Episode 5

Webisode 5

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 5

While investigating an ancient crypt on a remote island, Magnus and her team encounter deadly creatures and three women with a mysterious past. Ashley decides to address the issues of her father's existence head-on.

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  • Three mysterious sisters...

    It is now time for new storyline and it comes by the little battle and fight to get into some kind of tomb. Zimmerman is still trying to get used of his new life and does not know when to be silence and causes a battle.. but also discovers three mysterious not so dead girls on that tomb. They are brought back to the Sanctuary and they try to figure out why or how can they still be alive and what is behind them - really exciting.

    On the same time, Ashley is far from over accepting the about his father and goes for some dangerous mission what everyone wants to stop her. But she knows her will and goes.moreless
Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns


Guest Star

Laura Mennell

Laura Mennell


Guest Star

Emily Tennant

Emily Tennant

Young Helen

Guest Star

Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Gregory Magnus

Recurring Role

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    • (Helen and Ashley communicate via hand signals outside the crypt)
      Will: Okay. I got "I'm going in" and "go around", but what was that wiggly one you did?
      Helen: "I'm cutting off your allowance."

    • Helen: Take the other side. Draw them away if you can.
      Will: You're kidding, right?

    • (Helen and Ashley battle a host of Keepers of the Dead)
      Ashley: I know this was not on the brochure!

    • (Will finds three women in three "coffins")
      Will: This might be my first crypt, but … aren't they supposed to hold dead people?

    • Will: So, it was, uh, some mission, huh?
      Ashley: Ghouls … crypt … standard fare.
      Will: Uh, new guy, still not sleeping. No such thing as standard fare.
      Ashley: Great.
      Will: So, I was just wondering, um, how you doing? Since …
      Ashley: Since I learned my Dad was a time-travelling nut job?
      Will ("chuckles" nervously): I was gonna say troubled soul but, uh …
      Ashley: Peachy. Thanks for asking.
      Will: Hey, ah … you know, that's some pretty serious information to be carrying around. If you ever wanna just, you know, sit down and talk and kinda let it out, I'm here.
      Ashley: Here's some advice about me : I'm not big on "sharing" … So, just stick to helping the freaks. That's why you're here … Ciao.

    • (Will observes the three unconscious "Morrigan" in the Sanctuary infirmary)
      Will (sighs): Three not-so-dead women found in coffins … just another day at the office.

    • (Magnus prepares to remove a Keeper's exoskeleton "skull")
      Helen: Now, this fellow …
      Will: Fond memories.
      Helen: These creature detected our presence early and possessed unnatural speed and strength.
      Will: Definitely not normal.
      Helen: Oh, not as you would define it, no. (removes the "skull", inspecting a sticky residue) I was about to gather some fluid samples. Care to assist?
      Will (looking disgusted): Uh, I'd love to, but, um … I better get back to my office and get the whole … head shrinking operation up and running.
      Helen: As you wish.

    • (Ashley fires at a creature above her but the weapon doesn't work and the creature jumps, pinning her to the ground)
      Ashley: Oh, for crying out loud! HENRY! Steve - off.
      Steve: You okay, Ash?
      Ashley: You need a mint. Henry!
      Henry: I know, I know, I know, I know.
      Ashley: It didn't work.
      Henry: Which is why we have dry runs.
      Ashley: I could've died.
      Henry: Oh, from him? C'mon, he's a puppy dog.
      (Steve snorts indignantly)

    • (Henry adjusts the weapon and fires at the building)
      Henry: There you go, a calibration issue. These long-range acoustic devices get a bit wonky when you jostle them, so …
      Ashley: Henry, I do a lot of jostling when I work.
      Henry: So chose a different weapon. I got a new case of Tech Nines in the truck. They still got that "new gun smell" and everything …
      Steve (pointing at the damage intended for him): That was minimum?
      Ashley: I want my usual gear ready for Friday, including the LRADs - calibrated to handle jostling.
      Henry: Okay, well, the regular stuff's no problem, but the sonics - you're dreaming. Well, besides, these are only good if you're going after … No, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. Wait a minute! You're not thinkin' of trying to kill what I think you're thinkin' of tryin' to kill?
      Ashley: Just make it happen, Henry.
      Henry: Ash, that is a completely unsanctioned …
      Ashley: Friday.
      Steve: Suck up.

    • (the Big Guy enters silently while Will is on the phone)
      Big Guy: You're needed in the infirmary.
      Will: Oh! Okay, new rule … Don't do that. (sighs)
      (the Big Guy chuckles)

    • Helen: I understand you've quite the weekend planned.
      Ashley: Thank you, Henry.
      Helen: He called out of concern for your well being, something you seem determined to sacrifice.
      Ashley: You mean I'm gonna get myself killed? God, why can't you talk like a normal person?
      Helen: Ashley, I realize there are things that need to be discussed between us.
      Ashley: Sure, Mom. Let's, uh, let's bake treats and bond and do each other's hair - right after I go kill a bunch of ghouls for sport.
      Helen: Those creatures are on the contraband list for a reason. There are specific rules governing their capture.
      Ashley: Oh, a lot of things changed since good old "Dad" showed up.
      Helen: It changes nothing. I had no reason to …
      Ashley: When he took me prisoner … Mom, I froze on that island. Okay? I hesitated. Do you realize how major a problem that is? For both of us.
      Helen: And you think that by going off on some insane hunt you'll suddenly overcome your fears? Ashley …
      Ashley: Mom, if I can't do that I'm not worth a damn to anybody, am I?

    • (Will finds Helen in the lab dissecting a Keeper)
      Will: Oh!. Okay, you need to, uh … you need to put a sock on the door or something before you … do that.
      Helen: He's breathtaking., isn't he?
      Will: Yeah, that's one way of putting it.

    • Will: She mentioned a disease that was killing people in her village - called the "miasmas" - which translates from the Greek meaning "poisoned air".
      Helen: Plague, actually.
      Will: The bubonic plague, specifically. However, the last reported serious outbreak was in Scotland - in … 800 AD.
      Helen: Meaning?
      Will: She's crazy.
      Helen: Is that your professional opinion?
      Will: Look, I know there's a lot of things that are outside the realm of our knowledge - blah-blah-blah. But, logically, if she were from 800 AD, she wouldn't speak English the way we do. I'm guessing that linguistics and grammar have evolved somewhat since then.
      Helen: Some would say "devolved".
      Will: Whatever. The point is that we wouldn't understand her - which makes her a very sweet, very … delusional woman.
      Helen: Possibly.
      Will: If you have a theory, please, share it with the class.

    • Will: The human body cannot survive, intact, for 1,200 years. I don't care what kinda … "magic bath products" you use.

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