Sanford and Son

Season 3 Episode 19

Lamont Goes Karate

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1974 on NBC
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Lamont Goes Karate
Grady has been left in charge while Fred is visiting family in St. Louis and has promised to look after Lamont who comes home with a bloody nose, courtesy of Jo-Jo Jackson, after a fight over a woman. After taking a couple of karate lessons, Lamont goes back to the bar to confront Jo-Jo. However, a concerned Grady, decides tries to intervene.moreless

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Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones


Guest Star

Hugh Van Putten

Hugh Van Putten

Gus Thomas

Guest Star

Stan Haze

Stan Haze

Jo-Jo Jackson

Guest Star

Whitman Mayo

Whitman Mayo

Grady Wilson

Recurring Role

Nathaniel Taylor

Nathaniel Taylor

Rollo Lawson

Recurring Role

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    • Grady: Oh, you mean your instructor taught you enough so that you think you can go out there and fight Jo-Jo Jackson?
      Lamont: That's exactly right. He prepared me enough for a meeting with Jo-Jo Jackson.
      Grady: Well, I certainly hope he prepared you for a meeting with St. Peter.

    • Gus: Okay, suppose you're attacked by two dope fiends, and they both have 12-inch knives, and it's about 2:00 in the morning, and you're in a dead-end ally. All right, what do you do?
      Grady: I'd have a heart attack and drop dead.

    • Grady: Say, let me ask you something--They let you ride the bus with those pajamas on? (referring to the karate outfit)
      Gus: No, man, I drove over.

    • Grady: What--What is that you've got on?
      Lamont: Grady, this happens to be called a "Gi," and it's what you wear when you study karate.
      Grady: Oh, you look like you're going to open up a beauty shop. You look like a beautician.

    • Grady: Roscoe get out of the bologna!
      Rollo: Man my name is Rollo!

    • Karate teacher (gets on knees)
      Grady: Oh look now he's praying! You know what he's saying? 'Oh Lord, I hope my Blue Cross is paid up'"

    • Grady (sees Lamont with a bleeding nose): Good Googly Woo!

    • Grady: How do you pronounce that ... Karrrr ... ka ...?
      Karate Teacher: No, it's "Karate", Japanese word, it means "empty hand."
      Grady: Oh, well you'd have a better chance if you fill that empty hand with a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson!

    • Karate Teacher: Karate is the oldest form of self-defense known to man
      Grady: It aint older than running!

    • Lamont: Grady, what's the matter with you, this is bologna. You're supposed to put a piece of steak on a black eye!
      Grady: Well, as high as meat is today, you're lucky that's not a piece of hoghead cheese on your eye!

    • Grady: There is an ancient saying, "When you opponent is your best friend's son who cannot cook for himself, then he must eat what's put before him and learn to die well!" Sayonara!

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