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  • Unbelievable

    This piece of *** show got a THIRD WTF Nickelodeon?!

    My rating: 0. But 1 is the highest rating I can give it.
  • Second thoughts with this show.

    I take back everything I said previously with this show. I'm now starting to think this show isn't as good as I remember it. This show is kind of a ripoff of SpongeBob, with Sanjay being SpongeBob, Craig being Patrick, and (correct me if I spell this wrong) Noodman being Squidward. Not to mention the frycade is the krusty krab. I just don't know why I ever liked this. I was a dumb kid when I was 12. I'm 13 now, and it has been a year since this show released. Definitely not as bad as Breadwinners or Johnny Test, but still bad.
  • This is when Nick started going south in popularity..

    Why the heck did they renew this trash for a SECOND SEASON?! Just like Disney4life, this show is worse than breadwinners! I watched one episode and i hated it (Pilot). I don't get how did they PASS the storyboard/ratings board to include a BUTT TRANSPLANT.... It's even worse than Krabs driving Plankton to suicide in One Coarse Meal! Hopefully, it will get cancelled after it's second season.

    EDIT ON JUNE 25th: Did i hear it got a THIRD season? IT CANNOT BE!!!!
  • Get a sense of humour!

    I love this querky!!!
  • What the actual fuck did you come up nick?

    In my opinion this show is even worse than breadwinners, I have watched the theme song, but not the episodes yet. I must admit, Gross humor is no longer funny NICK! it's okay for once in a while but TOO MUCH is a NO NO! I saw a image of a episode screenshot called "Fart baby" I don't want to realize how actually disgusting that episode might be. A 12 year old boy can't be pregnant! It's actually dangerous to be pregnant when you are just a little boy! HOW COME the creators of Bob's burgers work on THIS!? Were the writers were stupid enough to create this bad show!? I just heard this got a third season, I agree with Disney4life, this show seriously needs to be a final season because everybody HATES it!

    This show is even forcing me to laugh at this shit.

    Please nick, I beg you. Bring back old nick shows like catscratch & ren and stimpy! etc; This idea is overused in their shows nowadays, I'm refusing to watch nick shows till they get uphill and get better!

    Bob's burgers was better than this piece of crap! The plot is most likely random and characters are EVEN unlikeable. That show has 96% of butt jokes, toilet jokes, pee jokes, fart jokes, and poop jokes!

    SANJAY AND CRAIG!? Who thought of that name!? I highly bet they took 6 minutes of their life wasting time by making this show by coming up random names. NOT FUNNY NICK!

    I'm gonna edit this review as when I will able to watch sanjay and craig since everyone hates it.

    So don't hold your breath on new nick shows, Believe with your eyes. It's HORRIBLE and AWFUL
  • Makes Home on the Range or Open Season look like The Lion King or The Little Mermaid

    This is the worst show on Nick. It is even worse than Breadwinners. There cannot be a show worse than this currently on TV.
  • Horrible

    Toilet humor is not funny, I don't why people like this show, nick didn't pick adventure time but instead they pickup all of these horrible shows. nick please stop green lighting all of these horrible shows you are destroying your network
  • Worst animated show ever!

    This show is 100% godawful, just like The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue! They should call it Stupidity and Cancer! If Nick has any sense left, they will cancel this monstrosity ASAP! The only show I know of that's worse than this is Marvin Marvin! But they at least cancelled that stupid show! Now they MUST CANCEL THIS SHOW NOW! NOW I TELL YOU! NOW! Or else we're all gonna die from the stupidity of this show! And I couldn't agree more with Raven77 about it not being a "quality show" like other people keep saying. It is anything but. I honestly think whoever wrote that was paid to write it, or maybe they work for or on it, or maybe they're just morons with absolutely no good taste whatsoever. Just like Marvin Marvin, this show relies a lot on toilet humor. If it's not toilet humor, it's just disgusting in some other way.

    The very first episode of this show involves Sanjay and Craig's neighbor Mr. Noodman getting a butt transplant. Seriously now, who actually thinks that kind of thing is funny? Anyway, the two main characters went through a lot just to see someone else's butt transplanted to Mr. Noodman's. Are you serious Nick? Sanjay and Craig even pretended to be actual doctors just to see it. AND the butt even started bouncing off the walls and flatulating. Seriously, who writes this stupid stuff?

    The animation and character designs are both ugly and unappealing. All of the characters are really unattractive, have annoying voices, etc. Only Sanjay's dad has a likeable personality or a bearable voice. All of the other characters are just irritating and obnoxious.

    Another problem I have with this show is that EVERYTHING is a party to Sanjay and Craig. I mean, did you see the all night party commercial for instance? And they called themselves PARTY DOCTORS. What the hell does that even MEAN? HOW can you be a "party" doctor? Doctors don't party! And what the hell was up with Sanjay's dad building a party BOT. Again, what sense does this make? The party bot also felt like a ripoff of Bender from Futrama. And speaking of ripoffs, one of the episodes is a blatant rip-off of the SpongeBob episode Roller Cowards. Not only that, but speaking of SpongeBob, who does Mr. Noodman remind you of? Perhaps a character who is grouchy, cynical, and cannot stand the characters that he has to put up with in the town of Bikini Bottom? The very same character who once said and I quote, "I'm the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom!" And if you don't know who I'm referring to, it's Squidward. Just like Squidward, Mr. Noodman cannot stand the annoying neighbors he must live with. He hates snakes all because of a very cruel, mean-spirited, and unfunny prank his father once pulled on him when he was young.

    As for the plot, there's nothing new. It's just the two main characters' adventures, just like almost all of Nick's new TV shows. I mean, there's only so many of Nick's bad buddy shows that I or anyone else can take. I mean, really, Fanboy and Chum Chum? Bucket and Skinner? Robot and Monster? And now comes Sanjay and Craig. I've heard that their views have gone down dramatically, too, and this is not helping. The fact that I've seen them play reruns on Nick@Nite proves that they KNOW that this show is not good OR appropriate for kids.

    I honestly cannot believe this show apparently hasn't gotten the same type of negative reviews from real critics that it got from here. This show seriously belongs in the worst shows hall of shame and a mention at Wikipedia's article List of television series notable for negative reception. I wanted to give up after only one episode. Seriously, even the COMMERCIALS showed Mr. Noodman's new bouncing butt. I knew this show would suck just from the trailers. But I watched every episode so far just to be fair, why just this morning I saw a rerun of the Stinkboy and Wolfie episodes. These episodes are a perfect example of what I am talking about. The horrible, terrible, awful, despicable gross-out humor is just insufferable in these episodes. Not to mention that Hector is a wolfaboo. (if you don't know, it means a person obsessed with wolves. Read the article about it at WikiFur if you dare! Or look it up at Urban Dictionary or even Encyclopedia Dramatica if you wish) I watched these episodes and all the others because I didn't have anything better to do at the time. But if you haven't seen it and have something better to do, avoid this show like the plague! Watch Regular Show or Adventure Time instead. You'll thank me later.

    UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER 15 (last update was on September 1): This show is ACTUALLY GOING TO GET A SECOND SEASON! In order to not repeat myself, I'd advise you to read my review for Rabbids Invasion so you'll know I was predicting this show and that one would both get the boots, but now they're probably going to renew that one soon too! Considering it has a higher rating by an entire 0.9, and today when the new episodes for this show and that one were on, my dad wanted to watch them with me just to see how horrible they are, and he said this show is EVEN WORSE than the Rabbids Invasion! I'm not kidding you. I recommend you have a barf-bag handy if you ever considering seeing this show, even if you only plan on seeing how horrible it is. You will definitely need a barf-bag.

    UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 2: Today's episode and the ones before it were also awful. I don't even want to say the NAME of today's episode (I actually watched it and survived, barely). I still feel like dieing because of this show. WHY WAS IT RENEWED?!

    UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 29: I couldn't agree with you more DreadAngelus and Cowansm3! Thanks for making the score drop from 4.1 to 4.0! Also thanks to LaserAlloy and ScampTVCritic for making it drop from 4.2 to 4.1.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 4: The theme song to Breadwinners is catchy? Where'd you here it? I haven't heard it yet. What commercial had it?

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 5: Which video do I watch? And yes, I never thought the day would come either, that Minimew would finally stop the insults. You know, Writer-In-Training asked first to stop the madness, yet all it took was PIGGYDOOM's review. And I was wondering why PIGGYDOOM hadn't reviewed this show. I mean, what took so long? But it's thanks to him the rating dropped back down to 3.9. And yeah, it's true Breadwinners is going to have toilet humor. Like we don't have enough shows right now with fart jokes. What did Buhdeuce say exactly in that one commercial? Something about farts that cannot be closed? And like I said, which video do I watch at the Nick site?

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 6: I knew he said "Well, I don't mean to toot my own before passing gas, but what'd he say after that? Plus, I watched the video, and I thought the theme song was terrible at first, but now I get it. I knew they couldn't give us a worse theme song than for Sanjay and Craig or The Mighty B (note: I've never actually watched Fanboy and Chum Chum, it's so terrible I did all that I could to avoid it. Same for Marvin Also, PIGGYDOOM forgot to mention AwesomenessTV as another terrible new Nick show. 2012 wasn't a good year either, I mean, Fred The Show, How to Rock, Robot and Monster, and worst of all, MARVIN MARVIN! But at least Fred The Show and How to Rock got cancelled before the first seasons even ended. And 2011 brought us Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. But that show also got cancelled I think. I still can't believe we have to endure a whole new season of Sanjay and Craig!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON JUNE 13: NICK ACTUALLY GAVE THIS A THIRD SEASON! PLEASE let this be the final season! And now I just KNOW they're going to give third seasons to Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, and even AwesomenessTV! NICK WAKE UP ALREADY! NO ONE LIKES THESE SHOWS! Only losers with no lives like these stupid shows! And I keep hearing about how Breadwinners is getting high ratings from viewers. I thought of one reason why: because some people will watch ANYTHING no matter how bad it is. Or maybe they're like me, where they have to watch it to see how bad it is. The only good thing about Breadwinners is the so bad it's good value. I miss the days when if a Nick show was crappy, they'd cancel it like they did with Marvin Marvin, How to Rock, Robot and Monster, Fred: The Show, Wendell & Vinnie (I know people for some reason like that show but I for one do not), and Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. And thank you EVERYONE for making this drop from 4.5 to 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4, 3.9, 3.8, 3.7, 3.6, and now 3.5. I can't WAIT until this gets 2.4 like Fanboy and Chum Chum. Like I said, in less than a year this show has dropped 10%. In another year it'll be down to 2.5 just like Breadwinners.
  • Decent but overrated show

    From Jim Dirschberger, Andreas Trolf, and Jay Howell, the animators of Bob's Burgers, and the producers of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, comes the adventures of Sanjay and Craig. Sanjay and Craig follows the adventures of a human boy named Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy) and his best friend/pet talking snake Craig. Sanjay and Craig's suburban hijinks require that "nobody finds out that Craig can talk". I'm watching mainly animation on Nickelodeon and no live action. So I decided to review two current Nick shows: Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners. My opinion on Sanjay and Craig seems to be odd. I found it to be decent, but it is so overrated. They already ordered a third season and one freakin episode hadn't even aired in the first season. A lot of people compare this to Bob's Burgers for some reason due to having similar art style. I do hate when people think this is a Regular Show and Adventure Time when it's clearly not. It's just a Nick version of them and the art as well. For the characters, I'm mixed on them. I hate when they got too many characters though. Sanjay is the better of the title character because he's cool and funny. Craig however is really annoying and he just overreact over one simple thing. He still has his funny moments, but not as much as Sanjay. Hector is a funny character though he's the main source of gross humor. Megan is not really my favorite character because of her weird personality. My favorite character in the show is Mr. Noodman. I don't know why but I think Tony Hale does a funny job at him. Like Bob's Burgers, I think Sanjay and Craig range from funny to annoying in one episode. They both rely too much on yelling and that's turn me off. I hope the show can tone down its annoying humor fast and I don't want it to be a Bob Burgers version 2.0. Overall, a lot of people who are disgusted by grossout humor may not enjoy it, but I kinda do, as long as it doesn't get too much. 7/10
  • My previous review was removed

    Wooow really these bastards removed my review. If you can't handle the harsh truth then don't make a shitty show. Its called a review so we can give you our honest opinion.
  • Change the channel

    So random, pointless, stupid, and even gross at times. Got really unimpressed and ended up watching other stuff. This show is one of the many reasons why Nick is really floundering right now. Isn't anyone smart enough to notice that Craig is a snake?
  • This is why The Legend of Korra and TMNT are the only good things about Nicklodeon

    I have only watched one episode, the pilot and found myself unimpressed. Really a butt transplant, is that really a good plot? This was meant for children and even for adults, a plot like that is just stupid. Plus I got so bored that I barely even remember the plots, but from what I have heard, this is the type of jokes that would make even the writers of Family Guy sick to their stomach. The animation is very weak. I've learned not to underestimate an animated series because of weak animation but this is just sick. The only animated shows on Nickelodeon worth watching now is the CGI TMNT show and The Leggend of Korra.

  • Your probably wondering why am I reviewing this show again. Because I didn't hurt it enough. That's why!

    Yes, I was "sanjayandcraigsucks", but when I looked at my review I taught "It's not bad, but I can make this better" So to make this the best it can be I gotta mention the positives. There isn't very much, but I gotta explain why its better then Fanboy and ChumChum and why it deserves a 3.0

    Music: With the exception of the theme song for the most part the music is one of the best out of any form of media only losing to Sonic and Super Hexagon. Yes its one of the best on television. Too bad the producer play it at a hush tone so we have to hear the awful voice acting, but I'll get more into that later. I give the soundtrack a 15/20

    Art Style: The art style is very reminiscent of Bob's Burger just a bit more smoother. It's nothing to stare at, but I'll give credit where credit is due. And unlike Fanboy and ChumChum it doesn't hurt my eyes when I look at it. I give the art style a 10/20

    Characters: They're all bland and forgettable. The Dicksons are losers who acts like its an accomplishment to be idols of a 12 year old boy and a talking green snake. I really can't talk about the main characters. I don't remember any of their names or their one dimension personality unless I look it up on Wikipedia. The only tolerable character is the antagonist (which is a awful thing for a cartoon unless its Despicable Me) and that's only because he hates Sanjay and Craig as much as I do. I give the Characters 5/20

    Plot: Its about a 12 year old boy who goes on wacky journey's (with barely any parental vision) with his pet snake who can clearly release poison. What kind of message is that Nickelodeon? The rest relies on randomness and fart jokes that only infants would get a chuckle out of. I give the plot a 0/20

    Voice Acting: Sanjay and Craig are both voiced by professionals so why do they suck so much. Don't fret they're not as loud as Fanboy and ChumChum and are as forced as the new Spongebob episodes. They're for a lack of better word awful. Unlike Adventure Time I don't feel like I'm in that world with them. It feels like two annoying brats that are reading me an awful book. I give the voice acting a 0/20
  • horrible

    Oh Boy is this show disgusting, this shouldn't even be on day time tv. Recently watching this show with my nephew one morning, i saw the most inappropriate thing portrayed by the character. The scene involved a snake (not craig) who was pretending to being someone he is not. The snake yelled out "I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE", and ripped his shirt open. Shockingly another character, a MALE character yelled "ooooo naked party" and ripped his shirt off. Now i'm not against homosexuality, but when is it okay to have it exploited like this in a children's cartoon? Just down right disgusting this show consist of nothing but fart, and butt jokes. Disgusting my nephew is banned from watching this show!
  • Nick isn't even trying to put effort into their shows anymore.

    Just when it was Nick's chance to get better by cancelling Marvin Marvin and Fanboy and Chum Chum, along the path come this show. S&C is about a human boy named Sanjay who befriends a snake named Craig, the two of them and their friends embark in random and weird adventures around their town. Now to begin with the premise is bland and overdone, because I'm pretty sure the whole human and anthropomorphic animal premise has been done a million times already. This show doesn't even add anything new to the premise and throws in every clich you've seen before. It also ripped off Regular Show and Adventure Time with the whole premise, character personalities and designs.
  • Pooter

    Well, I have no intentions on going into depth b/c their isnt that much to the show. Farts. Thats literally it. But that doesnt have to be a bad thing.. Im graduating high school and still think farts are hysterical. We fart on each other at home. Even Mom joins in sometimes. It cracks me up every time no matter what! You dont have to flush toilet humor down the drain just because the government considers you an adult. And as for the chick who said they rip off other shows. History repeats itself, and will continue to do so forever. You said yourself Ren & Stimpy was an adult cartoon, so maybe they wanted to make a kiddie appropriate version. It IS rated y-7 ya know! -_- Compared to other MAJOR flops by Nick, this isnt terrible. You all are over exaggerating. Its not the end of the world.
  • Nick, Toilet Humor loses it's touch when it's overdone

    Toilet Humor is not funny anymore Nick, you're milking it dry and it's not even done right. In fact a majority of these episodes are freaking disgusting. I just watched Fart Baby and I wanted to vomit, you were ripping off an awful Ren and Stimpy adult party cartoon episode called Stimpy's pregnant. In that episode they treated constipation like a pregnancy, here they're treating a fart bubble like pregnancy. But either way, this show is loaded to the brim with so much toilet humor and characters that nobody even likes. Seriously, these characters are just jackasses, they torment people they never listen to people, and they're borderline annoying. In addition, the animation has no originality whatsoever. Seriously some the designers for the show worked on Bob's Burgers but they look like they're from the same show, try some originality NICK! Rebecca Sugar worked as a story board artist and writer for Adventure time but her show Steven Universe actually looks like an alternate universe. Also, you did toilet humor a lot better in the days of the good Ren and Stimpy, not adult party cartoon. You see, toilet humor in Ren and Stimpy was subtle and only came as a small part of the plot, you can't base all of your episodes on toilet humor as the main plot because it gets boring, annoying, and all out gross.
  • The most stupid show ever! >:(

    The only thing in this show is , farts, butts,defecate, and, it disgust me. Some kids think thats funny it is just stupid. People think spongebob is bad for kids, Sanjay and Craig is bad for kids. Would you want the next generation of kids thinking farts are funny , it makes kids even more in mature. Spongebob is a good show for children because it make children's vocabulary bigger and not full of cuss words, and spongebob makes kids the idea to be happy about most things. Sanjay and craig should be canceld . Terrible!! show it is not a good example for kids . This show is stupid. The only good cartoon on nickelodeon is sponge bob. the creater of this show does not have very good ideas, and i don't now how he became a cartoon creater. I am not The best speller.
  • I created an account just to warn you about this show!!!!

    Oh dang this is a bad one. You'd think that Planet Sheen is the lowest form of fiction a sane human being could produce, but Nickelodeon astonishes me again with I wanna call this trash but that would be an insult to trash. Hmmm maybe abomination nah that's too good for Sanjay and Craig. Okay let's start with the graphics if you can call it that. I wasn't expecting Disney level of goodness but this utter scrap. It brings new meaning to the term eye sore. And this is next gen people graphic are suppose to be the least of our concern since we now have 1080p. The music is pretty good with the exception of the theme song. The humor will have you killing yourself faster then listening to lavender town in Pokmon. The plot will cure your insomnia if you have one and ultimately this show has digged pit that earth will never be able to fill.
  • As of now, I respect your choices. but I still like this show better than CatDog (updated5/6/2014)

    Way better than than those "so called classics" shows CatDog, ChalkZone, Shuriken School and Squirrel Boy. This show should be renewed for 3 more season and should replace CatDog on 90's Are All That, cause this show's a classic, CatDog is not.

    I mean this show has no crappy episode writting about magic trick gone bad, raiding a rock quarry or taking the blame for everybody. Oldnickolodeon34 must be messed up in the head, mainly becuase This, Rabbid and Wild Grinderz are better than CatDog, ChalkZone and Shuriken School

    Also StephaineCast12 and Disney4life, shut up because nobody watches CatDog or Squirrel Boy anymore & your review made no sense whatsoever. And Best of all, Sanjay and Craig has no Billy West, Jess Harnell or Corey Burton. because they'll do crappy shows for money.

    And to Oldnickolodeon34: Yes, I know that 90 Are All That is for shows from the 90s. CatDog dosn't not count because it went downhill in the 2000s and got cancelled. Not to mention that Cartoon Planet allowed Scaredy Squirrel (CN's version of CatDog) on the block. Next thing you know you'll be tell us that ChalkZone, Tak and The Power of Juju and The Mighty B should be on the block instead of Sanjay and Craig. If you think thoughs 3 ugly pieces of Sh*t classic, then why don't you write to TeenNick to add them on the block.

    Sanjay and Craig is way better than though shows because it doesn't teach kids how to be bullies or has bad episodes about playing hockey on a broken lake or rading a rock quarry.

    Edit: PiggyDoom, Ok I'll stop insulting people for bashing this show & liking shows I hate. You also forgot to add Tak and The Power of Juju & Shuriken School in the shows I find overrated. Have you even seen Squirrel Boy or Tak and The Power of Juju? there even worse than this one. I thought if I keep bashing the fanbase, I hoped they'll lose intrest in CatDog, ChalkZone or Squirrel Boy. At least be both agree The Mighty B sucked.

    Also, That TV Dude, I thought you were on my side. because you hated CatDog, ChalkZone and Tak. Those 3 are even sicker than this.

    Please 90's Are All That, remove CatDog from your sechdule and ad this instead, So I can watch the block again.
  • Okay, all this humor has nothing to do with the main idea... (read update)

    I've heard a lot of you saying that this show is a rip-off of regular show and adventure time. Well, the creators probably worked with the same animators and character designers. Or maybe they're just admirers of the shows. And some of you say that the art style is ugly. It's not ugly, it's unique! Also, the characters may have the same, flexible limbs, round eyes, and same eyebrows, but the rest has it's own style. Some people even say the animation is terrible. I don't really see how it is. I mean, at least you know what's going on (what they're saying, doing, etc). And you may say that the show is inappropriate and should be banned. Sure, it has butt jokes, farting, barfing, and peeing, but regular show's jokes are far more inappropriate than that, since they're related to sexual stuff. Sanjay and Craig's jokes are part of everyday life. Most 8 year old boys would probably like that kind of humor (from Sanjay and Craig), and although I'm a girl, I find this show only a bit funny, and to be honest, I laughed at a few parts. BUT, it might need a seizure warning and a notice. And some things in this show just don't make sense (ex: Nobody notices Craig as a snake), but it's a cartoon, so what do you expect? Anything possible can happen. I personally like regular show better anyways. But overall, this show is fine. Not the best cartoon, but fine. Oh, and BTW, even though a boy and a snake's bromance bond was a bit stronger than the regular show buddies (because of the hugging and stuff), no cartoon friends is better buddies than Mordecai and Rigby :)

    Oh, and Lootlimo,, I never said the ANIMATION is unique. I said most of the ART STYLE is. But I forgive you, just correcting.

    Okay, so I've been watching more episodes, and they got kinda... IDK but just... so average (You can look /rating), it doesn't seem as funny as before... just so... average... like... 2 to 3.5 out of five...

    Okay, you know what, I got kind of bored watching it now...

    Oh, and BTW, here's the show's TV rating MEANING:


    For kids ages 8 and older in years of age. To all you parents, just to let you know, well-behaved, intelligent kids might have the manners, so they can watch the show. But if they never learned enough, or hate to be nice (or at least don't understand how to be nice), they can't watch the show until they've learned their manners. They can make those types of jokes when their friends are around, or just for fun, BUT NEVER TO PARENTS, TEACHERS, OR VERY SENSITIVE PEOPLE. I'm 13, and yes, I have my manners. I hope you understand now.

    Oh, and I know a lot of you hate the humor in this show. The reason I said that this show is funny, is because I laugh at perverted animators' animations, and I'm able to tolerate the humor. So from everything I said until now, what I'm basically is trying to tell you all, is to forgive this show, not become a fan or like it, but to forgive it. Even if this show actually IS a rip-off of other shows, I wouldn't care. I like all shows. :) Update 4/15/14: okay, so I watched this episode, " fart baby " and it is kind of grossing me out. But after that episode, it got less butt jokes and toilet humor. They're now sort of teaching us positive lessons, but I still think it needs a PG rating.

    UPDATE 4/30/14: Okay, so I've been watching this show recently to see if it's bad or not, and I just noticed...

    The episodes are just random and mixed up. Nothing relates to "Nobody should find out Craig can talk" kind of also, I DO find some parts of certain episodes truly disgusting, but at least not all episodes are like that, and it's called "Gross Out". That's the main type of humor they have in the show. So, if you can't tolerate that type of humor in comics or animations, then don't watch.
  • Meh atleast it's better then Fanboy or Planet Sheen

    This show is decent the animation is subpar the characters are decent not good but not terrible either and the jokes while a little to reliant on toilet humor can still bring out a little chuckle every now and again bottom line it's just passible not bad for the kids but adults would be better off watching some Korra or Adventure Time.
  • AwesomenessTV and Sanjay and Craig are why I hated nickelodeon.

    Oh my god, where can I begin?!? Everything here looks like someone drew a pile of trash. None of the characters are good and the plot is messed up. The shows "jokes" are nothing more than farting, boogers, and gross slime. The Titles for The episodes are as stupid as if you were to look at a booger and eat it. Here are some of The titles for the episodes:

    Fart Baby

    Chill Bill

    Old Farts


    I can't memorize other episode titles, but I can say that this show is in desperate need of a overhaul. Until I see major changes, we are going to award this show the worst show in America.
  • I used to think it was OK, but now I absolutely hate it.

    I just had to see this show after I saw lots of positive TV critic reviews, and I thought maybe Nick could have a good show again. The episode I first saw was about an inflatable gorilla, and when I saw it I did think it was OK. But then I saw more episode and now I can't stand it. Just like Fanboy and Chum Chum and Breadwinners the fart jokes are out of control and the episodes are so messed up. I almost vomited with the Fart Baby episode. When I was a kid you couldn't say the word fart on kids shows because parents thought that the word was vulgar, though there still were fart noises, and farts can be funny if it makes the person or thing feel ashamed of themselves. Sometimes with stuff that have one fart joke, there are even funnier jokes in the now I can't stand the Inflatable Gorilla episode because then I began to see how stupid the idea was. I hope nick canceles this show. Man what the f*ck happened to Nick. It needs a lower rating on IMDB.
  • And I thought The Problem Solverz was bad!

    I have seen a ton of bad shows that have aired the past decade. But now, I can't think of one that's worse than Sanjay and Craig. My God, Nickelodeon was just starting to get back on track again with the cancelation of Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin, and now we've got a show not only worse than those two or the worst show on Nickelodeon, but it's also the worst show to ever exist on planet earth! Similar to Fanboy and Chum Chum, there's no real storyline to the show to be honest, it's just 2 random dweebs farting around all day and doing nothing but make fart jokes and act like idiots. The humor is super painful in this show, it takes fart jokes to a whole new level and I didn't get a single laugh watching this pile of sh*t! It's 100% unfunny, it's 100% unoriginal, and it's 100% disgusting! None of the characters on this show are likable or funny, plus they've all god really dumb names too. And the animation in this show looks awful! The characters on the show look hideous and it's from animator Jay Howell, the animator of Bob's Burgers. I will admit on Bob's Burgers the characters do have some pretty descent designs, and it does flow pretty nicely. But on Sanjay and Craig, it looks so outrageous, so cheap, so bland, no detail at all! And it looks just as awful as a direct-to-video animated movie. And what's even worse about this show is that Nickelodeon renewed it for a second season! WTF NICKELODEON!?!?!? JUST WTF!?!?! You've made plenty of mistakes the past 8 years with these bad shows you've aired and renewed them for a 2nd season. 2013 has been a disaster for Nickelodeon, we've had Haunted Hathaways, The Thundermans, Sam & Cat, Rabbids Invasion, and this show of course! Make one more mistake, and I'm finished with you guys (Except for shows like Spongebob, FOP, POM, and TMNT, those shows I'll continue watching). But seriously.

    And to minimew2020, have you ever heard of an opinion? I've read several of your reviews and you've always said "This show is better than overrated shows such as CatDog, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Sidekick, Scaredy Squirrel, Chalkzone, Squirrel Boy, blah blah blah" and then you insult people for their opinion and say they have bad taste. Well you know you're already loving cartoons a lot of people hate, so does it REALLY make a difference? And I loved CatDog and Chalkzone when I was growing up, so did a lot of people. So grow up, quit acting like a whiny crybaby, and learn what an opinion is and to accept it!

    UPDATE: I haven't seen Squirrel Boy or Shuriken School but they both sound terrible. But I have seen Tak and the Power of Juju and I do agree with you that show sucks, but at least it's more watchable than Sanjay and Craig, and don't bash me cause that's my opinion, which I just explained to you about. If you keep bashing fanbases for shows like CatDog, Chalkzone, or Squirrel Boy, that's not going to make people change their minds on those those. Since people will continue to have the same opinion on any show they've watched unless they've changed their minds. Oh yeah, the Mighty B was terrible for sure.

    Overall, Sanjay and Craig will forever be the worst show of all time (Along with the Jersey Shore), and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER look at, talk about, think about, or even glance at this colossal piece of elephant sh*t!

    Final Grade: (-infinety/10)
  • Where do I start?

    The problem with a show like this is that it is so bad that it alienates the audience that it is trying to cater to. The toilet humor is really funny to 5-8 year-olds, but they are the ones you really don't want watching this crap to begin with. It is too juvenile for all but the most immature teenagers and it is too graphic for the tweens and subteens that watch it when the parents aren't home. A fart joke or two is tolerable and hearing a fart can be funny in a show, but characters running around in raw sewage literally swimming in poop and ingesting it, they take it way to far. They think if a little toilet humor is okay, then A LOT, or nothing but toilet humor, should be hilarious! Big fail here. You can write for kids without dumbing it down into a one very sick 20 minute barf/poop joke.
  • Nickelodeon continues finding new ways to hit rock bottom

    Lately, I've been getting requests to take a look at this show. Some say it's worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum. Others say that it's worse than Marvin Marvin. But is Sanjay and Craig worse than those two shows? Well considering that this show is made by some of the same idiots behind Bob's Burgers(I'll never understand the appeal of that show), my expectations are already low. God help me, let's take a look.

    Similar to Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig centers around two individuals, one a boy, and one a talking snake. They embark on weird, random adventures that are, for a lack of better term, completely random. So yeah, if the generic premise alone isn't enough to deter you from this show, you'll soon regret that decision.

    Just like in Fanboy and Chum Chum, the title characters, Sanjay and Craig, aren't likable protagonists at all. Between the two of them, Craig is probably more tolerable since he isn't such a brain dead moron, but that's not saying much. Both of them are incompetent, idiotic characters who think doing stupid stuff like skin tag is fun, but it's really disturbing. Some people say that this is a ripoff of Johnny Test as well with the whole talking animal thing, but, in all honesty, Johnny was an annoying, unlikable, smug jerk. Sanjay, not so much for the most part. So at least they have that going.

    The other characters aren't worth mentioning as well since they're just as bad as the protagonists. Hector is a complete ripoff of Patrick Star. He's just as oblivious, brain dead, and has the same body structure as him. Why do so many cartoons these days need to rely on Spongebob ripoffs? One of the other characters, Mr. Noodman, reminds me a lot of Squidward as well, and he looks almost like Howard DeVille from Rugrats! Were they this desperate for character designs that they had to ripoff ones from good shows? About the only character who didn't annoy me was Megan, but only because she's competent and has a brain. Seriously, the show should've been about her instead.

    The story lines in this show are just as bad. While not as nonsensical as Uncle Grandpa, this show's plots often make no sense, or are just gross for the sake of being gross. One involved Sanjay and Craig joining some Muscle and have to take down some guy with muscled lips and ears. Um . . . okay? Another involves Sanjay losing his trunks in a lake and has to find them, only for things to get out of hand and have him just literally run off naked at the end. What was that about?

    But then there's literally one episode about barfing. Let me repeat that. There's an episode about BARFING. Really guys? That's not a plot line, that's just being completely desperate. Who thought that would be such a thrilling story? I literally had to stop watching the episode several times, or skip most of the barfing that was going on because there was so much of it.

    Speaking of grossness, just like Fanboy and Chum Chum, this is pretty much ALL the humor. Nothing but grossness for the sake of grossness. Seeing Sanjay and Craig barf constantly is NOT funny at all. Why do so many creators and writers think this is funny for kids? It'll just make them, and anyone else, feel sick. Not to mention the constant fart and toilet humor going on that's just as gross.

    The artwork and animation is a very mixed bag. The character designs are reminiscent of Bob's Burgers, but they looks so bland and uninspired. There's nothing really distinctive about these character designs. However, there are a lot of really gross designs. When a character gets mad, their veins can be seen and their eyes looks freaky. Not to mention that in the Muscle . episode, the calves of that one cop look like a scrotum! Seriously, I wanted to censor those because they did look like a scrotum. Who thought those were good designs?

    The animation is probably the only thing somewhat decent here. It's nothing special really, but it flows smoothly enough and isn't really choppy like in most shows these days.

    Well, what do I really need to say here? This show is horrible, one of the worse. I mean, how can Nickelodion keep allowing this stuff to come on the air? Is there no such thing as quality control there anymore? This show is right up there with Fanboy and Chum Chum and Uncle Grandpa. The plots are all over the place, the characters are unlikable, the jokes aren't funny, and it throws in every cliche you can think of. Is it worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum, or Marvin Marvin? That's really debatable. But I can tell you this: If Nickelodeon wasn't dead before, then they're dead now. If this is their definition of "entertainment" for kids, then they're well on their way to having the plug pulled on the network with how many people are changing the channel to avoid this.
  • Even Johnny Test looks decent compared to this show

    Just when you thought The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, and new episodes of SpongeBob were horrible, Sanjay and Craig have to come in and ruin Nickelodeon's rep. I mean, you can't even go through one single episode without hearing toilet humor every single minute. Some of these episodes include Brett Venom, Laked Nake, and of course, FART BABY!!!!! I watched that episode to see how bad the toilet humor was in that episode and it was REALLLY BAD!!!!!!!!! And I just heard that it was renewed for a second season. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Why does this piece of shit excuse for television get a second season and other great Nick series can't?! Are the Nick executives or president high or something?! Cancel this show!

    Also, minimew2020, why are you picking on really great shows in almost every review you've ever done? Are you scared to admit the fact that the shows you love are hated by everyone and the shows you hate are loved by everyone? Are you a troller? A spammer? Do you love to be hated? Or hated to be loved? Because I and everyone else are getting tired of you insulting CatDog, ChalkZone, and even Squirrel Boy. I want to ask you nicely, what have those shows ever done to you? And why do you like the shows that we hate?

    So if you decide to watch Sanjay and Craig, DON'T! Also, avoid shows like Johnny Test, The Haunted Hathaways, and The Thundermans. They are made of pure evil! And minimew2020, please learn to respect other people's opinions or else we will have to flag you.

    UPDATE 2/3/14: I have seen the sneak peek to Breadwinners too, Disney4life, and it looks like the worst show ever made! I think this is only Nickelodeon's response to Regular Show with SwaySway as Mordecai and Buhdeuce as Rigby. By the way, what the heck is wrong with their names? SwaySway? Buhdeuce? WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD NAME THEIR SONS SWAYSWAY AND BUHDEUCE?! Those are terrible names and it's gonna be a terrible show! But I will have to admit, the theme song is catchy.

    UPDATE 2/4/14: The day has come at last! Minimew finally stopped insulting people for liking CatDog, ChalkZone, etc. I have been waiting for this day to come and it finally did! Thank you, PiggyDoom! And Disney4Life, I heard the theme song from the pilot on the Nick website. While I hate the show for being a Regular Show ripoff, trying to be cool, and having too much butt shakes and fart humor, I actually have a guilty pleasure of liking the theme song. I mean, I will hear the theme song of the TV show, then change the channel, kind of like Sanjay and Craig. You know the TV show is bad when the only good part is the theme song.

    UPDATE 2/6/14: The episode should be called "Thug Loaf". And I believe Buhdeuce said in that commercial "Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn, Yeah, you know what he's going to do next. But he did say something like that in that commercial.

    UPDATE 3/29/14: I don't know if you know this, That_TV_Dude, but one month before you made this review, Nick released a new depth of hell upon us. That depth of hell is known as Breadwinners and let me tell you that it's much worse than Sanjay and Craig. Their fart jokes are even worse than or equal to Sanjay and Craig's. They always sing and shake their butts in EVERY EPISODE! And even they rip off classic SpongeBob episodes too! Heck, two of their episodes are called Employee of the Month and Brocrastination! I think my review or Disney4Life's review explains the terrible show more.
  • I haven't even seen the show......

    I haven't even seen the show but from all the commercials about it I know it's bad. I saw a premiere for a new episode about how they both kept wetting the bed and I realized that even Disney's new shows are better than this.

    Minimew2020, why are you picking on another user? We can write what we want. My friend puked BECAUSE of this show.

    UPDATE OK, I have seen it and couldn't even get through it. The jokes are discusting and meant for 8 year old boys. I give it 0 out of 10.

    UPDATE1-5-14 Wait, it's getting a 2nd season? Do they even get enough viewers? And thank you everyone for making the rating a 3.9.

    UPDATE1-12-14 I just read your review Finnyshor,and none of these people writing these reviews are insane. And we can thumb down on you if we want to. Also, Disney4life's review isn't full of lies.

    UPDATE1-15-14 JennyKuang2000, How is the animation unique? And there is toilet humor in every other sentence! No show should have that many fart jokes. The first episode involves a butt transplant! What kid needs to see that! But we all have opinions, so you can like this show all you want.

    Update 2-4-14 Ok minimew, THANK YOU for saying that you are going to stop! This has been going on for far too long and it is finally stopped! I will always remember today...

    UPDATE 2-22-14 Wait, this show is rated TV-Y7? !!! This show has too much butt humor to have that rating!

    UPDATE 3-22-14 If this show gets renewed for a 3rd season, I will snap.

  • Terrible show

    This show is very gross! As a twelve year old, I don't find this funny at all! Some kids in my grade agree with me about this disgusting show called Sanjay and Craig. I don't even know why people think kids like me love fart jokes, poop jokes, and all that disgusting stuff! Let me tell you something...... WE DON'T!!!! Yea, that's right! If you think kids like fart jokes, you're wrong! If Nickelodeon is reading this, throw this piece of crap in the trash! Why can't you make shows like Hey Arnold? Why? Why? Why? Everyone loves that show! Not gross shows like Sanjay and Craig! I don't even know why this is getting a second season! A lot of people hate this show! To be honest.... I feel ashamed of liking snakes now. Snakes were my favorite animals, but Nick ruined it for me. WHY!? I saw Breadwinners the other day and it STUNK! WHY? NICK? WHY? Why are you airing shows that no one likes? Can't you see that we don't like potty jokes! Why are you filling our minds with farts, poop, toilets, and all that stuff! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO US! .... I'm not kidding. We don't. I nearly puke when I watched the first episode of this bullcrap. It makes me angry when Nick thinks we like stuff like this. Farts are funny once in a while, but not all the time!!! It just gets old and it makes me want to throw up. As a 2000's person, I enjoy 90's cartoons better than shows today. There, I said it....

    But Nick.... If you're reading this. Please don't make more potty joke shows like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners.... I swear.... Got it? I'm done with you....



    Hey Arnold!



    Invader Zim

    The Amanda Show

    and many other shows that were good.

    Update: March 18, 2014- Uh, how did this went up to a 3.7?
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