Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2009 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Veritas, the title of the episode, is Latin for truth. In Roman mythology, Veritas was the goddess of truth and the mother of virtue.

    • Discontinuity: When Will checks the email Magnus sent to Kate, he immediately focuses on a minor spelling error, telling Kate "No, Magnus is a spelling Nazi. She'd never do that." However, there are two glaring grammatical errors in the earlier email Magnus sent the Police Chief asking him to delete the surveillance video : "It has come to attention" instead of "It has come to my attention"; and "all will be explain soon" as opposed to "all will be explained soon." It is highly unlikely that a "Spelling Nazi" would commit two such obvious errors - even with an "Ozone Beetle" in her brain.

  • Quotes

    • Will: Do we know who did this?
      Declan: I'm still looking into it.
      Will: But you have some idea.
      Declan: We … we should talk when you're settled.
      Will: Why? What's goin' on? Who did this!?
      Declan: It's too early to know for sure, but so far all the evidence I've gathered points to Helen Magnus.

    • Helen: Someone did this to me. Someone deliberately erased my memories.
      Will: How?
      Helen: I don't know! Aren't you listening to me!? I'm sorry. I … I just … I'm just as confused as you are. Someone's trying to set me up. Someone's trying to make it look like I killed …
      Will: Alright, listen to me, listen to me. Okay? We're gonna get to the bottom of this, I promise.

    • Kate: Come on, let's look around. Get those freaky eyeballs of yours into action.
      Will: Have you noticed Magnus acting strangely lately?
      Kate: (scoffs) You're asking me? I mean, she's a weirdo pretty much all the time.
      Will: Declan said that the Big Guy … told him that she was startin' to slip.
      Kate: Like Amy Winehouse slip?
      Will: (scoffs) I don't know if screaming at paparazzi is quite her speed. It's more like little things.

    • Will: This is ridiculous.
      Declan: Look, if you can provide me with an alternate theory that works, I'm happy to listen. Until then, I gotta proceed based on the evidence
      Will: And what does that mean?
      Declan: The other Sanctuary heads have charged me with gathering evidence against her.
      Will: What is this, a witch hunt?
      Declan: We wanna get to the truth, just like you.
      Will: After all she's done for you, huh?
      Declan: That's not all. They voted to send in a triad.
      Will: A triad?
      Declan: A team of investigators uniquely qualified for situations like this.
      Will: And what makes them so "uniquely qualified"?
      Declan: They're telepaths. They're going to get inside her mind.

    • (Will momentarily stares at Emma, a telepath)
      Emma: (blushing smile) I'm … flattered, Will.
      Will: (sighs) This is gonna be tough.

    • Remy: Your boss has been very busy lately.
      Kate: Meaning?
      Remy: I tracked down this dealer, and he said she bought a whack of red-list freaks last week.
      Kate: Red-list? Are you sure?
      Remy: Oh, yeah. According to him, she was all over the … weird, creepy stuff - stuff nobody else wants.
      Kate: What exactly did she buy?
      Remy: Wouldn't tell me - didn't want to rat out a client. But whatever it was, she paid a lot for it - way over market.
      Kate: That doesn't make any sense. What would Magnus want with a bunch of red-listers?
      Remy: (cackles) Nothing legal.

    • Helen: I didn't do this!
      Tosen: Please, just answer the questions.
      Helen: Why are you treating me like a common criminal?
      Emma: This investigation is in accordance with your charter.
      Helen: Someone did this to me, and you're all just sitting here instead of trying to find them! You're all in on this, aren't you? You've done something to me.
      Will: Magnus …
      Helen: No! No, leave me alone, all of you! Get out of my house!
      Will: Okay, this is over.

    • Will: What the hell are you tryin' to pull?
      Declan: Sorry?
      Will: You sent an email to the heads of household requesting to be put in charge of this Sanctuary!
      Declan: You read my email?
      Will: You're tryin' to discredit Magnus before the triad renders judgment because you want her job!
      Declan: Watch yourself, mate, you're outta line.
      Will: I'm outta line!? You're makin' an end run around her, but I'm the one who's outta line?
      Declan: You realize what'll happen if she's found guilty? There's a list of candidates a mile long to take her place - and let me tell you, none of them will be as pleasant to work for as me.
      Will: Come on …
      Declan: For starters, they'll fire the whole staff, you included … And a year from now, if her memory clears up and she's found not guilty - I'm more than happy to step down, let her take command again. That's more than I can say for anyone else. You have no idea of the political landscape you're dealing with.

    • Will: She's being set-up.
      Scofield : How can you still believe that? You've seen the video.
      Will: I don't care about the video. I don't care what anyone says, telepathic or otherwise.
      Scofield : (scoffs) I see you may not agree with our methods, Dr. Zimmerman, but I can assure you, they're effective - and there's a good reason Dr. Magnus assigned this task to our kind.
      Will: So what happens now?
      Scofield : In the interim, Declan McCrae will be assuming responsibilities of this Sanctuary. (Will scoffs) I know that you believe he's somehow connected to Magnus' crime, but I can assure you … that's not true. I have questioned him fully and read his mind.
      Will: Yeah, well … a lotta good that did Magnus.

    • Will: There's something in there that Declan wants. I mean, think about it, he knew exactly what he had to do to discredit Magnus - and now that she's out of the picture, he can take his time, go through the files one by one.
      Henry: Yeah, but wouldn't the telepaths know what he's up to?
      Will: Not if one of them's in on it.
      Henry: Aw, you think?
      Will: One of them could be blocking the other two from reading his mind.
      Henry: Telepathic criminal, great.

    • Helen: (wielding a board) Leave me alone! Stay back!
      Will: We don't wanna hurt you. We're here to help you … Come on, Magnus. Now, you already knocked me out once today. One per day, that's your limit.

    • (Will is talking to Henry on the phone)
      Will: Alright, I'll be right there. (grabbed) Ow! What?
      Kate: Hello, McFly!? You can't go back there. The amazing Kreskins will read your mind and find out where Magnus is. (Will sighs)
      Henry: Wha-what's going on? Hel-hello …?
      Will: Henry, can you meet me at dead bridge?
      Henry: Yeah, why?
      Will: I can't tell you.
      Henry: Okay, I have no idea what that means.
      Will: Good. Okay.

    • Scofield : Harboring a fugitive is a serious crime under the Sanctuary charter, doctor.
      Will: So you wanna lock me up, too? Go ahead! (walks off followed by Emma)
      Emma: Will, wait. Look, I want to apologize for the way Scofield treated you, you didn't deserve that. The emergence of information on Big Bertha has everybody rattled.
      Will: What the hell is Big Bertha, anyway? (Emma is uncomfortably silent) Oh … (scoffs) I get it. So, you get to know all my inner thoughts, but when it comes to telling me why I'm being treated like a criminal, then everything's off-limits, huh?

    • Emma: As you know, we house many species of … of deadly abnormals within the network. Normally, this isn't a problem, provided certain precautions are taken. However, there are certain abnormals that are so dangerous we simply can't risk keeping them around.
      Will: How Dangerous?
      Emma: Earthquakes, mass flooding, fires, atmospheric toxins - and believe me, the list of what these abnormals are capable of goes on. Big Bertha was one such abnormal. She could alter the magnetic resonance in her body to manipulate tectonic plates. The destruction she caused was unimaginable. Dr. Magnus, eh, tracked, captured and euthanized her according to protocol - or so everybody … thought - and now these files indicate that Big Bertha may still actually be alive. I'm sure you can understand how unsafe that is. Whoever controls her has the power to - to ransom governments, level entire cities …
      Will: Let me explain something to you. I know Magnus. I work with her every day. There's no way that she would ever unleash something like this.
      Emma: There was a time when I would've believed you without question, Will … (scoffs doubtfully) but now I'm not so sure.

    • Emma: I understand that you're leaving. May I ask why?
      Will: (chuckles ruefully) Well, you know already.

    • (Will scans the strange email Magnus sent Kate)
      Will: Right there. (chortles) She spelled "retrieve" wrong.
      Kate: So?
      Will: No, Magnus is a spelling Nazi. She'd never do that.
      Kate: Yeah, five minutes ago I would've thought she'd never put a bug in her head, either.

    • (Will approaches Emma as she's being arrested)
      Will: Can you read my mind now?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kate: Hello, McFly!? You can't go back there. The amazing Kreskins will read your mind and find out where Magnus is.

      Kate first alludes to the Back To The Future movies, in which Biff Tannen would knock on George McFly's head, saying "Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly." Next, referring to the telepathic triad, she alludes to The Amazing Kreskin - a "mentalist" who appeared regularly on North American television in the 1960's and '70's. However, although Kreskin made "predictions" based on observations, he never claimed to have paranormal or clairvoyant powers.

    • Kate: Like Amy Winehouse slip?

      Kate is referring to the antics of the English soul singer who has become more famous for her raging addictions and public embarrassments than her talent.