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Sanjay and Craig

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From the creators of Bobs Burgers and The Adventures of Pete and Pete comes a new show created by Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell, and Andreas Trolf Comes Sanjay and Craig. Sanjay and Craig is about a 12 year old human name Sanjay who wants to find a pet. so he went to the pet store and found a talking snake, And the perfect match was made Sanjay and Craig are the most epic and awesome best friends ever. the best friends always go on wild and crazy adventure with lots of crazy and hilarious action pack adventures with their two friends Hector, and Megan, they all go to random and crazy places and also do random and crazy stuff and that makes a perfect friend ship, But no one could find out Craig could talk.

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AIRED ON 11/22/2014

Season 2 : Episode 21

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Fan Reviews (103)

  • Nick is dead now...

    One of the worst animated shows what i've seen

    The jokes really suck, i doesn't has sense. I give it a 0/10

    The animation is poor, and terrible. I give it a 0/10

    The voice acting aslo sucked, as worse than "Ben 10: Omniverse". I give it a 0/10

    Final rating: 0/10

    "A rip-off of "Regular Show" and "Bob's Burgers""
  • What the actual fuck did you come up nick?

    In my opinion this show is even worse than breadwinners, I have watched the theme song, but not the episodes yet. I must admit, Gross humor is no longer funny NICK! it's okay for once in a while but TOO MUCH is a NO NO! I saw a image of a episode screenshot called "Fart baby" I don't want to realize how actually disgusting that episode might be. A 12 year old boy can't be pregnant! It's actually dangerous to be pregnant when you are just a little boy! HOW COME the creators of Bob's burgers work on THIS!? Were the writers were stupid enough to create this bad show!? I just heard this got a third season, I agree with Disney4life, this show seriously needs to be a final season because everybody HATES it!

    This show is even forcing me to laugh at this shit.

    Please nick, I beg you. Bring back old nick shows like catscratch & ren and stimpy! etc; This idea is overused in their shows nowadays, I'm refusing to watch nick shows till they get uphill and get better!

    Bob's burgers was better than this piece of crap! The plot is most likely random and characters are EVEN unlikeable. That show has 96% of butt jokes, toilet jokes, pee jokes, fart jokes, and poop jokes!

    SANJAY AND CRAIG!? Who thought of that name!? I highly bet they took 6 minutes of their life wasting time by making this show by coming up random names. NOT FUNNY NICK!

    I'm gonna edit this review as when I will able to watch sanjay and craig since everyone hates it.

    So don't hold your breath on new nick shows, Believe with your eyes. It's HORRIBLE and AWFUL


    EDIT AGAIN: I have watched an episode called "MUSCLE COPS' It's awful. If you want to forget this awful show, watch "Dexter's Laboratory" "The powerpuff girls" "Old Spongebob" and "Clarence" Instead of this piece of shit, There is even a single character spanks his own butt and farts.



    I don't know why people actually like this.

    Remember in the golden age, There was many great cartoons and memorable in their childhoods, What

    happened to Nick and cartoon network! All of it officially died! CartoonWizard123, I do not know why you LIKE THIS CARTOON! And disney4life, Can you review uncle grandpa and rate it 1.0? I heard this is one of the worst shows on cartoon network

    EDIT: Can someone tell me that Roletiderole hasn't killed herself!?

    NEWEST EDIT 11/18/14 : SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE! Now i'm back!

    and Greeny Phatom's profile for this is now removed.... seriously?

    I also hate MLP;fim just to let u knowmoreless
  • Now they've done it.

    I mean, a bad rating from me means that this is a pure animated atrocity. The animation is a bit stiff and awkward, the plot can almost never be summarized, and the humor is about as horrendously disgusting as the Internet itself. But above all, you've actually seen it. Even if you haven't realized.

    You see, and boy and his talking pet going on crazy and maybe stupid quests? Sounds like the average dose of Adventure Time to me. And this may have been actually a decent it weren't for the absolutely immature, adult, and just plain gross humor.

    It's packed with toilet and adult humor, not to mention getting #2 past the radar. For example, on the episode Scream Day, Hector said that Craig's voice, and I quote, went through the back door. I mean, really. The back door. Nickelodeon, you should be ashamed.

    Not to mention, in Glad To Be Sad, one of the albums in the last scene of the background was labeled Jack then the a-word. Next to the label was the donkey-like animal called (the a-word). I don't care if it's that kind. THERE WAS A SUBLIMINAL SWEAR IN A NICKELODEON CARTOON.

    Speaking of swears, there's a lot of profanity in some of the lower reviews, so read at your own risk.

    This show lost it's chance. I would ONLY watch it to see the absolute madness of it or if I'm COMPLETELY bored. Nickelodeon, why? Why must you do this to what used to be such an amazing channel?

    Oh, and if you're wondering why there's no more Spongebob at the moment, it's probably because the voicer of Spongebob is voicing Sumo on Clarence.

    Nickelodeon, you need to get back on track, and I'll watch a lot of your channel. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Avatar: The Last Airbender to catch up to.

    Overall Rating: 1/10

    Just. Atrocious. T_T

    Edit (11/28/14): A newer episode, named Fartwerk, has been said to be about the two creating a symphony of, you guessed it, farts. I haven't seen the episode yet, but from just the title, I can tell Nickelodeon is losing it. Plus, I can see a subliminal message in the title of the episode.

    (@alyssapaigeb) Either you're trolling us or you're just seeing it from a perception of the channel and not the fans.moreless
  • Making kids cry??

    Had my 4 year old daughter in tears, she was concerned that they had lost the baby. After assuring her that they didn't lose the baby that it was "acting" and "not real", she calmed down some. Five minutes later she came back crying again asking me to turn it off, that she didn't like it.

    I actually recorded the episode, because I was on an important phone call with my job when all this happened. I have her trained to look at the age rating on the guide and this had a 4 year old rating, because she was excited that she could watch it. She has never done this with any other show. I need to go watch what the hell this show was all about now. Not cool Nick, making kids cry... not good!!moreless
  • Wish I could give a "0" rating

    This is the absolute worse show on Nick. I have to turn my kid's televisions when its time for this show to come on because it is just so repulsing. Nick should be ashamed of themselves showing a cartoon like this on their station that is as disgusting as this show is. Never will this show be found on any televisions in my house and get any ratings from here. About the only thing missing to being close to Beavis and Butthead is that there is not cussing, but the actions of the cartoon characters aren't much better!!! At least Beavis and Butthead was on MTV and not a kid's cartoon channel though!!moreless
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