Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 1

The Hawaiian Connection (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1976 on NBC

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  • Trouble in (The land of) paradise?

    I have to count this 3-parter as a single episode, which falls into my Top 10 at the #10 position, despite the fact that Redd Foxx seems to be a little off his stride, with his performance. These episodes came toward the end of the series, and it's just possible that Foxx had other things on his mind – Like getting out of 'Sanford And Son', and going on to do his own variety series – Which affected his performance. But, this 'mini-series-within-a-series' is very different, and it's a lot of fun to watch, due, in part, to it's Love Boat-like guest cast of familiar TV faces. There's Sheldon Leonard of 'Big Eddie', Greg Morris of 'Mission Impossible', David Huddleston of 'Petrocelli', Theodore Wilson of 'That's My Mama', and James Gregory of 'Barney Miller'. And, as if that weren't enough, we have the voluptuous Barbara Rhoades – Later, of 'Soap', and 'Busting Loose' – As a ditzy gun moll, Pat Paulsen as an even ditzier Cop, and, with frequent Guest Stars Frank Nelson ("A-yyyesssss") and Fritzi Burr thrown in for good measure. And, of course, what made-in-Hawaii TV episode would be complete, without an appearance of Don Ho? Saul Turteltaub and Bernie Orenstein (Who, incidentally, puts in a brief Cameo, as a Honolulu Cabbie) put together an excellent script, but Alan Rafkin, it seems, should have tried a little harder, to get better performances out of the Actors – Especially Foxx, whose performance is lackluster, at best. But, the story, itself, the Guest Cast, and the Hawaiian locale make up for most of it's short-comings, and some good laughs help out a lot. In fact, the scene at the pool – After Fred asks the Japanese-Brooklynite what he's going to tell his friends, in Tokyo – Is the best laugh in the whole show. Years ago, I edited all 3 episodes into one seamless, 60+-minute 'mini-movie', and that's the best way to watch it. But, all-in-all, these are good episodes any way you watch them.
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