Sanford and Son

Season 5 Episode 6

Brother, Can You Spare an Act?

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1975 on NBC



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    • (Smiley gets up to leave)
      Smiley: Well, that was nice, man. I'll see you around Fred. I had a good time today, man. That was really nice, singing that old song. Incidentally, thanks for the tipper.
      Fred: (following behind) Hey just a moment. Now we sang, reminisced, had fun and all that stuff, but the tipper, this is $10.
      Smiley: Oh yeah! Well, can I owe it to you?
      Fred: Oh no!
      (Smiley hands Fred the money)
      Fred and Smiley (singing): La dee dee, de la dee da, tis autumn!

    • Fred (to Frances): You married Baskin and Robbins' new flavor - Tootie Nut!

    • Ms. Hopkins: Well, I never!
      Fred: I can believe that!

    • Rodney (jumping): Well, foul, foul, foul!
      Fred (jumping): Foul, foul, foul?! I'll show you fowl. How would like a chicken up your nose?!

    • Lamont (comes in)
      Fred (singing): La dee dee, de la dee dum, tis dummy!!

    • Fred and Smiley (singing): La dee dee, de la dee da, tis autumn!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title alludes to the 1932 song, "Brother, can you spare a dime?" written by E.Y. Harburg and Jay Gorney.

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