did you keep it a secret from us?
      Big Guy: So we couldn't blow the punch-line.
      Will: We had to do whatever we could to minimize the chances that Addison would pull the wrong thread.
      Henry: So all that stuff you told him, was any of it true?
      Helen: Oh, most of it. It's easier to keep a lie straight when it's close to the truth. We had to have layers to the story, different scenarios depending on when he separated us and how much he already knew.
      Will: A guy like that is never gonna be satisfied with the first thing he's been told. He's always gonna assume he's being played.
      Helen: And the one thing we had in our favor was that he also assumed he was the best player in the room. Give him something to figure out...
      Will: Well, in our case, three things.
      Helen: And let him think he's won.

    • Helen: It's vital that he and his superiors think that cutting off the Sanctuary was their idea.
      Henry: Wait a second, you wanted that to happen?
      Helen: It had to. The Sanctuary needs its freedom. This was the best way to get it.
      Will: If we're down, they're not gonna come after us in full force, at least, not for a while.
      Helen: Now, Addison was right about one thing. The Crixorum is a vital piece of the puzzle. Quite possibly, he's the key to it all. I want that leverage right here.
      Henry: We're gonna need to fortify our defenses, aren't we?
      Helen: Very much so, my friend.

    • Will: I know we planned this outcome, but ... it's a big risk. Are you absolutely sure that this is the right move?
      Helen: I've had more than a century to think about it, Will. When you're forced onto the sidelines, you see things from another perspective. I made a lot of choices in my life, some of them in haste. This was my chance to rethink the road I was on, rethink what the Sanctuary needs to be.
      Will: A hundred years of planning your next move and having to sit on your hands the whole time? You couldn't wait to sink your teeth into Addison, could you?
      Helen: Uh-uh, he's not the problem. I've allowed us to become part of a system that we can't control. There are changes coming that the world is not ready for. So from now on, we make our own rules.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada : October 21, 2011 on Space
      Australia : November 18, 2011 on SciFi Australia
      United Kingdom : April 20, 2012 on Watch


    • Will: If you start calling me "young grasshopper", I'm quitting.

      Will is alluding to the David Carradine television series, Kung Fu (1972–1975). In flashback scenes, Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) often reflected on his training as a young man, when he was referred to as "grasshopper" by his Chinese teacher, Master Po (based on a scene in the pilot where Caine could not hear the grasshopper that was right at his feet).