Santa Barbara

Season 2 Episode 103

Episode 0359

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1985 on NBC

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  • 1985 Christmas episode: Mason's Scrooge dream continues, Mason wakes up to play Santa at the clinic, Nick gives Kelly a puppy, Eden opens the present from the "blackmailer", special ending credits

    A classic episode demonstrating Santa Barbara's quirky humor and brilliant actors. As Mason's Scrooge dream continues, he learns from the ghost of Christmas Future that if he continues his sarcastic, mean and cynic ways, he is doomed to an early death to be met with no mourners. When Mason wakes up to discover it's Christmas, he realizes he can change his ways and elects to buy real presents for his family, play Santa at the clinic for the kids, and give a generous donation to Mary's clinic. Lane Davies said doing the Christmas dream and playing Santa was the hardest he ever worked. His hard work paid off in a wonderful, classic episode of Santa Barbara.
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