Sanford and Son

Season 5 Episode 12

Ebenezer Sanford

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1975 on NBC

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  • Christmas Review #54

    Fred is a Scrooge-like miser during the Christmas season and his friends try to get him to join into the Christmas spirit, but he rejects the attempts. After being accused of a being a Scrooge, Fred falls asleep and dreams up "A Christmas Carol." Now it is up to the spirits to take on the challenge that his friends failed at. I thought that this was an excellent Christmas episode of "Sanford and Son". It was a hilarious Christmas episode with a well written "A Christmas Carol" storyline. Now, usually the christmas carol-type episodes of tv shows are emotional but this one wasn't really emotional. The only part that was maybe a little sad was the part with the Ghost of Christmas Future when it showed Fred being alone and having nobody with him. It was very nice to see Fred as a younger kid and his mom when he was wit the Ghost of Christmas Past. Lamont playing all Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future was very funny. It was hilarious when Fred said "What are you supposed to be?... the statue of Liberatchi". Fred said a lot of lines in this Christmas episode that really cracked me up so most of the humor came from Fred. The closing bit of the episode with Fred Christmas caroling was very nice and it was also nice that we gave that boy 20 dollars instead of 10 dollars and that he met his parents. Overall, an excellent Christmas episode of "Sanford and Son"... it wasn't really emotional like I hoped it would be but it was sure hilarious. 10/10
  • A Sanford and Son rendition of the Charles Dicken's classic "A Christmas Carol".

    This is the only Christmas themed episode of the series 5 ½ year run. Like so many other sitcoms have done, this is a typical “Christmas Carol” remake but with a Sanford twist. Lamont played all three ghosts of Christmas. Personally, I think Aunt Esther would have made a great Ghost of Christmas Past. The jokes would have written themselves. As far as the ghost’s costumes are concerned, I know the Ghost of Christmas Present was a king and the Ghost of Christmas Future was an astronaut. Ghost of Christmas Past wore something that resembled old eight track tapes, which I guess was appropriate for the seventies. The special and visual effects were pretty average. A couple times you could hear Fred’s voice echo. The young actor who plays young “Fredsie” does a terrible exaggerated Sanford walk. The actor who played Ronnie Smalls would return next season as Aunt Esther’s adopted son. For me, the funniest moment was the scene with Christmas Future asking Fred why he thinks he has no friends or family. As usual, Fred gave a classic Sanford response. Also, you would think the Smalls family would have figured out those were second hand gifts. Oh well, I guess it is the thought that counts. Fred finishes the show with his very own rendition of “The Christmas Song” leaving everyone with one those heart felt endings for the holidays.
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