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  • Fred ain't dead

    Fred Sanford and Al Bundy are the 2 greatest tv characters ever. Both have very flawed personalities but are nonetheless very funny and likeable. The only drawback to this show is the annoying bore Grady.
  • Great Classic

    As the first black sitcom in tv, Sanford and Son aired January 14, 1972.. two days after I was born! I enjoyed it as a kid and love it til this day. I have all 5 seasons on DVD and it still can be seen on TV One on Wednesdays and Saturdays!! I crack up til this day; Redd Foxx, Demons Wilson, and the entire cast made this show a forever classic and apart of American television history.
  • My Favorite TV Show

    Why does Sanford and Son no longer comes on TV? I used to rush home from work just to watch Fred and Lamont. Since I switched to Dish, I can not find not one episode. So disappointment :(.
  • When you think of Fred Sanford, you think of junk!

    Sanford & Son was a sitcom created from the fertile mind of Norman Lear & a hit for NBC from 1972-77. Redd Foxx plays the irascible junk man Fred Sanford, a widower who runs a junkyard with his son, Lamont portrayed by Demond Wilson who puts up with his father's shortcomings.

    Fred Sanford maybe in his twilight years, but his wit is sharp enough to cut down a California redwood. Fred also has some friends like the slow-witted Grady and jolly Bubba. He also has some not-quite enemies like Aunt Esther & Rollo.

    I first saw this show back in the 70's when it was rerun in the Summer on NBC & have become a huge fan since. Not all of the episodes are considered to be classic, but the show can be funny nonetheless.
  • Great...

    Sanford and Son first aired in January of 1972 on NBC as a mid-season replacement. The series was the second series created by the All in the Family creator, Norman Lear and it was based on the British sitcom, Steptoe and Son. Sanford and Son was the first sitcom that Lear created that had a cast composed mostly of African Americans. Lear would follow it up in 1974 with Good Times and The Jeffersons in 1975. Sanford and Son was also the only Lear sitcom that didn't air on CBS.

    Overall, 10/10 Great show
    Thats all for this review. . .
  • A grumpy old African American widower and his son run a junkyard in a Los Angeles suburb.

    One of the greatest and most influential TV shows in history. Fred Sanford is a fine speciman of a man; lying, cheating, drinking, and being annoying and abusive to everyone he comes into contact with, but still deep down a loving and passionate. Lamont, his long-suffering son, also has some rough edges, which really brings to light the fact that nobody is perfect, and sometimes you turn out being just like the company you keep. Really a great show, almost reminding me of an African American All in the Family. i highly recommend it for some great, and occasionaly incorrect humor.
  • This tv show was about junk. Well not exactly. Sanford and Son was a cool show for the working men and women out there trying to make ends meet. Father and son in the world of junk. Nothing but a good time. And lots of laughs if you grew up around there.

    Id like to start off and say ive seen most of these episodes from this great masterpiece that hollywood brought to me. Ive been a fan for along time. I have most of the seasons on dvd. This tv show spun off afew tv shows after it was off the air. This by far is a special one to me. I have many memories from this great show. Lots of laughs and goodtimes about Fred G Sanford and his son Lamont. I also had the pleasure of being friends to a guy named Chester Harvin who is similar to Redd Fox. It was sad when I heard about Redds passing. When Chester
    passed away last year. I thought of this show and many goodtimes with him. I know lifes not fair but this tv show will live on through me and friends and family. In my own words a great cast and influential show for the 1970s.
  • Sanford and Son is absultely the best

    Sanford and Son is the funnest show back in its time and still is to day. There has been nothing like it sence.Sanford and son is the perfect show for the whole family can watch.Its clean and absoultely funny.When the producers casted Redd Foxx to play the part of fred they couldnt of picked a better actor to do so.As they did for Demond Wilson who played Lamont. All the actors were great.But you really have to love Aunt Ester LaWanda Page Who played fred sister in law.Even though they hated each other they both did some pretty good things foe one and other from time to time
  • A true American Classic

    Next to Three's Company I think Sanford and Son was pretty decent. Sure allot of people today are going to score it low because its an old show. But the thing that makes it so great is the realistic humor! Red Foxx is a class act, almost everything this guy says is a riot! I'm only 21 years old and I know what your thinking "this show is for old people". Not really, see if you enjoy good humor? This show is for anyone! My favorite episode was Card sharps, Party Crasher, and I forget several others. Still I think this is the best Black American sit com there is. However there is some racial humor thrown in there every now and then. Fred seems to make jokes about Hispanics, Whites, And sometimes Asians. Still its not there to hurt peoples feelings since most of the audience is White.

    They don't make shows like this anymore but if your looking for something that'll make you laugh. I highly reccomend seeing this. There are at least 6 or 7 seasons in all.
  • This show was the result of the combination of Norman Lear's & Redd Foxx's genuis! An unbeatable combination!

    A cutting edge series, because it was Norman Lear's first comedy with African-American leads, & it was a HIT! Redd & Demond worked so well together, that it was hard to believe they weren't father & son. Redd was always good at milking a laugh for all it was worth, without crossing the line, & this being a Lear show, he had plenty of good opportunities! I can't recall an episode that didn't make me laugh! The supporting characters of Grady, Rollo, Aunt Esther, Donna, Woody, & Melvin were fantastic additions to the show! Great show - take a look!
  • I liked this show, Fred was mostly the show

    this show was hilarious, the good ole catch phrases like, "I'm coming Elizabeth" made this show hilarious, and his interactions with people, especially people like the character of Aunt Esther. Sure is seems wrong and kind of like he is exploiting African Americans with a white guy to write a comedy like this, as well as Good Times, and things like that, but it was a really good show, and I think everyone got it. I'm not sure how true to life it was or any of his shows are, but they are entertaining, and even though like most liberals in Hollywood it had a bias, he still showed two sides to every story or situation, more than most directors did or do now.
  • Fred G, and the g stand s for gone...

    I only say that cause it is really gone, and it stood for so many things, did it ever stand for something that was not what fred thought it should of stood for? Red Foxx, back in days had to brought out all the comedy that ever body was looking for from a sket of humor just to watch, what was it three years of episodes and alot of reruns to watch and and I know I have seen them all, who could of thought that fred and ester would of made the show so great to watch, did you ever think that you could of had so many defintions for uglyness, he sure thought of them all for her, and we cant forget about ole Grady, im sorry, crazy Grady, and did he ever come up with some unusual things, and then there was a bubba, and him and fred could always find a way to get into some trouble, and lamount that had the head on his shoulders to take care of that impire that they had, the legecy that fred knew he had in just that one little yard, I could of imangine in the days when it was on people glued to there tv sets just for that next night of sanford and son, thanks Mr. Foxx for the good comedy you brought to us for generations to come.
  • Sanford and Son is one of my favorite sitcoms also

    I love this show. It's about a father and his son living in a antique shop in the ghetto of L.A. selling junk and renting out apratment rooms to get by. However, the son came about by the Father marrying the love of his life Elizabeth. However, disatisfied Sister Ester constantly comes around bugging Sanford and Sanford always threaten her with wither his fist, gun or insult. Also, she comes around to be nosy and include Sanford in her church events, while at the same time, visiting her "favorite nephew" Lamont. This show is a 70s classics. I love the punch lines. For some reason, no matter how often Foxx and Lear utilized the same puchlines, they never got old. Also, I beleive was plot was decent. Sanford and Son was and still is excellent.
  • Richard Pryor was asked by Redd Foxx to help shape the character of Fred Sanford and the results are legendary. He even co-wrote two episodes.

    I wish they would issue a deluxe edition of this series on DVD with all the bells and whistles--never or rarely seen footage of Redd Foxx winning the Golden Globe Best Actor award, promos, everything! One regret I have is that the show rarely showed them working. If they're supposed to be junk dealers I would have liked to see them working more. Where was the cash register(s)? Who did their taxes? (Although they did, I recall, had an episode that kinda' addressed that). Did they ever have blue light specials? I saw this auto parts place in Chicago that had certain parts organized in their yard--car doors here, etc. How come Sanford & Son never had their yard organized in that fashion? It seems if you had a business and a residence on the same property there would be more separation of the two. You know, I wanted to stop at 34 words but a window came up and said I had to have at least 100 words. Yeah, I know it's now around 230 but hey when you get going you just keep going. By the way, I know they have something like that on the last season DVD but you've got to buy that awful last season. The first 3 seasons are the great ones with some bright moments here and there in all the season sets.
  • I've only seen it a few times, but as classic TV goes, S&S is just OK

    Fred Sanford, played by Red Foxx was the perfect casting choice. I can't picture anyone else in this role but him. Also perfectly cast was the role of Aunt Esther. I can't really speak for the rest of the characters like Lamont and Grady, because they really didn't make that much of an impression on me. This show premiered before my time, and I've only seen a few ep's-but what I've seen was just OK. A few funny moments from the best 2 characters on the show , but other than that, not too many LOL moments.
  • It is a show that reminds you of how simple the times use to be

    It is a show that reminds you of how the times you use to be. You could turn on sanford and son and begin to laugh just from listening to his voice and the way him and lamont would go at it. when fred would grab his heart and say this is the big one elizabeth I am coming to join you. or how he was always calling lamont a big dummy. No matter what fred was up to most of the time lamont would be against it or Esther didnt agree with it. No matter what he could always make you laug
  • Sanford and Son ran for six seasons from 1972-1977. starring comedian Redd Foxx and actor Demond Wilson. The show faced its ups and downs but still managed to tape 6 seasons. Great Show!

    this show happens to be one of my personal favorites. the chemistry between stars \"redd foxx\" and demond wilson is emmaculate. although in 1974 when redd foxx walked out of the sanford and son set, everybody didn\'t think that the show would make it much futher, but i must say that actor, whitman mayo did a splendid job filling in for redd foxx. to me, this show really portrays what we as african americans experience in middle class america. I also salute redd foxx for not forgetting his roots and getting recurring roles for his old cronies he used to do stand-up comedy with on the \"chitlin circuit.\" all the actors on that show are to be commended wheather they are dead or alive in my opinion.
  • Sanford And Son

    Funny, Funny, Funny! I've always enjoyed this show since I was a kid. This show would make anyone sad, laugh. Redd Foxx is a very good actor. I was so glad when they brong this show back. The whole cast did a very good job and I want more. Aunt Estha will have you laughing out of your chair.
  • Redd Foxx stars as a antique Junkyard owner and Demond Wilson of 'Praise the Lord's Guest list on TBN recently posed as Fred's partner teaching him the values of Love and heroism.

    This Program on TV Land Network aired on WESH
    from 1973-1976 Live before a studio
    audience and Aired in re-runs every Friday throughout the early 2000s on TV 20, the former
    WB affiliate serving Detroit since 1994. 227's
    Hal Williams did numerous guest appearances
    during seasons 2-4 now airing on Sony DVD.
    Foxx was outrageously dangerous around ladies
    that are of African-American ethnicity in the
    Mid-1970s. It was a mix-up of Norman Lear's
    outbursts on a different colorized network
    around the USA.
  • The funniest TV Land show, next to Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, and What's Happening!!. One thing that makes it so great is the best, funniest, most memorable lines.

    The funniest TV Land show, next to Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, and What's Happening!!.
    One thing that makes it so great is the best, funniest, most memorable lines:
    Fred: The name's Fred G. Sanford and the "G" is for "__________" (he said so many, I can't remember any)
    Bubba: I Wany My Daddy's Records!
    Fred: (to aunt Esther)I'll stick your face in dough, and make gorrila cookies!
    Fred: How would you like one across the lips!
  • This was a touching show. I loved it.

    Besides Good Times. This was my second favorite.
    Pop, Grady, Lamont, Bubba and Esther touched my heart. I still watch and laugh at all the comedy.
    It was a real show. We need to keep it on the air.
    I wonder where some of the characters are now.
    I know Redd Foxx is deceased. But I would like to know where everyone is located.
  • Man how funny can a show be ? Sanford and Son rules Lamont and father Fred G. Sanford getting into all kinda junk. Anyone who watches will do all kinda laughing.

    What a fantastic show ! Fred Sanford and his big dummy son Lamont are junk dealers and these guys get into all kinds of trouble and fights.

    Plenty of insults to make you laugh, great comedy and great tv. Dont miss this show, its the big one !

    What a super buy on the box sets. Hi my name is Fred G Sanford and the G is for GREAT !

  • I also hate this show.

    This show is very old--and boring. It takes place in an old house filled with junk and a bitter old man who hates his sister in law. He often says "You So Ugly, You White.". I never understood why he did that. It's like a cheap version of Green Acres. The Show's title is also a sign on the roof of a building, they also live in an old house, and Both have angry cranky people that are just plain mean...well, Fred Sanford is meaner. He has a buisness, and he owns an apartment complex. And the same thing happens on each show. I can't stand his meanness, and I really didn't think that kind of meannness existed, or anyone could be that mean.
  • All I can say that this is the only show on TV Land that's better than The Andy Griffith Show,All in the Family,and Leave it to Beaver combined.

    This show makes me bust a gut every single time I watch it.And I hope it does the same to everyone else who watches it.But it's mostly Fred's insults towards Ester that make me laugh.Some of my favorite quotes are:

    Fred:Your face is wanted in three different states for indecent exposure!

    Fred:Donna,get on out of here.And take that horse (Ester) with you.
  • Sanford And Son is a fun comedy With Fred Lamont Bubba Aunt Esther And Grady "My Favorite" Just an old fun owner of a junkyard and his son with all his friends.

    I love Sanford And Son!!!! it's just a fun show you would love to watch on a sick day or tivo just all the funny antics of fred lamont and bubba they own a junkyard and fred says this alot "You Big Dummy!" and alot of funny back a forth battles.