Santa Barbara

Season 2 Episode 210

Episode 0466

Aired Unknown May 27, 1986 on NBC
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Episode 0466

Julia and Pearl compare Lionel's and Madeline's date books and conclude they were secretly meeting. Kirk prepares to shoot Eden and Cruz. Dr. Rawlings tells CC that Kelly's condition may be long-term. The D.A. arrests Justin for refusing to turn over the tapes and notes. Gina comes from out of nowhere and tackles Kirk, keeping him from shooting Eden and Cruz, but she is apparently shot in the process. Mason tells CC he thinks they should have Kelly declared incompetent so she can't stand trial until she gets better. CC finds the note from Ted regarding Eden's accident. Cruz calls for backup after he and Eden get away and then they barricade themselves in the utility closet. Kirk shoots through the door and Cruz is wounded in the shoulder. Mason receives the faked photos of David and another woman from the sleazy private investigator. Mason plans to meet with the woman to see if there really was anything going on between her and David, and Pearl follows. Cruz and Eden hide from Kirk in a utility duct by making him think they went out the window. Nick meets with the D.A. and reveals he has Justin's tapes; he agrees to turn them over if Justin is released from jail. Nick turns over all but a few tapes that indicated Kelly could be dangerous. Mason visits Sheila Carlisle and shows her the faked photos. Sheila claims she and David only worked together and weren't having an affair. Sheila says she was in Italy when Madeline was killed. Cruz and Eden continue hiding in the air duct. Gina was only grazed by the bullet and tells the police Kirk is going to kill Cruz and Eden. The D.A. and Rawlings accuse Justin and Nick of withholding evidence and Rawlings tells Justin he's been expelled from the psychiatry program. Gina tells Hayley she tried to kill CC and is the one who pulled the plug, and that she needs to leave town. The P.I. tells Julia he recognizes Lionel as having visited Madeline at the bungalow several times. Pearl and Sheila recognize each other. CC stops Gina before she can leave Aqualand. Cruz and Kirk end up in the water and fight as Eden watches.


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