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  • Disgusting

    Take this stupid Idiot off the air NOW!
  • Underrated show. Highly recommend seasons 2 and 3. 1 is alright

    The show is tolerable, it doesn't do anything heinous, it's just a little bland and doesn't have that many funny jokes. I think this show would be much better if the writers actually knew how to do toilet humor.

    It's going to get a 5/10


    Just watched Season 2 and Season 3, they're really good seasons with less toilet humor and better stories. They're not funny, but they're amusing and interesting.
  • Meh. Not too good Not too bad

    I do like this show when it started up, but after about 10 episodes It was just getting kinda dull. Sanjay is just a butt obsessed weirdo who isn't really bright, and Craig is his "friend" who seemed like a complete copy of Bloo from Foster's home for imaginary friends. And I feel like this show is just a copy breadwinners that somehow has more fart jokes, vomit jokes, and any stupid joke you could think of. But honestly, this show really isn't that bad. Some of these episodes are okay and kinda creative. But its not my favorite.
  • Disgusting and unbearable to watch

    Nickelodeon aim at young kids how would young kids appeal at this grossness. This is like fanboy and chum chum but just as disgusting!
  • Great show

    The nick version of regular show.

    The creators should be ashamed of themselves for putting this steaming pile of shit on tv. And I thought Fanboy & Chum Chum had disgusting toilet humor. WARNING: If you don't want to lose your lunch, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOW!
  • Oh, another awful Nickelodeon series! Let me write a bad review of it!

    This is a piece of fart jokes. The plots are inapporopriate. The problem is also because of the problematic cast. Don't waste your time on this piece of junk. Go watch Regular Show instead.
  • It's alright.

    First season was good, second was alright... the third season and beyond is and will be disgusting humor.
  • Very Average...

    Disgusting and Gross at times, but it's pretty bareable to watch not like "Breadwinners"
  • A Great Show

    Sanjay and Craig is a pretty funny show, and it is probably one of the best Nickeloden cartoons I have ever seen. I do admit it can be stupid at times, but it is still pretty funny and some episodes are creative, and it is pretty good. Not every episode as gross humor too. My favorite episodes are Glad to be Sad, Laugh Quake, Maximum Dennis, Power Outage Episode, The Giving G, Consiquator, and Traffical Island and all of these episodes really do not have that much gross humor in them. It reminds me of Regular Show and Adventure Time in a way because of it's humor but it is a pretty good show.
  • This Show Is not that bad

    Season 1 was really mixed with Old Farts,Fart Baby and Unbarfable but it had gems like Traffical Island,Partybot,Game On! and A Tail of Two Slithers.

    Season 2 is a different story with Fartwerk and other bombs.

    Season 3 I'm done for.

    The show is medicore to me.

    UPDATE 12/1/2015 One more bomb(Guitar Zeros)and one more gem (Alien Guitar Zeros it is FULL of filler.
  • Not for kids

    Why just just why?
  • great show nick !

    i like this show so much even it's have gross stuff i don't liked but it have good things
  • lol butts are so funny

    i love this show it is one of the most inspirational shows ever it is better than crap like arthur, spongebob, and american dad which are all crap like south park watch this it is better than god himself
  • Went downhill after the first season

    This show has gone downhill. The episodes are starting to feel dry and humorless. There's still a gem here and there but this show really needs to end soon. They're running out of ideas.

    The first season was pretty good. It had it's duds like Maximum Dennis, Fart Baby, You're In Trouble, Flip Flopas, and Chill Bill, but it was overall a pretty good season. The episodes that were good made me laugh a lot. 7.5/10

    The second season started off really strong with A Tale of Two Slithers, which is my favorite episode of season 2 by the way, but by this point the episodes started getting stale and boring. It had some good ones of course, but most of them were either boring or disappointing. It wasn't bad, but it was just mediocre. 4.5/10

    The third season has been bad. The episodes are now getting even more boring and disappointing. Street Dogg so far has been the only gem. There's been a lot of terrible episodes this season such as Fowl Work, Rash Thrash, Snake Parts Unknown, Flabrynth, and Hot Heads. So far, Street Dogg and Dangerous Debbie has been the only good episodes this season. 2.5/10

    I'm worried that the fourth season will be even worse. I have low hopes for how Season 4 will be.

    There are two ways the badness will stop:

    Way A: If the show gets cancelled after season 3 or 4.

    Way B: If Season 4 is good.

    And I hope season 4 is good because season 3 has proven to me that the odds of the show going back uphill is rather low. Hopefully season 4 is good because season 3 so far has set a negavite precedent as to what season 4 will bring. But I'm not going to give up just yet because I'm not entirely sure if season 4 will be good OR bad. But I'll have to see when season 4 starts. But for right now, the show is in a weak spot and hopefully season 4 will bring it back to it's season 1 glory. Hopefully.
  • Mind changed

    This show is disgusting.
  • Nickelodeon has really died

    This show is probably one of nick's worst shows ever, and that is saying alot. For one, this show is all about fart jokes, but they cant even do it right. Especially that one episode called "Fart Baby". I remember seeing a SEASON 7 SPONGEBOB EPISODE that did better fart jokes than Sanjay and Craig. Also, these characters look alot like the ones in Bob's Burgers. I know they're made by the same person, but you cant just rehash character models into a different show. Look at Adventure Time and Steven Universe for example. They're both made by Rebecca Sugar and they don't look alike. Overall, don't bother with this show. It is absolute crap.
  • Alright

    This show.... Isn't that bad. Sure it has some gross stuff but I ignore them. Overall it's an OK show
  • My previous review was removed

    Wooow really these bastards removed my review. If you can't handle the harsh truth then don't make a shitty show. Its called a review so we can give you our honest opinion.
  • Bullsh*t

    I used to be neutral to this show, Now I HATE it with a BURNING Passion!

    I can't stand this show is About a Teen named Sanjay and Have a Snake named Craig and goes failure adventures! Make a grounded series that's have Sanjay and Craig Getting grounded!

    This is Bullsh*t, F**k this Show!

    Nick makes better show than this Bull!

    Like SpongeBob!

    I give this bulls**t over -9000!

    Worse show ever
  • Message for Creators/writers of S and C... (read update)

    I've heard a lot of you saying that this show is a rip-off of regular show and adventure time. Well, the creators probably worked with the same animators and character designers. Or maybe they're just admirers of the shows. And some of you say that the art style is ugly. It's not ugly, it's unique! Also, the characters may have the same, flexible limbs, round eyes, and same eyebrows, but the rest has it's own style. Some people even say the animation is terrible. I don't really see how it is. I mean, at least you know what's going on (what they're saying, doing, etc). And you may say that the show is inappropriate and should be banned. Sure, it has butt jokes, farting, barfing, and peeing, but regular show's jokes are far more inappropriate than that, since they're related to sexual stuff. Sanjay and Craig's jokes are part of everyday life. Most 8 year old boys would probably like that kind of humor (from Sanjay and Craig), and although I'm a girl, I find this show only a bit funny, and to be honest, I laughed at a few parts. BUT, it might need a seizure warning and a notice. And some things in this show just don't make sense (ex: Nobody notices Craig as a snake), but it's a cartoon, so what do you expect? Anything possible can happen. I personally like regular show better anyways. But overall, this show is fine. Not the best cartoon, but fine. Oh, and BTW, even though a boy and a snake's bromance bond was a bit stronger than the regular show buddies (because of the hugging and stuff), no cartoon friends is better buddies than Mordecai and Rigby :)

    Oh, and Lootlimo,, I never said the ANIMATION is unique. I said most of the ART STYLE is. But I forgive you, just correcting.

    Okay, so I've been watching more episodes, and they got kinda... IDK but just... so average (You can look /rating), it doesn't seem as funny as before... just so... average... like... 2 to 3.5 out of five...

    Okay, you know what, I got kind of bored watching it now...

    Oh, and BTW, here's the show's TV rating MEANING:


    For kids ages 8 and older in years of age. To all you parents, just to let you know, well-behaved, intelligent kids might have the manners, so they can watch the show. But if they never learned enough, or hate to be nice (or at least don't understand how to be nice), they can't watch the show until they've learned their manners. They can make those types of jokes when their friends are around, or just for fun, BUT NEVER TO PARENTS, TEACHERS, OR VERY SENSITIVE PEOPLE. I'm 13, and yes, I have my manners. I hope you understand now.

    Oh, and I know a lot of you hate the humor in this show. The reason I said that this show is funny, is because I laugh at perverted animators' animations, and I'm able to tolerate the humor. So from everything I said until now, what I'm basically is trying to tell you all, is to forgive this show, not become a fan or like it, but to forgive it. Even if this show actually IS a rip-off of other shows, I wouldn't care. I like all shows. :) Update 4/15/14: okay, so I watched this episode, " fart baby " and it is kind of grossing me out. But after that episode, it got less butt jokes and toilet humor. They're now sort of teaching us positive lessons, but I still think it needs a PG rating.

    UPDATE 4/30/14: Okay, so I've been watching this show recently to see if it's bad or not, and I just noticed...

    The episodes are just random and mixed up. Nothing relates to "e; Nobody should find out Craig can talk" kind of also, I DO find some parts of certain episodes truly disgusting, but at least not all episodes are like that, and it's called "Gross Out". That's the main type of humor they have in the show. So, if you can't tolerate that type of humor in comics or animations, then don't watch.

    UPDATE 4/14/15:

    Okay, so I'll admit: they DID in fact Made some things similar to RS and other cartoons of today. And I will, if the creators/writers are reading this, ask this: Please, I know the genre in the animation is humor/gross-out humor, and it was meant to be a bit immature to add into the humor, but PLEASE, come up with more unique, yet age appropriate (7 or 10+ of ages) type of humor, and main summary/idea of each episodes once or before the current season is done. I'll also admit, this show isn't as bad when I ignored the fart jokes, yet this show is still okay to me as long as they don't go too far (or for some of you, gone too far already). You have your choices to keep the humor genre, but keep it age-appropriate and actually something that some kids who are more mature than others accept it, too. But everybody is different, may have agreements on things or disagreements, so this show isn't meant for everyone.
  • CatDog is shit, not this show

    Way better than than those "so called classics" shows CatDog, ChalkZone, Shuriken School and Squirrel Boy. This show should be renewed for 3 more season and should replace CatDog on 90's Are All That, cause this show's a classic, CatDog is not.

    I mean this show has no crappy episode writting about magic trick gone bad, raiding a rock quarry or taking the blame for everybody. Oldnickolodeon34 must be messed up in the head, mainly becuase This, Rabbid and Wild Grinderz are better than CatDog, ChalkZone and Shuriken School

    Also StephaineCast12 and Disney4life, shut up because nobody watches CatDog or Squirrel Boy anymore & your review made no sense whatsoever. And Best of all, Sanjay and Craig has no Billy West, Jess Harnell or Corey Burton. because they'll do crappy shows for money.

    And to Oldnickolodeon34: Yes, I know that 90 Are All That is for shows from the 90s. CatDog dosn't not count because it went downhill in the 2000s and got cancelled. Not to mention that Cartoon Planet allowed Scaredy Squirrel (CN's version of CatDog) on the block. Next thing you know you'll be tell us that ChalkZone, Tak and The Power of Juju and The Mighty B should be on the block instead of Sanjay and Craig. If you think thoughs 3 ugly pieces of Sh*t classic, then why don't you write to TeenNick to add them on the block.

    Sanjay and Craig is way better than though shows because it doesn't teach kids how to be bullies or has bad episodes about playing hockey on a broken lake or rading a rock quarry.

    Edit: PiggyDoom, Ok I'll stop insulting people for bashing this show & liking shows I hate. You also forgot to add Tak and The Power of Juju & Shuriken School in the shows I find overrated. Have you even seen Squirrel Boy or Tak and The Power of Juju? there even worse than this one. I thought if I keep bashing the fanbase, I hoped they'll lose intrest in CatDog, ChalkZone or Squirrel Boy. At least be both agree The Mighty B sucked.

    Also, That TV Dude, I thought you were on my side. because you hated CatDog, ChalkZone and Tak. Those 3 are even sicker than this.

    Please 90's Are All That, remove CatDog from your sechdule and ad this instead, So I can watch the block again.

    FalcoStar219, your dead wrong. CatDog is nick's current quality shit. Cause CatDog is Nick's version of Johnny Test.
  • This cartoon is QUALITY SHIT.

    I mean it, Sanjay and Craig is just about a stupid 11 year old kid named Sanjay and a talking snake named Craig (Adventure Time ripoff of Finn and Jake) that go around town trying to look all cool and stuff.

    This show is packed with toilet humor, fart jokes and crappy design and animation.

    Sanjay is the fool of the show, because he tries everything to impress his mates and walks around without caring a fuck about the people around him. Craig is one of the most annoying sidekicks ever invented, just because he can talk. What's his name is a fucking pig and the girl acts like she is superior.

    Nick, get rid of Spongebob, Breadwinners and this crap immediatly. Bring back the old glory. Maybe do a re-run of Jimmy Neutron or bring back the old Timmy Turner. I loved those two shows.

    Please Nick, anything but this.
  • This cartoon has problems...

    I only watched the "Fartwerk" episode & I don't think I'll give it a further chance. It has the sense of humor of a 3rd grader, & I wouldn't be surprised if that's who they have as a writer for the completely immature, childish jokes in here. Seriously, toilet/gross out humor is no funny, Nick. And that's all this show's jokes consist of, really gross & immature jokes.

    It's no worse than Johnny Test, because at least this show has better animation & characters that don't make me cringe just by looking at them.
  • I gave this show a chance... Bad mistake.

    So I decided one fateful May to plop down on my bed and check out this new show. It was called Sanjay & Craig. The stupid young me thought it was kind of funny. Plus, I like snakes. I can't believe I was so dumb! Sanjay & Craig is so stupid I have to give it this score. It's full of fart humor. TOO MUCH FART HUMOR. It doesn't even qualify as humor. It's just plain ol' stupidity. Almost every episode has a title having to do with farts or butts. Sanjay is very looney. He doesn't even care about all the people looking right at him-- Oh wait. That's what would happen if normal people were watching. His friends are the most immature, disgusting things I've ever seen in a TV show. Craig, for starters, is annoying. I once saw an advertisement on Nick stating that Craig was superior over a regular snake. Do not know what drugs they were on. So Craig is off with Sanjay to have adventures. Usually at this hot wing restaurant that just makes them fart some more. His other two friends, (whom I've forgotten the names of, haven't seen this show in a while) are worse. The male one is absolutely disgusting. There's gross, and there's this. The female one is... just plain weird. If you can't tell, I don't like this show all that much. 3.5, nothing more to say.
  • Sucks

    It sucked but at least it didn't derail characters like, oh right, the satanic LOONEY TUNES SHOW!
  • I haven't even seen the show......

    I haven't even seen the show but from all the commercials about it I know it's bad. I saw a premiere for a new episode about how they both kept wetting the bed and I realized that even Disney's new shows are better than this.

    Minimew2020, why are you picking on another user? We can write what we want. My friend puked BECAUSE of this show.

    UPDATE OK, I have seen it and couldn't even get through it. The jokes are discusting and meant for 8 year old boys. I give it 0 out of 10.

    UPDATE1-5-14 Wait, it's getting a 2nd season? Do they even get enough viewers? And thank you everyone for making the rating a 3.9.

    UPDATE1-12-14 I just read your review Finnyshor,and none of these people writing these reviews are insane. And we can thumb down on you if we want to. Also, Disney4life's review isn't full of lies.

    UPDATE1-15-14 JennyKuang2000, How is the animation unique? And there is toilet humor in every other sentence! No show should have that many fart jokes. The first episode involves a butt transplant! What kid needs to see that! But we all have opinions, so you can like this show all you want.

    Update 2-4-14 Ok minimew, THANK YOU for saying that you are going to stop! This has been going on for far too long and it is finally stopped! I will always remember today...

    UPDATE 2-22-14 Wait, this show is rated TV-Y7? !!! This show has too much butt humor to have that rating!

    UPDATE 3-22-14 If this show gets renewed for a 3rd season, I will snap.

    UPDATE 9-11-14 @Roletiderole, does that mean if there is a Season 4 of Sanjay and Craig, I can bring up the fact that you "killed yourself" if you haven't been on here for a while? And also WHAT?!?! IT'S A 3.9!!!!!!!!

    UPDATE 9-25-14 @jdcividini, I think there are many kids who hate this show. Why would you like to watch someone getting a butt transplant?!?!

    UPDATE 9-30-14 @Alyssa, where is your proof on that? I've never heard that, and I don't believe it either.

    UPDATE 12-26-14 A 4.3!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!
  • One of the grossest shows ever!!

    Let me start off here. Most episodes of this show is focused on either farts or butts. I was excited for this show from the promos and when i saw the first episode, i hated it!! Transplant shouldn't be on a kids show, and worst of all, it was aired in the twerking year of 2013. Most of my family loves this show like they love Spongebob and they watch this show every time it comes on. They skip those good shows like Scooby Doo, Amazing World Of Gumball, Old Teen Titans, and many more, and instead they change it to this. I hope it gets cancelled soon.
  • Nick is dead now...

    One of the worst animated shows what i've seen

    The jokes really suck, i doesn't has sense. I give it a 0/10

    The animation is poor, and terrible. I give it a 0/10

    The voice acting aslo sucked, as worse than "Ben 10: Omniverse". I give it a 0/10

    Final rating: 0/10

    "A rip-off of "Regular Show" and "Bob's Burgers""
  • What the actual fuck did you come up nick?

    In my opinion this show is even worse than breadwinners, I have watched the theme song, but not the episodes yet. I must admit, Gross humor is no longer funny NICK! it's okay for once in a while but TOO MUCH is a NO NO! I saw a image of a episode screenshot called "Fart baby" I don't want to realize how actually disgusting that episode might be. A 12 year old boy can't be pregnant! It's actually dangerous to be pregnant when you are just a little boy! HOW COME the creators of Bob's burgers work on THIS!? Were the writers were stupid enough to create this bad show!? I just heard this got a third season, I agree with Disney4life, this show seriously needs to be a final season because everybody HATES it!

    This show is even forcing me to laugh at this shit.

    Please nick, I beg you. Bring back old nick shows like catscratch & ren and stimpy! etc; This idea is overused in their shows nowadays, I'm refusing to watch nick shows till they get uphill and get better!

    Bob's burgers was better than this piece of crap! The plot is most likely random and characters are EVEN unlikeable. That show has 96% of butt jokes, toilet jokes, pee jokes, fart jokes, and poop jokes!

    SANJAY AND CRAIG!? Who thought of that name!? I highly bet they took 6 minutes of their life wasting time by making this show by coming up random names. NOT FUNNY NICK!

    I'm gonna edit this review as when I will able to watch sanjay and craig since everyone hates it.

    So don't hold your breath on new nick shows, Believe with your eyes. It's HORRIBLE and AWFUL


    EDIT AGAIN: I have watched an episode called "MUSCLE COPS' It's awful. If you want to forget this awful show, watch "Dexter's Laboratory" "The powerpuff girls" "Old Spongebob" and "Clarence" Instead of this piece of shit, There is even a single character spanks his own butt and farts.



    I don't know why people actually like this.

    Remember in the golden age, There was many great cartoons and memorable in their childhoods, What

    happened to Nick and cartoon network! All of it officially died! CartoonWizard123, I do not know why you LIKE THIS CARTOON! And disney4life, Can you review uncle grandpa and rate it 1.0? I heard this is one of the worst shows on cartoon network

    EDIT: Can someone tell me that Roletiderole hasn't killed herself!?

    NEWEST EDIT 11/18/14 : SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE! Now i'm back!

    and Greeny Phatom's profile for this is now removed.... seriously?

    I also hate MLP;fim just to let u know
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