Santa Barbara

Season 2 Episode 205

Episode 0461

Aired Unknown May 20, 1986 on NBC
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Episode 0461

Mason asks Mary to marry him. At the Capwell Hotel, Cruz calls the number Eden left for him but it's a gas station, because the phone where Eden is staying is out of service. At the Orient Express, Nick figures out Kelly is in the Presidential Suite. Gina tries to get into the Presidential Suite, thinking Eden is inside. Kelly pushes Dylan out of the Suite window in self-defense. Gina remembers she has a key and lets herself into the Suite, but Kelly is in shock. Gina takes Dylan's gun, thinking she is helping Kelly. Kelly refuses to leave, so Gina exits, but then ducks into the linen closet, finding the surveillance setup. Nick finally arrives at the Suite and Kelly tells Nick "I killed him." Mary tells Mason she wants to marry him but doesn't want to tell anyone until after the annulment. Mark comes looking for Mary and asks her to come back to the guest house so they can talk some more. Nick takes Kelly out of the Suite, and Gina takes the VHS tape from the surveillance recorder. Nick takes Kelly down to the street to see where Dylan fell; Kelly imagines it's Peter that fell. Kirk overhears Gina and Hayley talking about Eden's location. Witnesses from a hotel across from the Capwell Hotel say that Kelly pushed Dylan. Dylan dies. Gina gets the number of the gas station from Hayley and gets directions. At the bus station, Gina deposits the tape into a locker. At the guest house, Mark starts drinking and becomes angry. CC and Ted bring Kelly back to the Capwell house, and CC tells Mason what happened to Dylan. Kelly tells Mason she was at the hotel and was waiting for someone but then Peter came. Kirk followed Gina to the bus station and she tries to make it look like she's taking a bus out of town. At the Presidential Suite, Nick tells Cruz that Dylan had a gun, but the police can't find it. Cruz discovers the surveillance tape is missing. Mason shows Kelly newspaper reports that show that Peter is dead but Kelly is haunted by thoughts of Peter being the one who fell. Mark tells Mary they should end their relationship on friendly terms and begins to kiss her. Cruz interviews the witnesses but they never saw a gun during Dylan and Kelly's fight. An arrest warrant is delivered to Cruz from the District Attorney. Kirk figured out the bus was a false trail and goes to the Capwell house to bully Hayley for info. He finds the message notepad and is able to make out the number for Eden that was left for Cruz. Nick arrives to the Capwell house to see Kelly. Mark holds on to Mary and refuses to let go of her; he makes it clear he wants to have sex with her and begins to force himself on her while Mary says no and tries to push him away.


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