Episode 1

Webisode 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 14, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 1

While tracking a young boy with dangerous powers, Dr. Helen Magnus encounters Will Zimmerman, a young forensic psychiatrist, formerly with the FBI, who may have what it takes to become her new protégé.

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  • This was a perfect way to start a series. Mysterious and captivating are the words I would use to describe this episode. This episode exceeded my expectations. MUST WATCH!

    This episode was filled with everything needed to start a new series in style. The role of Helen Magnus was perfect for Amanda Tapping and Helens fellow characters are very engaging. Helen and Zimmerman meet by Helen running him over in an ally chasing a mutant child that just killed his entire family. Helen offers the doctor a job however everything seems to be too much for the doctor. At this point it seems unlikely that he will accept the offer in the long run. This episode was riveting and I suspect the next episode will be just the same. This series is a need to watch.moreless
  • Really promising

    It's quite weird to try to make out 100 words about 15 minutes when usually it is three times more.

    I liked it, is the first thing that pops on my mind. The visual side was really impressive and the way the story started, getting caught by the first scenes - there was no way I could get my eyes of - the way the events were developing - that police behind that door and the kid behind the bed. really exciting.

    The only thing I did not liked - I think Amanda Tapping was much better with blond hair - looked more natural.

    So, it can be said - this episode was great introduction of coming events and probably will have good effect with the coming story but totally alone - little weird.moreless
  • Hmmm.. not too sure about this one - bit silly but who knows, bad accents, bad wig, good special effects, ok plot.

    First a couple of bad points - Carter - sorry Amanda Tappings English accent is possibly one of the worst ever - it sounds almost south african - at one point I expected her to say "you couldn't even give me a parking ticket" - it's so bad. Plus the bad wig too..

    These aside it looks like it could be a good show, good special effect, great look - using the same green screen effects from Sky Captain and Sin City. The plot is also interesting although a bit obvious - Blade meets Van Helsig. It will be interesting to see how they manage to spin this out into 2 hours though - dunno about another series.moreless
  • looks like its gonna be big!!!

    great start but wish we could watch more than 17 minutes at a time but it definately leaves you wanting more!!! the effects are as great as we all expected them to be we but will just have to wait and see if the story line lives up to all the hype. because it is the first webisode there isnt alot to tell as the story line is just being set up but i definately have no negitive things to say about it ( except it only being let out in small time frames ) and feel quite excited about veiwing the next few webisodes!!!moreless
  • A great start to this new project!

    I have to say for the first of it's kind this was a great webisode.

    Having read all about what it would be like and how it was done I have to say I had high expectations,mainly because the team behind the project all have wonderful CVs'.Damien Kindler and Martin Wood have both worked and polished their skills on Stargate Atlantis and it shows in this.

    The fact it also had some familiar faces from Atlantis in it made it feel not to different and new.David Hewlett made a great,creepy murderer arrested after he went to check out a childs way of killing his family and 2 policemen.

    The child is very strange and obviously a mutant of some kind,but how he fits in to the story we don't find out in this webisode.

    Dr Helen Magnus is played superbly by Amanda Tapping.I forgot completely that I had been watching her the last 10 years playing Sam Carter on Stargate.I love the way she envelopes the character and adding a British accent was fantastic and she does it very well.

    The character of John Druitt (Jack the Ripper) was exceedingly evil.He only had one scene in this but he played it really well.So much so that even though he is the bad guy I can't wait to see him again!

    Will Zimmerman is played very well by Robin Dunne,someone who I had never seen on screen before.He comes across as the slightly geeky doctor whose dreams are haunted by images of Bigfoot.You could tell he believed David Hewletts characters story of the child doing the killing.Of course when confronted by Helen he did not admit it.

    Overall I loved this and can't wait for the next webisode when hopefully we will get to see more of Ashley Magnus,Helens' daughter.moreless
Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith

Detective Joe Kavanagh

Guest Star

Cainan Wiebe

Cainan Wiebe


Guest Star

Peter Shinkoda

Peter Shinkoda

Andy Fetz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Helen: John, let me help you before you make things worse.
      Druitt: And how is that possible? I've already murdered, what … seven whores? How could one more make the slightest difference?

    • Druitt: What more have I to lose?
      Helen: Your power is driving you mad, John. I can help
      Druitt: My power is all I have left.

    • a frightened young Will is lying in bed
      Young Will: Just a stupid movie. (he's startled by a noise outside) No such thing as monsters … no such thing as monsters … no such thing as monsters he pulls down the window and sighs
      A Sasquatch: GRRRR! RAARRR!
      Young Will: Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!

    • A ringing phone wakes Will from a nightmare
      Will: Somebody page me?
      Nurse: Excuse me, doctor. Have a nice nap?
      Will: No, not really.
      Nurse: Consult. Homicide suspect. Real heavy hitter.
      Will: Anyone we know?
      Nurse: Oh, man. You are gonna love this one.

    • Larry: This is harassment, plain and simple, you will all be hearing from my lawyer, especially you, Tom Cruise. I know you're the one who shot me … or was it you?
      Kavanagh: Oh, come on. Look, we both know your lawyer's too freaked out to be in the same room with you so let's just … kill the music and lay our cards on the table, shall we?
      Larry: Okay, okay, you want me to lay it out, huh? Alright, well, your-your dollar store cologne stinks!

    • Nurse: Alone with M&M, um … Zimmerman always did have serious balls. shakes her head
      Helen: M and who?
      Nurse: The Mandeville Monster - did 12 years in Ivy Heights after killing his foster parents. Got out a coupla months ago. Guess people don't change, do they?

    • Will: So … you just went down to complain about the noise?
      Larry: Didn't kill anyone this time … promise. I heard what was going on, so … went down to check out the kid's … technique. That's all.

    • (at the city morgue)
      Med Tech: Fresh meat, comin' through!
      Eleanor: Subtle.
      Med Tech: Russo, Albert and Birch, Lawrence. Two cops bit it tonight uptown.
      Eleanor: Yeah, we've been expecting them. Put 'em in holding.
      Med Tech: Got four more comin' later. EMS says it was a real butcher shop.
      Eleanor: Aren't they all these days? (Magnus enters, putting on rubber medical gloves)
      Eleanor: Helen?
      Helen: Eleanor.
      Eleanor: They're in the cold room.
      Helen: Thank you.
      Eleanor: Lunch next week?
      Helen: Love to.
      Eleanor: I'll call.

    • Will: I know what it looks like, but he's not your man.
      Kavanagh: Convicted psycho just wanders into a preexisting bloodbath? Cut the crap, Zimmerman, he's our guy.
      Will: Trust me, Tolson did not kill those people.
      Kavanagh: Severe cranial lacerations, removal of gray matter? I read his jacket, this is our guy's kinda party.
      Will: Yeah, and this time he was just the guest, not the host.

    • Helen: Hard to believe such an outlandish story, isn't it?
      Will: Excuse me?
      Helen: The Mandeville Monster. It would've been easy to lay the blame directly at his feet and yet you didn't. Well done.
      Will: Nice to know I have fans.

    • Helen: You saw the clarity in Mr. Tolson's eyes when he told you who did kill those people.
      Will: Look, not that it's any of your business, but all I saw were the ramblings of a delusional psychotic. So it wasn't Tolson, it was someone just like him.
      Helen: Except such carnage could never be the work of a madman, could it? The police may think it possible, but you don't.
      Will: Listen, it's late and I gotta …
      Helen: He told you about the boy, didn't he? A child capable of such murderous destruction, he just had to see it for himself. Mr. Tolson was there as an admirer, was he not?
      Will: There was no boy.
      Helen: No ordinary boy.
      Will: Look, who are you? How do you know about this?
      Helen: I've heard such accounts many times before. As for who I am - a friend … I hope.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Larry Tolson: I miss my room in the Ivy...

      The Ivy is a rehabilitation centre in the US that has been frequented by many celebrities.

    • Larry Tolson: You wanna get Detective Gitmo off my back?

      Gitmo is the nickname for the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on the southeastern end of Cuba. Since 2001, it has housed a notorious prison for terrorists who are supposedly beaten and tortured (although Tolson was only being smacked around a little).

    • Larry Tolson: This is harassment plain and simple, you will all be hearing from my lawyer, especially you, Tom Cruise. I know you're the one who shot me...

      Tom Cruise is an actor who has appeared in various action movies including the Mission Impossible films.