Sanford and Son

Season 2 Episode 6

The Card Sharps

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1972 on NBC

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  • This is one of the funnier episodes in the series in my opinion. Fred pulls a fast one on Lamont and his stuck-up buddies, and then Fred's buddy pulls a fast one on him. Quite a few changes and twists in the plot, anda pretty original ending.

    Lamont, Rollo, Julio, and their big friend "Arms" Crowley decide to put a card game together and Fred wants to play. However, Lamont denies Fred's request due to Fred being a horrible poker player and always short on money. At the same time, Fred's old pal (a professsional gambler) stops into town. He lets Fred know that he is done with the hustling business, but for Fred he will do one more hustle so Fred can prove a point, while playing a joke on Lamont and company. However, after Fred's friend beats the pants off the regular players (Julio, Rollo, and Arms), Fred lets them in on the joke. After admitting they probably deserved it, they ask for their money back, but when Fred goes to the bathroom to see what is taking his friend so long, he realizes his old pal slipped out the window and is not coming back. Now it is up to Fred to get them there money back before "Arms" Crowley does a number on Fred.