Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on Syfy
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As Abnormals continue to pour out of Hollow Earth, Team Sanctuary seeks to prevent the Lotus Security Forces from committing "xenocide" - while searching for and worrying about Magnus, who was last seen heading towards Praxis just before it was obliterated.

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  • Excellent Post 9/11 Political Allegory

    Excellent Post 9/11 Political Allegory.

    Series producers Damian Kindler and Amanda Tapping deserve the highest praise for preaching reason and moderation in the face of rampant xenophobia.

    The Hollow Earth Abnormals represent the Muslim world.

    The Sanctuary Network represents those elements in the West, especially the US, who believe in "live and let live," and who are calling for peace.

    United Nations Security Inspector Lilian Lee represents hawkish champions of the New World Order such as Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Rice, and Hilary Clinton.

    The trigger happy Lotus Defense Corps General Villanova represents warmongering Centcom generals such as David Petraeus and Tommy Franks, who wage Holy War against Arabs and other Muslims.moreless
  • Uprising

    Uprising was a superb and very entertaining episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this action packed episode full of drama, intrigue, as well as character and plot development. The story moved at a great pace, and there were somesuspensefulparts that had me on the edge waiting to see what happened next. It was cool to see Henry fighting the giant lizard man, and for the others to fight too. The best part was when Will picked up a signal inside the Sanctuary and discovered Magnus and I enjoyed her dialogue with Will. Her time away could be a spin off series. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
Tom McBeath

Tom McBeath

General Villanova

Guest Star

Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip

Dr. Lee

Guest Star

David Milchard

David Milchard


Guest Star

Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton

Abby Corrigan

Recurring Role

Robert Lawrenson

Robert Lawrenson

Declan MacRae

Recurring Role

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    • Villanova: What the hell are your people doing? Do they enjoy being hostages?
      Will: Our job is to protect Abnormals.
      Villanova: Even at the cost of your own lives? What's the Sanctuary protocol for this situation? (shows video feed of Abnormals massing) Got enough milk and cookies for all of 'em?

    • Garris: Listen to me. You need to be with the hostages.
      Kate: No, No. I need to grab my friend, haul our asses out of here. I can handle myself. (Garris grabs Kate as she turns to leave and slams her into the wall)
      Garris: No one's going anywhere. Not you, not the hostages.
      Kate: Well, looks like someone just grew a pair.

    • Will: Are you nuts?
      Henry: Well, clearly you can't go now. In case you missed it, you just got appointed head honcho - big cheese, numero uno.
      Will: Yeah, I get it.
      Henry: Whereas ... I have a completely different ... you know, skill set.
      Will: Are you saying you're better than me because you're a werewolf? I resent that.
      Henry: Better. Faster. Stronger. But let's not argue semantics, Will.
      Will: I could fire you now. How's that for semantics?

    • Henry: Wish me luck.
      Will: Have fun stormin' the castle.

    • Big Guy: Can you talk to your boyfriend about getting us out of these things? (holds up plastic flexicuffs)
      Kate: First off, he's not my boyfriend.
      Big Guy: Uh-huh.
      Kate: Second, he's the one who did this to me. (holds up her hands revealing that she's cuffed, too)
      Big Guy: Uh, your relationship could be in trouble.

    • Will: I need to know the situation at your end, General. What are you planning to do?
      Villanova: My job.
      Will: Which is ... to murder thousands of living beings?
      Villanova: You can't really be as naive as you seem.
      Will: Xenocide is not a solution!
      Villanova: What the hell do you think will happen if people wake up tomorrow and find an Abnormal army marching down their street?
      Will: Come on, that won't happen.
      Villanova: Give it 12 more hours, son. They don't pay me to roll the dice.

    • Henry: See, there's this guy, Villanova. He's in charge of all these Lotus dudes - the one's outside here and a whole bunch more all over the world. He's a little worried about what's goin' on in the Calderas.
      Garris: Our tribes are surfacing.
      Henry: Yeah, well, one man's tribe is another man's army.

    • Will: So, Doug, huh?
      Abby: Hey, one degree of separation.
      Will: There's Trevor at Interpol, Juan or Juan at the CIA. Doug at the NSA ...
      Abby: Mm-hm.
      Will: Uh, it just ... seems like you've dated a lotta guys.
      Abby: Okay, that is sexist. Can't a girl have male colleagues who also happen to be her friends?

    • Fallon: Be patient. Greater things await us here ... on the surface.
      Kate: (stepping into the tent) Interesting. You mind telling us what you mean by that?
      Fallon: (to Garris) You betray your own?
      Garris: No. You do. (Fallon attempts to strike Garris and spits in his face)
      Kate: Oh! And the bitch is back.

    • Will: And by the way, you can stop avoiding the question at any time.
      Helen: What question?
      Will: What the hell happened to you? How did you get back from Hollow Earth? Druitt didn't bring you. And how did you escape the blast that took out Praxis?
      Helen: You know, that's more than one question.
      Will: Magnus ... You were out of communication ... for hours.
      Helen: More like ... years, actually.
      Will: Years?
      Helen: One hundred and thirteen, to be precise.
      Will: (sighs) I need to be sitting down for this, don't I?
      Helen: Mmm, with a-a '56 Bordeaux, I should think.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada : October 14, 2011 on Space
      Australia : November 11, 2011 on SciFi Australia
      United Kingdom : April 13, 2012 on Watch