Sanford and Son

Season 5 Episode 5

Steinberg and Son

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The creator of Steinberg and Son Bernie Taub takes his name from the two writers of the episode: Bernie Orenstein and Saul Turteltaub.

  • Quotes

    • Saul: Mr. Sanford, to begin with, there seems to be a question as to whether you're entitled to the million dollars.
      Fred: To begin with, there's a question as to whether you're entitled to your teeth!

    • Studio Announcer: Do we have any last minute questions before the show starts?
      Fred: Where's my million dollars?

    • Steinberg (clutching onto chest): You hear that Naomi? I should have had a heart attack after Murray graduated High School.

    • Studio Announcer: Can you please sit down...
      Esther: Don't worry 'bout sittin down; I'll sit down when I get to my seat!!

    • Bubba: The characters on that show are a lot like you. There's the grouchy father, the dumb son, the ugly sister-in-law and the stupid bungling friend. (looks at Grady)
      Grady (Sarcastically): You're too hard on yourself, Bubba.

    • Fred: If you're gonna write a story about my life, why don't you make it black - about black people - and call it Sanford and Son?
      Bernie: Sanford and Son? It would never make it!

    • Steinberg: Hello, you!
      Fred: Hello, me!

    • Rollo: I'd hate to knock him out!
      Fred: I'd hate to knock him out too, but I don't hate to knock you out!

    • Fred: I plead non compus mentus, and I apologize to your habeas and your corpus!

    • Fred: Hello, Beautiful.
      Esther: Oh, you called me "beautiful."
      Fred: No. I'm looking at the junkyard!

    • Ethel: I'm sorry. What was the line?
      Esther: FISH-EYED FOOL!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on September 12, 1975.

    • Steinberg and Gaby's Monster Movies of the week:
      "Godzilla Comes Over for Passover"
      "Gork Gets Bar Mitzvah'd"

    • Robert Guillaume is better known for his role on Benson.

    • John Larroquette is better known for his role on Night Court.

    • In this rare opportunity, we get to see the whole Sanford and Son set complete with cameras, microphones, the studio audience, and the studio creating the illusion that Fred and Lamont are going to a taping of Steinberg and Son.

      Additionally, the first few bars of the Sanford and Son main title theme is also heard during the on-the-set scenes of the taping of Steinberg and Son. Grady also hums the NBC signature three-note 'chimes' theme.

  • Allusions

    • When the television announcer announces a new television comedy called "All in the Family Way", he alludes to All in the Family, also a Norman Lear show.

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