Episode 3

Webisode 3

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 11, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 3

The origins of the mysterious mutant boy are revealed, as is the relationship between Magnus and her old flame John Druitt. Ashley, meanwhile, seeks out Ernie Watts a weapons dealer and fellow monster hunter extraordinaire only to find herself in mortal danger.

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  • Better and better

    Impressed again - it was really enjoyable. The way those storylines tarted to connect and have logic. First the dialog between Ashley and Zimmerman. That girl has a spirit and the fight she finds herself really shows that.

    And Zimmerman discovering the way how to communicate with that killer boy. It looked scary at first but he was managed to handle it.

    But still again - the motion, the scenery and those effects - visual side - gorgeous. And I adore the costumes. The dress Helen was wearing on the flashback to past. It was gorgeous and that hairstyle fit very well.moreless
  • The best one yet!

    The first 2 webisodes were excellent but I have to say I thought this was the best yet.

    The interaction between mother and daughter is great! Amanda and Emillie seem to

    have such good chemistry and make it look so natural it's hard to believe they are not


    I liked that Alexis (the mutant boy) opened up to Will.He was so sweet and innocent when he didn't have that snake thing out,it was difficult to believe he had killed so many people.A classic case of a misunderstood person.

    I also enjoyed the fight between Ashley and Druitt.It was done well by both of them and

    Druitt is still creeping me out with is weird laugh and strange look.The moment he told

    Ashley he was her father was priceless! The look on her face was like she had seen a ghost.

    The graphics were also great in this (apart from maybe the last scene with the cars,that was a little computer game-ish).The computers coming down from the ceiling was

    really good.

    The flashback scene (when Helen was remembering her time with Druitt) was great,it really felt like you were in the victorian times,as the costumes were excellent.

    Bigfoots driving though,I have to say,leaves alot to be desired.......he really should get some lessons!

    Overall this was a brilliant installment of Sanctuary and I can't wait for the next one in 2

    weeks time.I said before that I thought the wait might be to long but the time between this

    one and the last one seemed to go by so quick! I've really stopped noticing that it is 2 weeks wait.

    ROLL ON WEBISODE 4!!moreless

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    • Ashley (being stitched up): Mom! Take it easy.
      Helen: I believe we have discussed better coordinating our efforts when attempting a capture, have we not?
      Ashley: Again, we got the ghoul, okay? Take a pill.

    • Will: So I take it you guys do this … a lot?
      Ashley: Oh, this is nothing. After our Romania trip last year, we had more plasma flowing …
      Helen: Ashley, please! I don't like it when you glorify our work.
      Ashley: An entire den of werewolves … me, mom and some loser Romanian lupus wrangler. We're low on silver tips, full moon's on the rise … That was a party.
      Will: Do you mean like "werewolf" werewolves?
      Ashley: Mom, seriously, who is this guy?

    • Ashley: Hate to bleed and run, but … gotta be on the eastside in twenty. Hot date.

    • Will: So she's your daughter? Because there can't be more than, like, twelve years difference between you two.
      Helen: The details are unimportant. Ashley is my flesh and blood, and she plays a vital role in my work.
      Will: She bags them, you tag 'em. Yeah, well, it works for me.

    • John (to Helen): I've spent my entire life lost in a void, afraid of who I am … of what I am. If not for you, I fear I would've remained lost. Instead, I can now see that I am neither a freak of nature nor a devil … but a man … (kisses Helen's hand) very much in love - and someone who wishes to spend the rest of his life repaying his savior for all she's done. (he presents an engagement ring to Helen) I promise to make you happy, Helen - for all eternity.

    • Will (to Alexei): Whoa! Hey-hey! Time-time out a second, okay? Here's the problem, alright? You keep that up, that big hairy guy is gonna come back in here, and believe me, it will get ugly. And the bigger problem is that he scares me more than you do. (Alexei calms down) Okay, why aren't you trying to eat my brain anymore? Okay, I think I'm getting the ground rules here. The less fear I feel, the less you want to snack on my cerebellum? Okay.

    • Ernie: You're sure we're kosher here, right? I mean, I know Henry doesn't appreciate any weapon he doesn't make himself.
      Ashley: Well, Henry's gear is too experimental. I'm a traditionalist.
      Ernie: And when it's your ass on the line, amen. So, what else you need? I got Kevlar, silver tips … If you're goin' after vamps, I know a brother in Prague who just received a shipment of holy water - pressurized canisters, 5,000 psi - launcher included. Deal of a lifetime.
      Ashley: Stop it … you're turning me on.

    • Ashley: Have we met before? A crypt somewhere?
      Druitt: I'm an old family friend.
      Ashley: Ah, and no card from you at Christmas? Oh well, next year!

    • Helen (answering phone): State your emergency.
      Ernie: Hey, doc … it's me. You've got a problem.

    • Druitt: Oh, such manners for a lady. But then, look at your mother. She never understood her place in the world either.
      Ashley: Bad enough you're a teleporting psycho, you're Republican, too.
      Druitt: Hmm. Well, let's just say … I am … a strong believer … in … family values.
      Ashley: Here's some free advice : kidnapping me pisses my mom off more than serving the wrong wine with fish - so I'd start running.
      Druitt: Oh … I'm not going anywhere. Why would I, now that I finally have what I've wanted for so long?
      Ashley: Yeah … what's that?
      Druitt: Why, you, of course … my daughter.

    • Helen: Through certain genetic abnormalities, he's able to bend dimensional space at will - warp from place to place
      Will: In a blue-green flash.
      Helen: Exactly.
      Will: Well, I'd say "cool" if he wasn't, you know, the bad guy.

    • Helen (quoting Shakespeare): "And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges." Each of us has our worst fears to confront, Dr. Zimmerman. John Druitt is mine.

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