Episode 2

Webisode 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 28, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 2

Will Zimmerman is drawn further into Magnus's mysterious world and finds himself confronting his oldest fear. Elsewhere, forces converge on the target of their hunt including someone from Magnus' distant past.

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  • wow.. This was so much better

    This was really great. When first episode was leading into the events, then this one - it took it to the whole new level. First Zimmerman waking up on the Sanctuary and trying to figure out all the things around him and what is going on - hard to believe, I understand. And then what is going on on the railway - the hide and seek and that man from the past plus the events at the end - catching the boy.

    This means - this episode has really much answers, lot of action and revealings. Opening our eyes for that world.moreless
  • Certainly didn't disappoint.

    This was a great continuation from the first webisode.

    The two main character of Drs' Magnus and Zimmerman got to know each other a little better and we got to see inside the Sanctuary with some of it's weird and wonderful *abnormals*.The mermaid and the two-faced man called Chuck were particularly intriguing

    There seems to be a good bit of humour in it as well,which is great.The scene with Will in the shower being confronted by Bigfoot and promptly fainting had me in stitches!

    The other developement was Ashley spoke for the first time!! She was following the child from webisode 1 and met up with her mother and Will.

    John Druitt was back and using the boy for what seemed to be a trap to lure Helen.

    Thats where the webisode ended though,after Helen introduced Ashley to Will.

    It's a shame they are so short.This one was only just over 16 minutes and by the time I was getting in to it it had finished.

    I wish they would make them 30 minutes long!

    Can't wait for the next one in 2 weeks time.It is so good I shall be straight on my computer when I get up!

    If you haven't already seen this show then I suggest you give it a chance,because it is starting to turn out to be every bit as good as the sci-fi shows on the tv.moreless
  • This webisode is oh so much better second time round, trust me

    I gave this a 9 because it seemed to be setting up for something awesome to happen in the next part. Helen's character was brilliant in this, especially in the 'scone' scene.

    The little boy freaks me out, I'm rarely pro-death penalty, especially with kids, but this kid isn't normal, he freaks me out. It was nice to see Helen's daughter do more than just chase a boy, she actually spoke this time, she seems nice. The outfits are a little bizarre, somewhere between lara croft and chaps, but whatever floats your boat. This was good, very good, but it left you wanting to see part 3 so much, which I guess is what it is intended to do, but it seemed minor on the action and major on the setting up, which again, it's only 15 minutes long so you can't really have both.

    I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for the new webisode.moreless
Brent Chapman

Brent Chapman

Transit Worker

Guest Star

Dan Joffre

Dan Joffre

Transit Cop

Guest Star

Don Thompson

Don Thompson

Transit Cop

Guest Star

Brad Proctor

Brad Proctor

Two Faced Guy (back face)

Recurring Role

Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell

Two Faced Guy (front face)

Recurring Role

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    • Will: Ok, who the hell just used my can?
      (the Big Guy pulls the shower curtain back)
      Will: Oh!!! (passes out)

    • Druitt (knocking out security guard): Privacy, if you please. We're just getting to know each other.

    • Helen: Dr. Zimmerman, I assure you I am real … as is this place and everything in it.

    • Druitt: I love the dark. It's such a wonderful feeling - letting the blackness envelop you, hide you … um-m … protect you from harm. I know all too well what it is like to be different - to have others … hate me, fear me - the way he fears you. Fulfill your desire … to your heart's content, um-m?

    • Helen: My manservant seems to have a profound impact on you.
      Will: Yeah. If you call fifteen years of therapy down the drain profound.
      Helen: My patients and I are unused to visitors. I should've given you some warning, I suppose.
      Will: That thing is your patient?
      Helen: Former patient, actually. After I removed more than a few bullets from his body, he refused to leave - so I gave him a position on my staff. Although I must say, he brews tea like a short order cook.

    • Will: He flushed me out of my shower.
      Helen: Did he use your toilet? Oh, that is so annoying. I'll be sure to have a word with him.
      Will: No, it-it-it's not the toilet flushing that bothers me - it's the kidnapping! And the fact that he's a …
      Helen: Well, he can't help who he is.
      Will (sighs): Okay, you know what, this has been great - but I'm overdue for a round of heavy drinking and some tranquilizers … so … if I could just have my clothes, please.
      Helen: As you wish, but outside that door are creatures that make my butler seem like a house cat by comparison. "Sanctuary For All" is not an empty motto … scone?

    • Will: So … you're a doctor of what, exactly?
      Helen: Depends on the patient, of course
      Will: 'Course.
      Helen: You spent eight years of your life studying medicine. For what? So you could practice a profession that has almost nothing to do with the reality of the world around you?
      Will (sighs): Whoa, how about a little context with that character assassination?
      Helen: That … I can provide.

    • Will: None of these … things are … running round free, right?
      Helen: Don't be ridiculous, exercise time isn't for another two hours.

    • Will: You want me to help you capture monsters?
      Helen: I prefer to call them abnormals.

    • Will: You work with monsters!
      Helen: I work with sentient beings - each worthy of the same respect that humans, even animals, receive automatically. They are the key to the evolution of our race. And yet we revile them, destroy them - and, worst of all, pretend they don't even exist. But they are out there, Dr. Zimmerman - lost, like children. Misunderstood, hunted - are they really so different from the outcasts you treat every day?

    • Helen: Open your eyes. Good doctors come and go. The really great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe … in the unbelievable.

    • Will: So how'd you know the killer's next victim would be down here and not, you know, up … uptown?
      Helen: I have my sources.
      Will: Could you be a little more cryptic, please? Because I was startin' to feel in the loop there and we wouldn't want that.

    • Helen: This chaos was completely avoidable.
      Ashley: Give me a break, okay? I've been avoiding cops, ghouls and God knows what else, in stinky, dark tunnels all night. I need food, I need a bath … I don't need a lecture.
      Will: Okay, so I'm-I'm getting that you two know each other.
      Helen: Dr. Zimmerman, this is Ashley … my daughter.

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