Sanford and Son

Season 5 Episode 10

Sanford and Rising Son

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1975 on NBC

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  • One of my favorites, has a better mix of story and classic Redd Foxx delivery than some of the weaker episodes.

    After being impressed with Ah Chew's cooking, Fred decides to go into the Asian dining business.

    As much as I like some "Sanford and Son" episodes, it always came of as more or less disjointed when I watched it, not as integrated as "All in the Family" and more centered around set-ups for Redd Foxx. This is an example of one with a stronger story but still with the good lines.

    Fred and Ah Chew decide to open a Japanese diner in the Sanford home, good comedy ensues when Bubba is made the loud but hopeless "waiter" and "valet" Hutch is wrecking cars off camera. My favorite lines involve Fred describing the look of the food as "low tide at Long Beach" and how the "Oriental Express" entree could cause someone to be "loose in the caboose". Pat Morita (swinging around the 70s sit-com circuit) is pretty restrained in this installment.

    Caroll O'Connor may have been a more convincing fictional character but he couldn't match Foxx's well-honed stand-up delivery. Which is what made this series watchable, despite the supporting actors sometimes being made to stand around and struggle to stage Fred Sanford's routines.
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