Episode 6

Webisode 6

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 6

The investigation into the three women found in the crypt continues, confirming Magnus' theory that they are much more than they appear. Ashley's hunt for contraband creatures yields mixed results.

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  • Not so innocent at all...

    The hunt to find out who those three mysterious women are continues. Zimmerman goes with the version that they are having some sort post dramatic stress but those three do not want to believe it. Zimmerman goes to hypnoses and gets a new memory - a battlefield. And it gets even more creepy - those sisters seems to have the same dreams, they wake up, act totally the same, like each others copy.

    Helen is after what is going on with the ring she found on one of those ugly looking monsters. And oo.. it is dark and not too good. Loved Bigfoot part - he just look so.. friendly, comic, symphatic...moreless
Miranda Frigon

Miranda Frigon


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Leah Cairns

Leah Cairns


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Laura Mennell

Laura Mennell


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Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

Terrence Wexford

Recurring Role

Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Gregory Magnus

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    • Gregory Magnus: Once you enter this door, you are on a path that cannot be reversed.

    • Will: Look, let me put it this way - if you really were 1,200-years-old, then there's no way that I would understand anything you're saying right now. How do you explain that? There is no logical or physical way that your memories can be real - and the sooner you accept that, the sooner we can continue to make progress.
      Danu: Because the truth will out eventually.
      Will: It always does.

    • (The Big Guy looks up at the overhead monitor and sees Will and the three Morrigan)
      Big Guy: They raise my hackles.
      Helen: In a good way?
      Big Guy: You know there is no good way. (gestures toward the semi-dissected Keeper) Progress?
      Helen: Nothing concrete. Base physiology is essentially human. The DNA scans indicate significant mutations to key chromosomes - likely resulting in increased adrenal production, heightened strength and reflexes … as well as this lovely appearance. All in all, be glad you missed it.
      Big Guy: I'm not.
      Helen: You were recuperating, we managed.
      Big Guy: You were lucky - and I am fine now.
      Helen: I'll be the judge of that.
      Big Guy: Yes, doctor.

    • Big Guy: It is old … (sniffs and tastes the ring) … very old.
      Helen: That's what I thought - which is why I'll be needing a ride later tonight.
      Big Guy: Where are we going?
      Helen: To see if your "hackles" are right.

    • Will: I want you to go back further. Find a memory of something that happened before the creatures took you.
      Danu: Moonlight.
      Tatha: It's cold. I'm in a field.
      Caird: I can sense the dead
      Danu: Their souls … extinguished.
      Caird: Only we remain.

    • (Helen and Wexford study a fifth century tapestry reproduction)
      Helen: Now what are they being offered here - Blood of Christ?
      Wexford: Oh, please, nothin' so cliché. No, this design is the symbol of the Cabalis Nocturnum, a quaint little sub-sect of Romano-British knights from the early middle ages - charged with protecting the world from dark influences, I believe. These warriors likely drank from the chalice as a gesture of loyalty and faith to their cause.
      Helen: Now, who is the man offering it to them - a priest?
      Wexford: Bigger. Think the most powerful man in Britain at the time. Hint : not King Arthur.
      Helen: Merlin.
      Wexford: Mm-m-m! These knights were probably rejects from Arthur's court. Desperate to prove themselves worthy, they accepted a hideous task : fighting the dark forces unleashed by Merlin's nemesis, Morgan Le Fay - evil sorceress, avowed enemy of Arthur, all-around mean-spirited bitch.
      Helen: And … (points to three women just behind Le Fay) who are they?
      Wexford: Mm-m-m-hm! Those would be the Morrigan - emissaries created by Morgan to wreak havoc against Arthur's armies. The very embodiment of her hellish powers. Legend has it their very presence on the battlefield would steal the souls of Arthur's soldiers. They've popped up in literature throughout the ages - most notably as a trio of hags in Macbeth. You know boil, boil, toil and all that.
      Helen: So, the Morrigan were witches.
      Wexford: Oh-oh, no, love, they were … the witches.

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