Sanford and Son

NBC (ended 1977)





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  • This tv show was about junk. Well not exactly. Sanford and Son was a cool show for the working men and women out there trying to make ends meet. Father and son in the world of junk. Nothing but a good time. And lots of laughs if you grew up around there.

    Id like to start off and say ive seen most of these episodes from this great masterpiece that hollywood brought to me. Ive been a fan for along time. I have most of the seasons on dvd. This tv show spun off afew tv shows after it was off the air. This by far is a special one to me. I have many memories from this great show. Lots of laughs and goodtimes about Fred G Sanford and his son Lamont. I also had the pleasure of being friends to a guy named Chester Harvin who is similar to Redd Fox. It was sad when I heard about Redds passing. When Chester
    passed away last year. I thought of this show and many goodtimes with him. I know lifes not fair but this tv show will live on through me and friends and family. In my own words a great cast and influential show for the 1970s.