Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 13

Aunt Esther Meets Her Son

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1976 on NBC

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  • Woody and Esther meet their adopted son and gets a big surprise.

    This is the second part of a previous episode (Aunt Esther has a Baby). I like the idea of doing something different with Esther, but I just wish it was presented better. once again, Fred and Esther go through their usual insult exchange. When Esther tells Woody to get Fred, Woody finally makes a half hearted effort in defending Esther. The best part of the entire episode takes place in Woody’s hardware store. First of all, the sales girl is fine! Fred even gets off a few good lines trying to pick her up. The acting was pretty bad in this one, especially by Eric Lanuville. Lanuville makes his second appearance on Sanford and Son (Ebenezer Sanford) this time as Aunt Esther’s adopted son. When Daniel takes the money from the register in an attempt to protect Woody and Esther from Fred, his delivery was terrible and pretty much killed the joke before the punch line. I’m glad to hear he became a better actor years later on St Elsewhere. The next segment shows why Woody and Esther never got there own sitcom. To me, Esther and Woody seemed like they were reading their lines. The only thing that saved that segment is when Daniel makes the mistake of saying he don’t believe in God and as expected, Esther does her “Elizabeth I’m coming to join you” rendition. Daniel is kicked out and goes over to Fred’s house. By the end of the episode, Fred and Lamont jump to Daniels defense and turn into family counselors. The show gets real preachy and loses most of its comedic feel. Unfortunately, a lot of season sixth episodes would end this way.