Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 4

California Crude

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1976 on NBC

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  • Next thing you know ole Freds a millionaire!

    This is the second best episode of the sixth season which is not saying much. Once again, Fred has big dreams of becoming rich when he strikes oil in his vegetable garden. Anyone else besides me find this really hard to believe? Crude oil in a junkyard? Personally, I thought gold would have worked better in this situation. I guess I should just stop trying to make sense of this and stick to the review. There are a couple of good laughs in this episode. Aunt Esther does not make an appearance, but that does not stop Fred from getting in a shot. Check out the scarecrow he plants in the yard, a hilarious sight gag. Fred’s mildly amusing impersonation of a south central oil sheik also brings in a few snickers. It is just another of Fred’s many “whacky” personas that seem prevalent throughout the later series. The real oil sheik, Aram, is mainly a foil for Fred’s jokes. The other character from the show, Professor Miller, who had a previous appearance in the first season (The Great Sanford Siege) is extremely gullible as Fred cons him into buying a $15 shovel. Fred also manages to rip off Professor Miller for another $30 dollars for the right to dig in his junkyard. Of course the good professor has the last laugh as he makes an unexpected discovery. As stated earlier, this is one of the better episodes for the season, but it doesn’t compare to the worst episode from any of the first three seasons.