Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 8

Committee Man

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1976 on NBC



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    • Mrs. Channing: How rude, rude, rude!
      Fred: Prude, prude, prude!

    • Fred: Then there's another ugly issue we have to deal with.
      Lamont: Oh yeah? What's that?
      Fred: Mrs. Channing.
      Lamont: Who?
      Fred: Mrs. Channing. That bulldog who sits next to me at the committee meetings. Ugly woman. UGLY woman. UUUUUUUUUUGLY Woman.
      Lamont: How ugly is she?
      Fred: She's so ugly, Son, if Moses had seen her, he's have parted her face too.

    • Mrs. Channing: Nay.
      Fred (looks around): Uh, say that again?
      Mrs. Channing: Nay, nay, nay! And you better vote the same way. Nay!
      Fred: Don't count on it, Trigger!

    • (Fred encounters Mrs. Channing)
      Fred: I don't believe it, a "White Esther"!

    • Fred: Well, I'm Fred G. Sanford, and the G stands for Guacamole...dip.

    • Mrs. Channing: Excuse me, Sir. Perhaps I can be of help to you. The doormen's convention is downstairs.
      Fred: Uh, perhaps I can be of help to you. The dogcatcher's on the way up.
      Mrs. Channing: Well, I never.
      Fred: Well, maybe if you tried wearing a mask.
      Mrs. Channing: Who are you?
      Fred: I happen to be Committeeman Fred G. Sanford...and the G is for "government"

    • Mrs. Channing: May I say you have the morals of a jackal!
      Fred: Yes, and may I say you have the face of a jackass!

    • Lamont: I'm so ashamed, I feel sick!
      Fred: (shakes fist) Well, take five of these and call me in the morning!

    • Sam Jordon: I'll be back to pick up the ashtray, check?
      Fred: Cash!

    • Sam Jordon: Do you have more curios in the back?
      Fred: No, we're all out of Curios, but how about a bowl of Special K?

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  • Allusions

    • Lamont gives Fred a present to celebrate his new position on the committee. He says the gift is something every politician needs. Fred gets a big laugh when he asks if the gift is Elizabeth Ray.

      Elizabeth Ray was at the center of a highly publicized sex scandal in 1976. She had been hired as a secretary for Congressman Wayne Hays, but her actual duties were not typing and filing. She was only required to provide the Congressman with sexual favors.