Episode 4

Webisode 4

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 4

Helen and Will confront John Druitt with deadly results for a member of the Sanctuary team. Ultimately, Will is forced to choose between his old life and the strange world of Dr. Helen Magnus.

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  • Making the choice...

    I am just so happy I decided to give up for my curiosity and see this as it is just fantastic. The high level of every piece, the story and the world what has been created - just magnificent. Really enjoyable.

    This episode starts with really nerve wracking moments when on the same time they have to deal with Alexi and Druitt and even thought Druitt escapes, it is quite sure he is not yet dead and will come back.

    Poor Bigfoot. I finally got the part from the first episode about that little boy. And now, when Zimmerman goes to the bed and talks with him - a really great moment

    And the end, when Zimmerman demands answers and he gets them - shocking. But very well done!moreless
  • Absolutely fantastic!!

    I know I said that the last webisode was the best yet but I have to back-track on that.........this was the best yet!!!!

    The emotion that Helen,Ashley and John displayed in the underground scene was fantastic!

    I actually felt a little sorry for John.I know he is a mass murderer and all but he so obviously wanted a family.The anger and devastation in his voice when Ashley said her father was dead,you could tell,was very real.Also the fact he spent so long looking for her when he didn't have to.

    I hope that is not the last we see of him,disappearing in his blue flash of light.

    Bigfoot had a bit to say in this webisode as well.I didn't know he could talk! the way he apologised to Will was so sweet.He does seem like a different 'person' to the one who scared Will in the first webisode.I actually like the big hairy fella now!

    What can I say about Barney? Hilarious.

    Thats the only word I can think of to describe him.He may have only been in the webisode for about 1 minute but the sense of humour just cracked me up! "hey glue guy,glue guy.I just lost another fingernail!" Hmm....priceless.

    I can't wait for the next bundle of webisodes to be released.I will be straight there with my money for them,eager to keep watching this amazing show!moreless

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    • Druitt: What would you do if you did manage to free yourself? Attack me? Or go after the boy … and hope I didn't interfere?
      Ashley: Oh, I'd definitely do you first … Dad.
      Druitt: Yes, I wouldn't believe it either - such an outlandish, not to mention, sordid tale
      Ashley: I know my mother. You're not even close to her type. For starters, she likes her men sane - and a lot less talky!
      Druitt: Oh, she liked me well enough when she agreed to marry me.

    • Druitt: Imagine spending every hour of every day, every penny of your fortune trying to find someone, only to discover you were looking in the wrong bloody century! Imagine the frustration, the anger, as the search went on - a fool's errand. I moved from decade to decade, holding on to the one hope that I would finally land in the right time and place … to find you, Ashley.
      Ashley: My father is dead.
      Druitt: Who told you that? Oh, the good doctor. My God, her gall never ceases to amaze me. Who is she to play nursemaid to every deviant who's lost its way? Or, more to the point, to decide that you should never know your own flesh and blood?! WHO IS SHE TO SAY!?!
      Helen: I'm her mother, that's who!

    • Will: Yeah, this is why I busted my ass in medical school … to crawl around dirty tunnels … chasing mutant psychos.

    • Druitt: Helen, you look … wonderful.
      Helen: Stop playing games, John. You got what you wanted.
      Druitt: Indeed. A family at last. You played your cards very … patiently. (scoffs) Well done - as if that could prevent this moment.
      Ashley: Mom, please tell this guy there's a nice padded cell in his future.

    • Helen: I know you're quick, John - but, if memory serves, bullets are quicker.
      Druitt: Memory is a fickle companion.

    • Alexei: You want to hurt me!
      Will: No, I don't. I want to help you. Other people might be afraid of you, but I'm not.
      Alexei: Why?
      Will: Because … there's no such thing as monsters.

    • Will gazes down at the wounded, unconscious Big Guy
      Will: You actually exist. I was … I am … scared of you. But I know it's just the idea of you, the concept. You see, I saw this movie when I was a kid … and … I had an over-active imagination, and … Never mind, just get better.

    • Big Guy: Before I met the doctor, I … uh, I was angry. I enjoyed scaring people … kids .I knew that movie was playing that night, and … I'm sorry.
      Will: It was you?
      Big Guy (groans affirmatively): I know it is late in coming, but … no hard feelings? (the Big Guy reaches out and they grasp hands)

    • Barney: New Guy, if you're watching this, that means, uh, she's dragged you into this whole little circus of hers, huh? Well, I was once young like you, a year out of medical school … 1932 or something. I was finishin' night shift at the hospital, uh, walkin' home, and she came outta the shadows, this woman. She hands me this, uh, this business card. After that I was just caught in her web. You know, we were studying the abnormals and we got to be very close. We had a … a special bond, Helen and I.

    • Barney: … been given an opportunity to learn things, things that no one else can ever know. And will be risks! There will be sacrifices! At best, a chance of some light death, some maiming … could be on the cards. But what is that in the face of knowing the truth … the truth about humankind?

    • Barney: Anyway … (Geiger counter clicks) Good luck, new guy. Just keep your head up, keep your eyes open - and … stay away from … anything … anything radioactive. I don't care how cute and fluffy it is. And you tell Helen … you tell Helen that, uh … Tell her that Barney says … hello. She'll know what that means.

    • Helen: You're turning down my offer?
      Will: Yeah. I already have a job.
      Helen: At that zoo they laughingly call a hospital? Cold-hearted bureaucrats and uneducated sloths …
      Will: Hey, don't forget about the free jello.

    • Will: Something about it still doesn't make sense to me.
      Helen: Pray tell.
      Will: Barney, 1932 … and the way you talk, those Sherlock Holmes expressions. I mean, who says "pray tell"? And Druitt was the same way.
      Helen: Proper use of the Queen's English is a lost art.
      Will: No, no, no. Let's just forget about the very disturbing fact that you have a basement full of monsters and your butler shouldn't exist. Let's talk about you and this guy, okay? (brandishes a photograph of Magnus and Einstein) You claim that your first patient was Montague John Druitt, a man who also happens to be Scotland Yard's prime suspect in the Ripper killings - in 1888!
      Helen: I told you he could bend dimensional space, why not time, as well?
      Will: So he's the actual Ripper? Come on, you-you can't know that, not for sure.
      Helen: Indeed I can, Dr. Zimmerman. I was there.

    • Will: How is any of this possible?
      Helen: When you treat beings with extraordinary powers, sometimes the rewards are … well, unexpected.
      Will: So that means that you
      Helen: I am 157 years old. (Will laughs disbelievingly, sighs and sinks into a chair) Weren't you leaving? Your gratuitous jello awaits.
      Will: You know, I hoped that at least you would be normal.
      Helen: Sorry to disappoint.
      Will: Can you promise me … that I'm not gonna end up like Barney?
      Helen: No, I can't do that. But I can promise you the adventure of many, many lifetimes. Shall we begin?

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