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Sanjay and Craig

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From Jim Dirschberger, Andreas Trolf, and Jay Howell, the animators of Bob's Burgers, and the producers of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, comes the adventures of Sanjay and Craig. Sanjay and Craig follows the adventures of a human boy named Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy) and his best friend/pet talking snake Craig. Sanjay and Craig's suburban hijinks require that "nobody finds out that Craig can talk".

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AIRED ON 11/2/2013

Season 2 : Episode 1

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Season 2 : Episode 1

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  • My previous review was removed

    Wooow really these bastards removed my review. If you can't handle the harsh truth then don't make a shitty show. Its called a review so we can give you our honest opinion.
  • Oh my god

    Like what the fuck, really? Why? This show is THE WORST show I have ever seen! So the whole point is to make people grossed out and gag? The first episode I watched or tried to watch, I almost threw up! Please stop these pointless, un-amusing, nasty shows!!! It has a very poor art style and animation, I don't know anyone who likes it one bit, it's just plain bad.
  • Unbelievable

    This piece of *** show got a THIRD WTF Nickelodeon?!

    My rating: 0. But 1 is the highest rating I can give it.
  • Second thoughts with this show.

    I take back everything I said previously with this show. I'm now starting to think this show isn't as good as I remember it. This show is kind of a ripoff of SpongeBob, with Sanjay being SpongeBob, Craig being Patrick, and (correct me if I spell this wrong) Noodman being Squidward. Not to mention the frycade is the krusty krab. I just don't know why I ever liked this. I was a dumb kid when I was 12. I'm 13 now, and it has been a year since this show released. Definitely not as bad as Breadwinners or Johnny Test, but still bad.moreless
  • This is when Nick started going south in popularity..

    Why the heck did they renew this trash for a SECOND SEASON?! Just like Disney4life, this show is worse than breadwinners! I watched one episode and i hated it (Pilot). I don't get how did they PASS the storyboard/ratings board to include a BUTT TRANSPLANT.... It's even worse than Krabs driving Plankton to suicide in One Coarse Meal! Hopefully, it will get cancelled after it's second season.

    EDIT ON JUNE 25th: Did i hear it got a THIRD season? IT CANNOT BE!!!!moreless

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