Sanjay and Craig

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  • Season 2 Episode 2: Trouble Dare/Road Pizza

  • - When Sanjay's family enters the studio to play Double Dare, you can see boxes with the signature "Dueling Ds" logo that adorned podiums, and contestant shirts throughout the Double Dare series.

    - 6 pieces of music from the Double Dare series were used: the opening theme song (when the game begins), the rhythm track to one of the tossup cues (when families go to take a physical challenge), the 30 second physical challenge cue (during the physical challenges), the obsticale course/tossup music's rhythm track (when the Dicksons win their physical challenge), the Obstacle Course music (during the obstacle course race), and the commercial break return bumper music (when Mr. Tufflips declares the blue team the winner at the end of the episode, and when Harvey announces the prize for winning the physical challenge)

    - Harvey, the announcer who continually gets frustrated at how Mr. Tufflips deviates from how the game is supposed to be played, is actually voiced b John Harvey, Double Dare announcer from 1986 to 1990 - himself.

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