Sanford - Season 1

NBC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • The Benefit
    The Benefit
    Episode 14
    Evelyn is trying to book a celebrity for her Children's Welfare charity and she remembers that Sammy Davis volunteered a year ago. On that information, Fred disguises himself as the Cello (Bass violin) player. After trying to hold Sammy to his year-old promise to perform, he mysteriously doesn't show up at the benefit. The guests start to get restless and Fred ends up dressing like Sammy Davis and pretending to be him to keep them happy. The real Sammy Davis then walks in on Fred's act, explains that his car broke down and that is why he was late, and the two sing Chicago (That Tottlin' Town) together.moreless
  • Cal's Diet (2)
    Cal's Diet (2)
    Episode 13
    Fred, Rollo, and Cliff take Cal to a singles bar where he meets a meter maid. Cal and the lady date, but the woman ends up not really liking Cal because he is so fat. She tells Fred that that is the reason why she won't go out with him anymore. After that, Fred sticks up for Cal and when he breaks the news to him about the girl, it's back to the refrigerator for him.moreless
  • Cal's Diet (1)
    Cal's Diet (1)
    Episode 12
    Upset about being single, Cal decides to move back to Texas. He asks Fred for the $2000 he invested in the junk business at the beginning. Fred then suggests that Cal go on a diet and that he might look attractive after losing some pounds. Well Cal starts the diet, but it starts to get too hard for him.moreless
  • Cissy and the Nephew
    Everyone is ending up at Sanford's. Cliff, Aunt Esther's son moves in with Fred while he is going to college. Cissy, Evelyn's daughter stays the night because she and her mom had a fight. When Cal tries to sleep on the couch, his fat body breaks the couch and sleeping areas are severely limited. I mean so limited that Fred and Cal end up having to share a bed. Eventually nobody gets any sleep.moreless
  • The Ring
    The Ring
    Episode 10
    After three months of going with Evelyn, Fred decides to get her a ring. After the jewelry store is robbed, the ring that Fred wants to buy her accidentally falls in his hat. After getting home, Fred realizes that the ring is stuck to his hair. When Fred calls the officers over to tell them about the ring, the officers tell Fred that the store doesn't care about the stolen jewelry since they can collect on the insurance money. However with the ball in Fred's court completely, he decides what the best thing is to do.moreless
  • Perfect Husband
    Perfect Husband
    Episode 9
    Evelyn is depressed because she is haunted by the memories of her late husband John. Fred then talks her into talking about him and bringing her memories of him back to life. Fred all of a sudden starts to get a little jealous because she starts talking about him too much. Fred then ends up going home and looking over wedding photos of him and Elizabeth, and after talking to Cal, he goes to Evelyn and says that she needs to let go of him.moreless
  • Retrospective (2)
    Retrospective (2)
    Episode 8
    Fred and Cal continue to reminisce. Evelyn finally gets a note that Winston left her about the situation and she comes to bail Fred out of jail. A cop then tells the two that they are free to go and that the goods that were in Fred's truck were stolen by a real thief. Mad at the cops for making their mistake and costing them the goods, Fred gets angry and the cops lock him up least until he cools off.moreless
  • Retrospective (1)
    Retrospective (1)
    Episode 7
    Evelyn gives Fred and Cal some things that she doesn't want anymore before she goes out with her maid. The cops all of a sudden arrest the two thinking that they are stealing from the posh building. After the arrest, Fred calls Evelyn's place and Winston answers the phone. After Fred talks and explains the conditions to Winston, Winston laughs and hangs up on him. As the two are in jail, they reminisce about past episodes from this season.moreless
  • Younger Than Springtime Am I
    A salesman cons Fred into marketing a fountain-of-youth pill.
  • Dinner at George's
    Dinner at George's
    Episode 5
    Evelyn attempts to contribute money to the costs of an expensive date.
  • The Still of the Night
    Fred and Winston open a business together.
  • The Meeting (3)
    The Meeting (3)
    Episode 3
    Fred attempts to trick Evelyn into terminating their engagement.
  • The Meeting (2)
    The Meeting (2)
    Episode 2
    Fred accidentally overhears Evelyn's friends making fun of him.
  • The Meeting (1)
    The Meeting (1)
    Episode 1
    Fred delivers merchandise to a widow, only to discover she is rich.