Sanford and Son

Season 2 Episode 21

Home Sweet Home for the Aged

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1973 on NBC
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Home Sweet Home for the Aged
Lamont breaks the news to Fred that he plans to join the crew of a tramp steamer and sail around the world. A shocked Fred gets another shock, Lamont plans on putting him in a retirement home.

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    Burt Mustin

    Burt Mustin

    Mr. Malloy

    Guest Star

    Maida Severn

    Maida Severn

    Miss Ecker

    Guest Star

    Cha-Cha Hogan

    Cha-Cha Hogan

    Old Man

    Guest Star

    Don Bexley

    Don Bexley

    Bubba Bexley

    Recurring Role

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      • Fred: Oh Bubba, I could kiss you...but first I'm gonna eat these ribs!

      • Fred: And the stealing. The stealing that goes on. It's horrible. He said one night a guy sneaks into his room and stole his false teeth out of the glass. And the next morning, he met him in the hall, and he smilled at him with his own teeth.

      • Miss Ecker: Well, welcome aboard Mr. Sanford. Just what this place needs: New blood.
        (Fred makes a mocking face at Miss Ecker)

      • Old Man: (to Fred) Hey old timer, what's happening?
        Fred: I'm having a fit, that's what happening!!
        (Fred and the old man continue arguing as Lamont tries to calm Fred down)

      • Miss Ecker: (suggesting things for Fred to do at the old folks home) Do you like leathercrafts? Perhaps you could make your son a wallet.
        Fred: When he comes home from his trip, he's gonna want a purse.

      • Miss Ecker: Is it full of clothes and miscellaneous? (referring to Fred's suitcase)
        Fred: No, it's full of wine bottles and a corkscrew. Didn't my son tell you, I'm a wino.

      • Lamont: Look here at this week's activities: Monday night: Bingo, Tuesday night: Dr. Tolbert on the causes and cures of constipation.
        Fred: Wednesday morning: BINGO!!

      • Lamont: Pop, I want to hear strange languages and see some strange people.
        Fred: You want to see some strange people? Then go to St. Louis and look up your mother's people.

      • Miss Ecker: I have a nice room next to your room. Won't that be cozy?
        Fred: Just so there is no funny business. See, you may be fully integrated but I ain't crossed that bridge yet.

      • Miss Ecker: You know we're fully integrated here.
        Fred: I know that you're fully something.

      • Miss Ecker: Oh, Mr. Malloy, I'd like you to meet our newest senior citizen, Mr. Sanford.
        Mr. Malloy: Hi! How would you like a nice game of shuffleboard?
        Fred: How would you like one across your lips?(Lamont holds Fred back trying to fight with his fists)
        Lamont: Maybe--maybe later, Mr. Malloy.
        Mr. Malloy: Eh?
        Lamont: Maybe later!
        Mr. Malloy: How much later? I'm 89 years old!
        Miss Ecker: We're going to get settled first, Mr. Malloy. We'll see you later!

      • Fred: Anything you say, Miss Okra.
        Miss Ecker: Uh, Ecker.

      • Fred: You could have a meal here and belch, and it wouldn't remind you of anything.

      • Miss Ecker: And what do we have in our bag?
        Fred: I don't know what we have in our bag, but I know what I have in my bag!

      • Fred: I don't want to wish you bad luck, but I hope your ships sinks ... with no lifeboat ... and no life preservers ... and a school of piranha surrounding you and closing in ... You big dummy!

      • Lamont: This will separate the men from the boys.
        Fred: Well, as long as you separate the men from the fruitcakes!

      • Lamont: What have I done and where have I been?
        Fred: You've been to Disneyland!

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