Episode 8

Webisode 8

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2007 on Syfy
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Webisode 8

Magnus, Will and the Big Guy defend the Sanctuary against a deadly assault by the Keepers, while Ashley struggles to survive her encounter with a much stronger than expected adversary.

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  • It needed more people...but other than that it kept with the show.

    The episode which ended quickly makes me want more. The special affects, still the same, the fighting was more out there but...what happens next? The episode ended too quickly for my taste and sure again it made me want to know what happens. Did the good ole' Doctor die like Bigfoot, what happened to those three witches, what happened to Ashely and the Vampire? Those questions I wait to be answered by hopefully an up coming episode. SciFi has said that Sanctuary will now be on the show but will the episodes be more together? Sanctuary caught my interest quickly when I first saw it but with this only last webepisode shown and no news on the upcoming one is making me irritated at the least and i try not be. Amanda Tapping, who I have watched because of the Stargate season, has done well as the doc and her British ways. Hopefully a new web episode will be known about and a bit longer than this one.moreless
  • And it ended like this??

    This one was maybe the most shortest of all those webisodes and so not much happened and nothing too impressive too. The final battle is out and it is going bad and Ashley is still on her little walkabout - this time a vampire, cliche one.

    I did not liked somehow the special effects this time - they were somehow messy and the scene were Bigfoot and Helen were overrun - it looked more confusing than really giving and showing - but there was something emotional, so not too bad. But the way it ended - oh.. it was really on the most interesting place.moreless

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    • Vampire (disembodied voice): You think you can kill me?
      (Ashley turns, searching for her target)
      Vampire (front and center): Many have tried … None have lived
      (Ashley's LRAD mis-fires and the vampire disappears again)
      Ashley: Damn! (searching) Why the monologuing, if you're so bad?
      Vampire (disembodied voice): Didn't your mother warn you … (attacks in an instant) about me? I'M WAY BEYOND BAD! (slaps LRAD out of Ashley's hand and snarls)

    • Helen (on pager phone): Henry! … Henry, respond!
      Henry (gets up from floor): Uh, problems.
      Helen: I know. We're being overrun. I need the security protocols for the entire facility operational immediately.
      Henry (barely able to talk): Witches … being … bad …
      Danu: Now, I believe you were about to let us go. (Henry goes fetal)
      Helen: Go help Henry in the lab. Make sure The Morrigan do not escape - or anyone else for that matter.
      Will: Wait. What about you?
      Helen: I don't like uninvited guests in my house.
      Will (exasperated): How is that an answer!?
      Helen: Go!

    • (the Big Guy roars and knocks a Keeper out the window, saving Magnus)
      Helen: Where the hell have you been?
      Big Guy: We need weapons.
      Helen: We need Ashley.

    • (the snarling vampire picks up Ashley and throws her across the room)
      Ashley: Seriously, a lawyer vampire. The cliché factor doesn't offend you?
      Vampire (chuckles): Not if you're the first. (kicks Ashley into a desk) Hadn't you noticed? I'm not like all the other guys you date.
      (Ashley spikes him in the crotch as he's about to feed on her)
      Vampire: These pants were new.
      Ashley: Send me the BILL! (kicks him but is hurled backwards as she gets a 911 page on her watch)

    • (Will watches the advancing Keepers through a window)
      Will: Good career move, Will. Real good.

    • Henry (working thru the pain): This is so unfair!
      Danu: The more you resist, the more you will feel pain. Let us go.
      Henry: I don't work for you!
      Danu: Then you'll die.

    • Danu: We are who we are.
      Will: You are not evil! At least you weren't in the beginning.
      Tatha: We were created to destroy men.
      Will: No! No, you were created to stop a war, but Merlin changed you. He made you forget who you really are. Believe me if-if he could transform … a monk or knight into something out of a late-night horror movie, he can make you think you're something you're not … Since when do the bringers of death have a conscience?
      Caird: That was before.
      Will: No, no, before is who you really are.

    • Helen (on pager phone): Henry, status!
      Henry: Uh, cells are secure, but the upper levels and the lab are still vulnerable - and the new guy wants to let the witches out.
      Will: I just wanted to talk to them … Magnus, I was getting thru to them.
      Henry (derisively): Oh, please, they were playing you.
      Will: Are you even qualified to talk about this?

    • Will: Alright, how-how do you usually contact Ashley? Is there some kind of Bat Signal or something?
      Henry: No, of course not. She usually just …
      Ashley (on pager phone): Will! Henry!
      Will: Yes!
      Ashley: I'm in the building.
      Will: Okay, great, so you're aware that we're up to our necks in crypt people, right?
      Ashley (running and gunning)): Working on it!

    • (Will can't reach anyone on the on pager phone)
      Will: Ashley? Magnus? Hello?
      Henry: Okay … so it's just the two of us?
      Will: Yeah.
      Henry: We're so screwed.

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    • Will: Alright, how-how do you usually contact Ashley? Is there some kind of Bat Signal or something?

      Will is alluding to the modified Klieg searchlight which first appeared in Detective Comics #60 (February, 1942) - and was seen in several Batman movies and television episodes as well. It projected a large bat emblem into the night sky of Gotham City when the city was in danger and needed Batman's help.