Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 09, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Wingman

    Wingman was a good episode of Sanctuary, though I was expecting more. I enjoyed watching the episode because it had an interesting look at the characters and their relationships. It was neat but perhaps a bit over used to have flash backs of other episodes. I enjoyed the humor in the episode and how dating and working at the Sanctuary can be. This seemed like a character development episode, and I guess the characters seemed more down to earth then they already were, especially in the end when Will and his date stumble into the dining area in their night wear. I look forward to watching more exciting episodes of Sanctuary!!!!
  • Recycled footage, simpering "date" dialog, no plot, no action.

    What a pitiful excuse for a plot. Almost the entire episode consists of eye-rolling, cutesy dialog between couples Will and Abby, and Henry and Erika, interspersed with old footage from other shows as Will and Henry describe their past exploits. Robin Dunne as Will is much too abrasive for viewers to endure in every scene, and Pascale Hutton as his girlfriend Abby is nausea-inducingly perky -- please, can't she be eaten by a rampaging Abnormal? And what's with all the recycled footage in this episode? Are the writers on strike again? Does Amanda Tapping have another gig somewhere? Blecccch! Don't EVER do this again!
  • 'Wingman' Will and Henry and their respective dates attempt a 'normal' night out. Predictably an Abnormal escapes and chaos ensues.

    Disappointingly this episode seems to be little more than a clip show. Using, often boring, old footage of Will and Henry as they reminisce to their dates about life at the sanctuary, their past relationships and each other. We're treated to endless scenes of Will doing his trademark 'gawping open-mouthed' at different abnormals, people and situations. I can't actually see a reason for this episode the storyline is predictable at best, dire at worst, we don't learn anything new about the characters, the abnormal is a dull moth thing and most of the episode takes place in the back of a van.

    In fact the only thing I gained from this episode is the re-enforced opinion that Will's FBI girlfriend is annoying, simpering, useless in a crisis and probably too stupid to be in the FBI. How on earth did she get past the rigorous screening process? God knows. She wants to take a leaf out of Clarice Starling's book and man-up.