Sanford and Son

Season 6 Episode 18

When John Comes Marching Home

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1977 on NBC

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  • Lamont's pending engagement is in jeopardy as Janet's ex husband returns for a second chance at romance.

    This episode is important only from a continuity standpoint in that it ends Lamont and Janet’s engagement storyline from the previous season. One thing that has bothered me about this entire engagement storyline was why would someone as fine as Janet want a 35 year old junkman who lives at home with his father? Her ex-husband must have really messed her up. Speaking of the ex-husband, John comes across as a really nice guy with the added maturity to speak with Lamont man to man. It is hard to hate a guy who only wants a second chance to be a faithful husband and a good father to his son. Unfortunately, this episode’s serious tone puts more focus on the storyline making it more of a drama than a comedy. This episode mirrors most of the other second rate season six episodes with very little humor presented. Of course there is the usual and predictable “Fred versus Esther” insult exchange. The confrontation with John at the bar is barely amusing as the late Frank Nelson, makes his sixth and final appearance on the show and does his usual “Yesssss” shtick. Fred gets the best laugh of the episode--his reaction was priceless when John touches his hand at Janet’s house. All and all, the series was coming to an end and regrettably so were the laughs.
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