Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 8

Committee Man

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1976 on NBC
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Committee Man
Fred has been chosen to represent the Watt's businessmen on a community relatives committee and his first official decision is to allow the public library to be open an hour longer. However, his next decision doesn't seem to be so easy to decide after a crooked businessman tries to bribe Fred with $1000 to vote for a building expansion.moreless

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  • Fred becomes a member of the Mayors committee and is bribed by a unscrupulous businessman. Fred has to decide whether to do the right thing or yield to temptation and take the money.moreless

    This is a typical, uninspired episode from the sixth and final season which, by the way, fell completely out of the Nielsen television ratings top ten. Most of the jokes that are presented fall flat. The writing just does not measure up as compared to earlier seasons. I found myself entertained more by Fred’s character than the actual plot. I could manage only one chuckle for this episode and that was for Fred’s ill fitting, second hand business suit. Fritzi Burr appears again as Fred’s main antagonist in this episode. As usual, the name calling and insults are pretty unoriginal as Fred calls her a “bulldog” and “Trigger” (the wonder horse). Sosimo Hernandez appears as another recycled character (see episode 53: Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle) with his forgettable catch phrase, “I did no that”. It is easy to see with this episode that the show was pretty much done and was running on fumes. Despite the poor writing and acting that was displayed throughout the sixth season, I cannot give any Sanford and Son episode a really low rating, but the majority from this season are definitely in the bottom rung.moreless
Edward Andrews

Edward Andrews

Sam Jordon

Guest Star

Sosimo Hernandez

Sosimo Hernandez

Mr. Rodriguez

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Ronnie Schell

Ronnie Schell

Mr. Wilkens

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Don Bexley

Don Bexley

Bubba Bexley

Recurring Role

Fritzi Burr

Fritzi Burr

Mrs. Channing

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    • Mrs. Channing: How rude, rude, rude!
      Fred: Prude, prude, prude!

    • Fred: Then there's another ugly issue we have to deal with.
      Lamont: Oh yeah? What's that?
      Fred: Mrs. Channing.
      Lamont: Who?
      Fred: Mrs. Channing. That bulldog who sits next to me at the committee meetings. Ugly woman. UGLY woman. UUUUUUUUUUGLY Woman.
      Lamont: How ugly is she?
      Fred: She's so ugly, Son, if Moses had seen her, he's have parted her face too.

    • Mrs. Channing: Nay.
      Fred (looks around): Uh, say that again?
      Mrs. Channing: Nay, nay, nay! And you better vote the same way. Nay!
      Fred: Don't count on it, Trigger!

    • (Fred encounters Mrs. Channing)
      Fred: I don't believe it, a "White Esther"!

    • Fred: Well, I'm Fred G. Sanford, and the G stands for Guacamole...dip.

    • Mrs. Channing: Excuse me, Sir. Perhaps I can be of help to you. The doormen's convention is downstairs.
      Fred: Uh, perhaps I can be of help to you. The dogcatcher's on the way up.
      Mrs. Channing: Well, I never.
      Fred: Well, maybe if you tried wearing a mask.
      Mrs. Channing: Who are you?
      Fred: I happen to be Committeeman Fred G. Sanford...and the G is for "government"

    • Mrs. Channing: May I say you have the morals of a jackal!
      Fred: Yes, and may I say you have the face of a jackass!

    • Lamont: I'm so ashamed, I feel sick!
      Fred: (shakes fist) Well, take five of these and call me in the morning!

    • Sam Jordon: I'll be back to pick up the ashtray, check?
      Fred: Cash!

    • Sam Jordon: Do you have more curios in the back?
      Fred: No, we're all out of Curios, but how about a bowl of Special K?

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    • Lamont gives Fred a present to celebrate his new position on the committee. He says the gift is something every politician needs. Fred gets a big laugh when he asks if the gift is Elizabeth Ray.

      Elizabeth Ray was at the center of a highly publicized sex scandal in 1976. She had been hired as a secretary for Congressman Wayne Hays, but her actual duties were not typing and filing. She was only required to provide the Congressman with sexual favors.