Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Veritas

    Veritas was a perfect and entertaining episode of Sanctuary. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had lots of intrigue and character depth as well as mystery and plot development. This episode definitely showcases the scope of genius which Dr. Magnus wields. I thought this was an interesting story, there was plenty of character development, action, and new interesting characters. The Triad was made up of three telepaths which was neat. I really enjoyed the surprises and unraveling of the mysteries in this episode. This episode is a great addition to the series. I look forward to watching the next episode of Sanctuary!!!!!!!
  • Magnus is suspected of killing the big guy and MacRae and the Sanctuary heads are leading a witch hunt to bring her down. They bring in the Triad a group of psychics to discover the truth, but there seems to be an agenda hidden somewhere by someone.

    This is going to be a tough episode to review without giving the important information away. The big guy has been shot and killed and all roads point to Helen Magnus as the culprit. Add to this the fact that MacRae seems bent on taking over the San Fransisco house and they Sanctuary Network is actually trying to help him. Only Will, Henry, and Kate are left to find the real truth.

    Enter the Triad led by Emma played by Erica Cerra from Eureka fame. She and the two men who make up the Triad have psychic abilities and the capability to read minds and deduct the truth. One of them, the uncredited Spencer seems to be in cahoots with MacRae, and all the suspicion on the part of Will is pointing that way.

    The fact that Helen is acting insane and not herself with a huge amount of paranoia and no self control doesn't help. The episode really falls into place in the last fifteen minutes as a number of fairly implausible explanations are brought forth to settle everything. Overall an enjoyable episode with a web of lies, intrigue, and suspicions leading the way. A fine job of directing by Amanda Tapping and acting by Robin Dunne really carries the show. We really get to see who is who on the Sanctuary staff and where they all stand as well. One things for certain. Helen did a really intelligent thing bringing Will into work with her the year before. Thanks for reading.
  • Really multilayered story

    So.. when you want to feel like I do not get nothing, watch this episode. I mean, most of the episode, you really end up wondering what is going on and are the really doing it. Specially the way the episode "starts" for Will.. learning what had happened. So, we are getting into situation in similar way as Will: we do not know the backstory. We only get facts and wish what they are telling us are not true. And I most say, it was really clever way. The excitement and tension is so high: you want to think of any logical way to explain it all and until the very end, it really looks so hopeless(or hopeful when you are making logical assumption that Druit is now coming back and you wish him to be around).

    Anyway: I love the conspiracy feeling in this. I loved the idea (even how crazy it sounds). I loved the way this episode was different. Those last three episodes have really stand out in the way they are different. And that's great
  • Helen is suspected of murdering Bigfoot leaving Will to be the one to uncover her innocence.

    Well another straight forward episode. Once again the Sci-Fi part of the series is heavily underplayed. These episodes could be done on other shows without much deviation.

    It was entertaining, but the whole Sanctuary part of the series was not seen here. Even the "Fragments" did have more of a SciFi feel than this. Nevertheless, will rate decent because of Amanda Tapping's performance and Robin's acting. We do see Will starting to change. He is not the same drawn back guy from Season One. He is definitely more assertive the Secon Season.

    Helen is framed for the murder of Bigfoot. She proclaims innocence but when the video shows her shooting him, her goose might be cooked.

    The Sanctuary teams brings in a team of telepaths to get inside. There could have been an attempt here to show a couple of special effects to show us the telepaths in action, but we didn't anything here.

    I would have rated this episode higher if they did. Like I said the SciFi part of this episode was highly underplayed.

    Anyhow, Will still holds to the thought that Helen is innocent. Eventually Will's determination pays off when he finds out why Helen is acting so paranoid and crazy throughout this whole ordeal of being frame.

    The explanation was very, very out there. I was like what? Then again, I should have realized that Helen always has a hidden mission. This is the second time this season where she has had mysterious amnesia and doesn't what happened.

    However, because this is a show that I love to show watch, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

    Amanda was great as always, Robin was great too. Robin and Amanda do play well off each other.

    Only drawback is the lack of SciFi and Abnormals. They referenced a "Big Bertha", a superabnormal, but we never actually see it.

    As a standalone episode it was decent. However, not the biggest episode this season
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